Solange Knowles Marries a Man Nearly Twice Her Age

Solange Wedding Pics

Solange Knowles and her groom, 51 year old Alan Ferguson, both rolled up to their wedding on bicycles yesterday in New Orleans.

The 28 year old brides pop star sister Beyonce, showed up with her rapper husband Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy.

Here’s what’s reported:

“The wedding festivities kicked off on Friday with Solange and Alan treating Beyonce and 50 of their friends to cinema night at the Indywood movie theater.

They watched the Diana Ross 1975 classic film Mahogany, the movie they saw on their first date. Before the film played, the couple screened a very personal documentary that they made of how they met.”

Beyonce Jay Z Solange Wedding


      • you have to be kidding lol she looks adorable, just natural like her auntie. everybody doesn’t want their baby’s hair fried dyed and laid to the side!

      • Remember Beyonce Is Half Black, Biracial Women Do’t Know How To Fix Or Look After Their Black Child’s Hair
        They Need A Hairstylist For Blue Ivy

          • Idk why everyone calls out Blue’s hair, but yall act blind to the fact that Bey dont comb her own damn hair.
            How many times are we going to see Bey in various weaves looking mangy, dry and tangled (as above) but only speak up on a toddlers hairstyle?

        • CB, Bey is a black woman. She has bleached her skin, had a nose job and sports a blonde weave, but she is black. She likes her babys hair natural. Blues fro is soft, combed through and fluffed with a pick . She’s wearing a head band to match her pretty dress and she looks adorable. Whole family looks good. Only issue is Bey should look a little less sexy . Her shoes and cleavage are overkill because the Bride is supposed to shine. But I can tell this is beyonce idea of low key so you can tell she made the effort. I have nothing bad to say. Congrats and joy to the whole fam. But….where is Solos son? I didn’t see any pic of him.

          • Thank you anonymous 14:48. I completely agree with you.

            Solo’s son did a delightfully sweet performance with his mama. See Black Enga’s post below for the link. It is too cute for words.

        • @Loveable Fruits – I have to disagree [no shade] but Beyonce is full black, her dad is Bahamian she’s just bleached out her skin to make herself look light. Nonetheless the wedding looked good, and Solo and her son on the video was some other type of cuteness. Lawd her husband is fine to lol. May the new couple have many happy returns!

          • @Empress T aka Baby T

            Your Right, But If She’s A Black Woman She Doesn’t Act Like One
            She’s A Self Hating Women. She Only Talks About Her Creole Heritages Not Her Black Heritage.

            Black People Take Pride In Their Appearance Is The Truth
            Hair Has To Be Done Right, Clothes Must Look Nice And Smell Nice

      • Anonymous,

        Honey, that subject is the known as “that thing we shall not discuss.” I’m so sorry you didn’t get the memo but the mere mention of it is subject to cause cancellations, social media unrest, firings & possible ass beatings!
        Shhhhh…that’s a BIG no no!

        • TMZ was blaming it on something she ate.

          I think Jay Z has inside knowledge of Solange’s allergies and then hid a load of that substance(which she is allergic to)hidden under his Tom Ford jacket. The ultimate(legal) revenge for the elevator incident would be to make her look like the “before” shot in a Proactive commercial on her wedding day, wouldn’t it?
          Thankfully it disappeared quickly.

    • I’m just tripping off the illuminati pic they did. Standing up, spread apart and the groom doing the pyramid sign. Wth?!!

  1. watching paint dry sounds SO much more exciting. how come beyonce always look like a disaster victim (sorry disaster victims, no disrespect.

  2. I hope he has a something to calm her down when she forgets her meds, and watch what he say that could trigger the bipolar nerve. Good luck

  3. Don’t try hide ya face Beyoncé we kno u and ya hubby attention whore go live life hoe I’m tired of hearing lil girls 9 and under singing your trashy music. Talking bout some surf board til I popped her lil 3yr old ass in the mouth my niece that is.

    • @Don’t B Fool’d chillleeee too ova here DWL from Ur comments#FACTS Beyawnce sucks..good luck with di marriage tho Solo…

  4. I am glad she chose a winter wife dress. It chaps my hide when these women walk down the aisle in virginal white with their children in tow as ring bearers and flower girls. Notice the trend within the last decade is creme dresses.

