Common Let Drake Get The Best Of Him “Over a Girl”

Drake Common Serena Beef

Seeing Serena Williams…

Nearly three-years since the Common and Drake got to beefin’, Common has confessed it was all over his ex-GF, Serena Williams. “The war might have been over a girl,” revealed Common. “…even if at the time I never said that.”

Back in August 2011, it was rumored that Drake and Serena Williams had been dating… after Drake tweeted, “@serenawilliams I cannot wait to put it on you and make you sweat……….during our match this weekend.” It’s said to have led Common to release a diss-Drake track “Sweet”…

To bring you up back up to speed with the beef…

“In a 2013 interview with XXL, Drake claimed to be the victor in the beef due to Common’s reaction to Drake’s “Stay Scheming” verse:

For you to delve into my mom and my dad’s a bitch and all that, you’re just reaching for impact moments but the bars aren’t really good, so it didn’t hit me. I never sat back and analyzed that, either. I only heard it once, and thought, ‘I think I came away with the W on that one”

Check out what Common just put out there:

“I think that was, for me, an emotional thing. I was feeling that time, I think it was the “Drake/Serena situation”… I didn’t know what was going on with that. I didn’t know if he was throwing things, shots or anything.”


  1. Their Fighting Over “Big Foot” Serena Isn’t Even That Pretty!! Didn’t She Sex Kelly Rowland In Front Of Kelly’s Ex Fiance

    • That was my first thought…over HER? Money or not, she’s so Manish!!

        • HATERSSS Serena is a beautiful and accomplished record breaking woman! Just because she doesn’t fit the THOT mold doesn’t make her less attractive. media and jim crow truly has people’s ideas of beauty distorted. her beauty would go even higher without that blonde wig

    • Shut your nasty jealous azz mouth… would kill your mama to look like and be serena

  2. I dont think Serena is ugly she is just so butchy/muscular looking, there isn’t a petite anything on her.

    • IF she laid off the performance enhancing drugs she would be a straight up knockout from head to toe.
      Unfortunately, she also wouldn’t be a multimillionaire iconoclastic athlete either, so I imagine that is why she chose a life of strength and success over beauty/love/men/femininity. I’m reasonably certain after all these years of taking them, she’s more or less committed to that Bigfoot look for life.

      • She loves men and she is very feminine. And she is very beautiful. Don’t believe in the status quo

  3. Thought the same thing until I seen her & Kelly Rowland in Mr Chow’s. SURPRISINGLY Serena is far more attractive in person than on TV or pictures. Maybe she’s not as photogenic as the other starlets in hollywood. *shrugs*

    • Agreed. Amazingly around this same time she was talking to one of the trainer homies at Equinox…I think she just keeps it light with all her choices- she don’t go in too deep.

  4. I don’t believe this is over her

    Just using her as a scapegoat to hide what really going on.

    • I agree. Love Serena but cant see Common or Drake beefing over her. Far too many sisters with a huge ass and a disheveled sew in with good credit in the sea.

    • jacsoon…..yoh simple minded people reallybelieve there’s a limit on what is beautiful…please stop buying and selling bullsht serena is very attractive

  5. Jacky didn’t you make a blind item on Common saying he was gay??? I didn’t believe it at first but it seems likely. The women he’s been connected to(Serena, Kerry W, Alicia Keys) are all bisexual. He’s never been married. A famous, fine, successful man like him never been in a public relationship? Besides Erykah Badu but that was over a decade ago.

    • I think some of you women are so brainwashed and f*cked up from the psychological assaults & agendas put on black people that you WANT black men to be gay. You already f*cked up enough to be turned on by male gay porn. Stop the foolishness, please.

      • I don’t WANT anybody to be anything. I made observations about the Rapper Common, can you refute anything I stated? He came out when I was a baby. He hit his peak in fame around 2007. Why isn’t he considered an eligible bachelor? Guy is in his 40’s.

