Young Thug Bailed Out of Jail!

Young Thug Mugshot

Thugger posted $10,000 bail and was released from jail yesterday.

You’ll recall that Young Thug was arrested for making terrorist threats against mall security. Additional charges were added following a raid of his home by local and federal officers.

Young Thug is facing a felony charge for cocaine possession, a felony charge for marijuana possession and three counts of felony gun possession.


  1. Is he fixin to get his hair cut in that booking photo??

    And who the hell threatens mall security???

  2. He bought the heat on himself….should have left quietly, then maybe they wouldn’t have had a reason to run up in the house!! Sometimes, people be out to lunch, then they wonder how they get busted! He gave them a reason to run up in there, that’s all they needed!

  3. from whence rock, and / or woodwork did thou crawl, young thug?? L.m B B 0!

  4. I don’t mean no harm, but this Negro here is ugly on epic proportions! LMB b 0! I mean, why would he make himself so very aesthetically unappealing????? about to bust a gut laughing! just saying…

  5. Does that say 6’2 140 lbs????
    What is Baby paying this dude in crack???
    Get this kid some meatloaf and mashed potatoes quick.

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