    • I’m so glad YOU said it. Had I said the masses would have tore me a new one.

      Still & all…you’re right!

      • Well Ms Regggggg, my Ho ass wore white ( with some shell pink embroidery and bone colored lace . No baby was in attendance but, neither was my MAIDENHEAD, bwahhhaaahaaaahaaa! Honey if folks waited for only virgins to order white dresses Davidson and Klienfelds would go right outtta business.

      • Nothing wrong with a lil bit of conservatism to balance the inner ratchet 🙂 People hate or ignore me but I don’t care.

  5. You guys can say what you want, Bey and Jay look hella glam in that photo. I’ve never seen the Camel look so suave and debonair! Wow!

    George and Amal WISH they looked like that.

  6. “They watched the Diana Ross 1975 classic film Mahogany”
    I think we know what Beyonce’s next “inspiration” will be. Bey looks cute minus the ratty weave and ugly stripper shoes. Did she get new boobies?
    I never thought I would say this but Jay looks pretty good in all white.

    • Ain’t that the truth Cheese?! If I was the Camel I would have that photo blown up and framed then hang it on the wall of my dressing room so I could see it everyday and think “damn I DID look fine that day!”

  7. This is so beautiful and looks so joyful. I love the bikes and parade. Nothing like a black family wedding…Blue’s matching afros with her Auntie,TOO CUTE!

    Congratulations to the Bride and Groom.

      • 7:46 is right. Marriages are 90% Sex. But in order for a marriage to work, its best to wait a couple of years to get to know a person before walking down the aisle. That’s why alot if marriages are ending up in court. I don’t care if y’all dated 15 years! Get to know your potential mate before U jumped into something U will regret later on.

  8. Did you see the pictures of Solange in the Daily Mail? Shes’s leaving the wedding with bumps all over her face and her eyes are glowing an unnatural color. Very creepy.

    • I saw it earlier this morning. It appears she broke out in hives after the ceremony (maybe stress), but thankfully it cleared up so she could enjoy her wedding day. The red eye effect was due to the flash of the camera. Overall I think her wedding was edgy, chic and minimalist. I particularly enjoyed the pictures of them dancing in the street Mardi Gras style.

    • Yeah its so cool how big sis was there to cover her face from the paps and calm her down until the reaction went away. Beyonce is always calm. Reminds me of a cousin who is like a sis to me.

      • Bey has been put in every awkward situation imaginable that’s why. She’s great at looking calm when things go awry. See elevator. I bet Solange was having a major meltdown.

  9. Maybe they got poison ivy or it could be something else. MTO is saying Jay Z poisoned Solange and thats why she broke out in hives.

  10. The whole thing from the bicycles to the white attire is so chic!! With the Quarter as a backdrop, the whole tableau is perfection! Someone has superb taste…Tina? Solo? The new hubby? Tres magnifique.
    As we would say in New Orleans, felicitations pour votre mariage et laissez les bon temps rouler!

  11. Hold Up, Why Is Solange’s Breast’s Expose For All To See?. Hope She Didn’t Rock That To Church, We All What Her Family Are About
    Her Mother Looks Like A Witch And Her Sister Is Mentelly Fucked

    • You are the trifecta of hell. You perpetuate bigoted stereotypes, you are as dumb as a box of hair and you are completely hypocritical re:sexual issues.
      You are concerned about Solange’s neckline and its propriety, yet you marry your spouse’s father after catching him boning a dude in a car?
      Why don’t you spend a little less time here criticizing others and devote that time to improving yourself.

      • Yeah cb. Try to have one post without multiple misspellings and grammatical errors.

          • Whats a CB? Im not trying to sound ignorant but i keep hearing posters on here saying that

            • CB stands for Chocolatey Brown which was Lovable Fruits first screen name. She changes screen name and gender every so often, but her writing style and spelling never vary. So most of us refer to her by the name we first knew her as when she first appeared last spring.
              Here’s how you can detect a CB post regardless of the name attached to it:
              1. Someone is getting a “dickdown”
              2. biracial people ain’t shit
              3. white people are hideous pasty wrinkly and ugly…there are NO exceptions
              5. Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin is the ugliest of all white women
              6. in her world the word don’t has no ‘N’ (do’t)
              7. she comes up with hilarious new spellings of words re: pedal stool(what black men put biracial women on)

              Finally, none of this would matter one iota if she wasn’t so negative and hateful.

