RHOA: Apollo Nida Sentenced to 8-Years Behind Bars

Apollo Nida Prison Sentence

Apollo Nida, who HSK first exposed Apollo as a police informant (Here: May 8th 2014), just got sentenced to only 25% of the time he was facing for the massive money fraud scheme, which he was facing charges for.

Apollo, who appears on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with cohort wife Phaedra Parks — was sentenced to 8 years in federal prison for cashing stolen checks and laundering more than $2.3 mil through phony bank accounts.

Here’s the drop:

“The judge who sentenced him today in a Georgia court said Nida did indeed cooperate with federal investigators by spilling criminal secrets and that’s why he got leniency.”

Apollo was facing a possible 30 years in prison.


  1. Ok that’s a little bit of time but for the crime that he do I was thinking he would of did more time but at least he can still see his sons grow up if he was some one else I think he would have to do more time I guess him going back is like no big deal

  2. Dude got the deal of the century. But I am sad for Mr. President and Mr. Vice President, the two cutest boys in ATL.

  3. Phaedra don’t give a damn about Apollo, because she could have hired better representation for her husband, if she didn’t want him to go to jail/prison. There are ways around the CJ System…and she knows it. She left her children’s father out to die. Shameful! She will get hers…trust!

    • So now it’s her fault that he broke the law and is going to jail? Give me a break!

      • Agreed,this is the second time this lowlife has broken the law and is going to prison. He’s done nothing but live off of his wife and spend other peoples money,the only one to blame here is his shameful self! She should dump his a$$,poor children have a criminal for a father,he didn’t care about them at all!

  4. Oh ah saw dat. Dey got dah goin in, for real in dah AtL when TI pOWWlkls. JOW MAHNEN?

  5. 8 yrs ain’t shit my uncle got 14 yrs fed time for stealing $300,000 I guess the S.N.I.T.C.H. program does has its perks.

  6. I was SURE he was gettin AT LEAST 10. I’m STUNNED. I thought I was pretty good at ‘sentence predictions’. Thought I was the psychic Sylvia of prison time. Damn.

  7. Apollo is a snitch wit his lil pretty sweet azz an fadedra ulgy azz gon get hers next watch southern belle my azz fake bitch ythat bitch ulgy as f*ck cute sons though

  8. If Phaedra And Apollo Wasn’t On RHOA This Shyt Would Of Been Swept Under The Carpet….People Need To Be Careful This Realty Shows Are No
    Good…..Joe Guidice Is Facing A Jail Sentence If He Didn’t Appear On Tv….This Shyt Wouldn’t Of Happen

    • Joe Guiduice. 2 words I hope are attached to a long prion sentence. Couldn’t stand him on the show and I wish him the worst.

    • How about you not be a lowdown criminal and those activities? Yeah reality put a spotlight on you do wrong they go come after you. These are not innocent. Because they on tv they got leniency

  9. he’ll be ok…8 is a ritual number, he made a deal…they wont let nothing happen to him in prison b/c they own him now…Phaedra too….ask Teresa from NJ, they were about to sentence her dude & his pops dropped dead right before sentencing…they delayed it & u already know hes about to get a sweet deal…Teresa owned by jhewish men of brotherhood aka BRAVO, & like Phaedra, these women are profitable, very profitable, one of the highest rated reality shows on..they wont let them go to jail, just the husbands b/c they like breaking up families anyway & divorce is at its highest now b/c of “Empowered Women” of reality tv & the likes…Illuminati owns the feds & courts…ask Robert Blake

      • um no…Comcast owns majority share in NBC & Bravo & yes they are evil kaballa jhews who worship Lucifer & money

        • OK. Comcast owns 51% and GE owns 49%

          I wasn’t aware that GE was a Luciferian Jhewish company. Maybe just the 51% Comcast portion is Satanic, while the 49% GE part is basic Protestant East Coast Limousine Liberal?
          I know that the CEO of GE who brought them to the highest heights was Jack Welch who is most definitely NOT of the jhewish persuasion.

          • Be quiet fool. Comcast & GE are the ELITE…the owners of those company are European khazars and/or Romans…so sit down & shut up b/c do you really think with all the satanic crap on tv that the excs who run those companies are great god-fearing men & women?…Mel Gibson

    • I thought I was the only one that noticed Teresa’s beloved father ( the source of countless arguments between her, her brother and his wife Melissa )*died* during all this sentencing shenanigans.

      Ritual Sacrifice?

      • It wasn’t Teresa’s father who passed.It was her father-in-law,Frank Giudice. Teresa’s father is still alive.

      • I don’t think it was. Joe hates gays, cameras, fame , Andy Cohen, etc. He’s really not the one.

  10. Wow I actually thought he would at least get more time. I guess him snitching on his parole officer did the trick. I feel bad for the people who had their identities stolen. Too bad he didnt snitch on his nasty wife Phaedra who will probably divorce his behind. Dont drop the soap!

  11. Another black man down. Former mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin has been sentenced to 10 years in prison!

    • Apollo is a half-breed who conned at least 50 people out of millions of dollars. He snitched on law enforcement. He deserved the entire 30 year sentence he was facing, especially being a recidivist.

      As for Ray Nagin, you can’t convince me he wasn’t set up. How much time is George HW Bush, Jr. facing for allowing those levies to break, people to die and be displaced, and costing the US BILLIONS of dollars when it would’ve cost all of $20 million to secure those levies and avoid that Katrina catastrophe?!. Ray Nagin was too outspoken and, as such, he will be spending 10 years behind bars to secure his silence. I just pray for his health and safety during his incarceration.

  12. Apollo’s abs are part of the Illuminati, this is why he will never serve time. Ab watch.

  13. Waaaaat they gave Ray 10 wow…I figured he would get some not that much he must’ve had priors..and I agree with action Apollo was on the tv acting like daddy war bucks from Annie and now he’s gonna be audabesee from oz. Shoulda stayed low lol

  14. White Collar Crime is the lesser of 2 evils, so, if a defendant spills the beans…Leniency! At least he’ll be able to see daylight again, could have been worse. Brothas thought crime was cool, now many realize they were hoodwinked. Meanwhile, other men are free and living life…We Behind Bars!!!

  15. That beautiful taupe complexion and celestial nose wasted. 8 years is a slap on the wrist. We are indeed in our last days when street ninjas receive the same treatment as wall st bankers

  16. apollo is half baked surely they will lesser his charge!! better still he can always sex is way out of jail

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