        • I’ll refute…every straight man on this earth doesn’t feel the need to be married. Especially someone rich and famous like Common. He could have a different woman just about every other night if he wanted. Shyt I’d stay single too.
          As far as no public relationships maybe he learned from his experiences and would rather not have his business in the streets. I understand.
          Also straight men LOVE bisexual women because they are the best recruiters. Every threesome I’ve ever had it was my woman who initiated things and then I came in to close the deal. Common is just a crafty playboy if you ask me.

          • I can buy it. But what makes your analysis anymore valid than mine? It’s plausible to consider him a secretive bachelor, or secretive because he’s on the DL. It’s more “common” in the industry for a rapper to be DL which is why I assumed.

            • Never said my take was more valid at all. I was just giving you my take from afar.
              The only thing I do know is that when he was at FAMU he was plenty into ladies and weed too from what most of his fellow students have told me.

      • Whats wrong with gay porn? Those men sick a duck like its the fountain of youth, it makes me want some…

  6. It have to be something else because she look Like she would eat drake ass up sorry I don’t buy this one.

  7. Lmao everyone on this thread is cracking my ass up. Serious though I think one of her nuts came out of the skirt during a match…ijs

  8. You people are a f*cking joke. Always talking about this person’s agenda to push this and these people’s agenda to push that and belittle and undermine the Black man. And the first chance someone gives you to talk shit about a Black woman because she’s a world class athlete you buy into the whole “white man” mentality that every Black woman has to look like a mixed race video chick and be build like PollyAnna to be pretty. You people really are a pathetic f*cking joke and I’m really convinced this site hasn’t been run by a Black person in ages.

    Black folks! Can’t mind their business to save their lives, but won’t take that energy and use it to do something productive to make their communities and society better.

    Child Ease!!!!

    • Why vote we don’t count and they will always pick the person that they want anyway so what’s the point of voting ?

      • ONE major reason. Because the POTUS appoints the Supreme Court justices. Do you want a Supreme Court full of Scalias, Thomases, and Robertses or do you want a SC of moderate progressive justices like Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kennedy, Kagan and Breyer?
        People who post here knock and even hate Obama. OK. But I can prove and guarantee that all Judges are NOT the same by a long shot. Not even close. If you don’t vote for a Democratic POTUS you allow the Tea Party to stack the SC with conservative justices who can serve 15- 30 years.
        Some of the greatest civil rights issues have been adjudicated by the SC over the last 60 years. Please do not allow apathy towards the office of the presidency to keep you way from the polls and thus allow a hard right Court for the next 25 years.

        **drops mic**

  9. Says the same people coming to this site to do the same thing ha hypocrisy is a motherf*cker. I come here for pure entertainment. My life isn’t affected.I’m not ratchet. I did vote. I just know wat the site is for…to entertain. Not to be taken all that serious except for the people who are over thinking the shit. Ha

  10. Not to discredit the site bcuz I love it. I have been coming here for a loooong while. I just commented this month

  11. Serena is gay, Drake has been known to be gay for some time now. Saidly the word on the street is Common is gay as well.

    Since they’re all bearding for each other a beef over Serena isn’t real, it’s all showmanship. Nothing real going on here folks…..please go about your normal business…..

    • Nothing on YouTube is irrefutable truth. Anyway can post anything without censure on that site. Do you also believe the “Michelle Obama was born a man” video? These are posted by racist white men who are demeaning black women. You should be ashamed.

  12. Why is everyone GAY??? LMAO…if someone doesn’t live the lifestyle that you think he/she should live their gay???? GTFOH!! LMAO

  13. Common didn’t let anyone get the best of him,he was happy to get rid of that nut case Serena. She has about six different personalities. Drake is soft and she can walk all over him.

    • I can believe it. Her dad isnt wrapped to tight and sadly her mom is one of those passive old school stand by your man type women. even through infidelities and broken ribs. Venus seems really passive like her and hope she doesnt fall into an abusive relationship. Serena is rowdy like the dad.

  14. a man in a wig wearing lipstick

    she anal sexed both drake and common probably at the same time

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