            • @Anonymous

              ???? Damn Your Acting Childish, So Suck On A White Man’s Dick Your Fucking Coon
              I’m Not The Only One On Here Who’s Do’t Like White People There Are Plenty

              You Only Pick On Me Because You Think I’m A Easy Target

  12. Isn’t Anyone Surprise How Jayz Attend The Wedding, Just 4 Months Ago Solange Done Whipped His Butt In The Elevator
    Blue Ivy Looks Like Drake

    • You know the Knowles (supposedly)cleaned that mess up quick and their stans are stupid enough to believe everything is now back to being “perfect”. Jay looks to me like he is planning some kind of way to get Solange back for that embarrassment.

      • @Say Cheese

        Knowing How Jay Rolls, He Ain’t Over The Whole “Ass Whipping In The Elevator” Incident He’s Probably Conjuring Up A Plan
        To Get Solange. He Can’t Slip Just Because Solange Is His Wife’s Sister Doesn’t Mean He’s Getting Weak Or Soft

        If It Was He’s Side Chick He Would Of Probably Gotten A Hit Man To Axe Her Already . Since Is Solange He Has To Tread Lightly

        • Right people forget Jay shot his own brother, stabbed a man and is suspected in Cathy White’s and that bodyguards suspicious deaths. Jay may look like a clown now but something tells me he will get the last laugh.

  13. I love weddings, congrats! Should have hired me to spray paint the bikes though…. oooops, missed a spot.

    • Oh shame yeah! The bicycles wheels are partially white where you can see the hint of white lol.

        • I was looking at that thinking why didn’t they just purchase white bikes with whitewall tires?!? (inner wedding planner peeking through),lol. Looks like a last minute rush job, smh. Maybe the spray paint that was on the handle bars is what caused the allergic reaction when she touched her face. Who Knows?

          They probably gave her a dose of Benadryl or something because she looks fine dancing in this cute video.

          • That video is sooooo cute! The way how solo and her son hug at the end awww.

            • It was so sweet wasn’t it till I saw that wanch (not wench) WANCH run pass the cameraman. Aint no telling what she was doing cuz the cameraman pointed in the direction…… Let me stop, Aaahem, cough.

              He’s gotten so big, he’ll be grown before you know it. That was a nice touch for the wedding.(flashes a big cheesy smile)

          • It could have been the paint! That would be something you wouldn’t even think about happening. It being the Gumbo is too unlikely.

            • IDK Joi, it could have been. I get emotional about weddings even with people I don’t even know. I just think they all should be perfect, large or small. (shoves OCD tendencies back into the closet)

              If that was my baby sister I would have spared no expense and somebody would have had to bust down the local bike store to find me two (sex appropriate) white bikes. She damn sure wouldn’t have had two female half painted ones.

              Girl sometimes I tell ya….

            • Did somebody say gumbo? YUMMMMMMMMM

              This piece makes me wanna go to New Orleans stat!! Dooky Chase here I come.

            • “The locally catered Southern menu included shrimp and grits, oyster and artichoke bisque, paupiette de poulet, and bread pudding and pineapple foster for dessert.”

              They had a nice spread but gumbo,um um um, boy I miss seafood, smh.

  14. I saw the pictures in the Daily Mail and I must say her husband looks good, Solo looked really pretty to especially with the au natural afro.

  15. Solange married an older man… Bedemon did to. Gay Z is like a thousand years old. He remixed the ten commandments before he sold his soul. This walking dead zombie extra’s of a family needs to go lay down and rest somewhere. They are starting to be more annoying than the kartrashians. I dont support people just because they share my skin color.

  16. The Film Mahogany, Is About A Struggling Fashion Designer Who Wants To Make It Big In The Fashion Industry
    When She Makes Big It (Probably By Selling Her Soul) She Acts Like A Diva, She’s Risking Her Career Because Of Her Diva-ish Attitude

    Barry Gordy Directed It, Do I Need To Say More??

  17. Them is some capital “U”….. UGLY shoes Bey is wearing. Dang, girl, all the money in the whole wide world and THOSE are the shoes you pick to wear?

    • They are vile with a capital V. All that money can’t buy you class or style. Who goes to a wedding dressed like that?

    • I was thinkig the same thing, they look like stripper shoes and i think they are inappropriate for a wedding her hubby looks so classy and then there she is with a big blond matted weave tits out with 6 inch heels on

  18. Human Beings are living longer, so, the age issue is not what it once was. Brotha gotta stay on point to keep up with her, but, he’s fully aware of this. Hopefully, the love is sincere and long-lasting.

    • @Tyrone

      Jayz Might Ruining The Marriage Remember The Elevator Incident 4 Months Ago. He Ain’t Over It
      Not By A Long Shot

    • You mean the chick with the lace catsuit/pantsuit who looks like she is about to make it clap at Magic City instead of attending a wedding reception? Yep I noticed to. There is one in every family.

      • I remember Rihanna wearing her hair like that to some awards show. I guess that look has caught on as a real hairstyle. Who knows?

  19. You can’t please everyone. In recent days I have learned the enemy will use even those you love to hurt you. Even in the of best times. May God continue bless Solange and her family.

  20. News flash: Kris Jenner gets torn a new one for trying to upstage Solange’s all white wedding pics with her family’s pics.

    Oh what a dumb dumb chicken little……

  21. They been together a long time. Congrats to them. I like Solange but def can’t stan her sis.

    • But u aint said shyt about beyonces blond stringy weave, solanges hair looks like a black woman who is proud to be black, you dumb self hating bytch

  22. I wish people would leave The Carter’s daughter hair alone. Some of you should go back and look at some of your younger year pictures. Give it a rest. Both parents have enough money to do as they wish with her hair, why people beasting.

  23. She is very attractive. Why she is with a manchild more than twice her age, I just don’t know.

  24. @ThatChick414

    It Makes Perfect Sense, They Been On My Tail Since Day One And Can’t Seem To Shakes These Wild Monkey’s Off My Nuts!
    Their Sellouts They Call Out Black People For Being Racial Towards White People

    Didn’t These Fool Know About Slavery?? Clearly Not Otherwise, They Would Get Off Massa’s Pink Small Balls
    Black People Didn’t Start This Shyt White People Did With Their Racist Antics, Now This Fools Are Defending White People??

    So Basically Their Saying Slavery Was A Good Thing?? Wow, Some Black People Are Poisonous To The Black Community
    These Ashy Crusty Lips Coons Bags Are Betraying Their Own Race Just To Please White People

    Lets These Imbecile’s Dick Down The White Man’s Daughter And Leave Me The Fuck Alone!!

    • True story. I started a new job 2 days ago and qhile i was on break my teacher white chick) pulled me aside and started telling me about her teenage daughters and that she had a step daughter that she treats at her own. I could kond of tell by her mannerisms that she either dated or is married to a black guy. Anyway she proceeded to show me her pics on her iphone. Well it confirms what i thought het step daughter was black and she was married to a black man, this the opened up a discussion about intrracial relationship while on break during orientation????. Then she goes”oh! I hate it when people use the n@#ga word around me, i don’t allow it in my household, and i never had a prolem from my step daughter mom except onetime wjen she texted me something on her daughter phone about me and i read it.” Then she goes. I don’t like to be called a “Snowbunny” etc. I mean why do white women feel the need to tell a black woman that they’re dating a black man?

      • @babbsbunny

        Let Me Tell Something, This Same Shyt Happen To My Friend!!

        A White Woman Thought She Was All That, Just Because She Was Getting Dicked Down By A Nukka
        She Would Tell My Friend About Her Sex Life

        Saw The Nukka, He Looked Worn Out, Weak And Ashy He Had The Nerve To Kiss Me And My Friend On The Cheek
        He Kept Staring At Me And My Friend

  25. @ThatChick414

    Some Of The “Regulars” Are In Cahoots With Them, You Can’t Trust Them

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