Troubling Trainwreck: K-Ci Bombs Bobby Womack Tribute [VIDEO]

K-Ci's Bobby Womack Tribute Fail

There’s nothing funny about K-Ci Hailey’s fall from grace. But that’s exactly what concert-goers caught a glimpse of after the extraordinarily talented Jodeci frontman, joined by brother, JoJo, took to L.A.’s Greek Theater stage, over the weekend.

We’re now wondering why no one close to K-Ci stopped him from signing up to sing at the Bobby Womack tribute.

“Dude is being carried throughout the venue… while he screams out partial phrases from the song. Then when he gets really into whenever note he tried to hit, K-Ci leans back and needs to be held up by another security guard.”

Video of the sad spectacle has since surfaced… revealing K-Ci mirroring the likes of the character ‘Eddie Kane’ from The Five Heartbeats. Years of excessive drug use have obviously taken K-Ci’s legendary 90’s voice. The singer is also seen struggling to hit notes, while he posted up on a security guard’s shoulders and paraded throughout the venue.


This is what’s out there:

“It’s no secret K-Ci and the other members of the Uptown quartet have all had their fair share of problems with drugs and alcohol. After K-Ci and JoJo did the TV One reality show “Coming Clean” which chronicled their battle to get sober, we all thought they were on the right track. Well, the brothers Los Angeles performance sounded like they hadn’t gotten the monkey off their backs.”


  1. drugs are bad mmmmkay…yah, they cant make money unless they go on tour which = no money for drugs…sooo…they have to tour even if they drugged up liquored up b/c its the only thing that pays for the lifestyle…ask Bobby Brown, they niggas is a mess, but on the flipside, it was a good turnout, which means MONEY FOR DRUGS!!!..#win

  2. people paid to see this.sad, sad , sad but comical as all hell!!! that 2:50 mark got me DYING!!!!!!

  3. Find the soprano and kick that Leontyne Price wanna be in the throat.
    Praying fo k c and jojo.

  4. anybody seen bobby brown’s big fat ass hump the ground like its 1989.

    sorry but who wants to see bobby fat gut give lapdances now while singing roni has to be a serious fan.

  5. Drugs And Holly Wood Goes Hand In Hand These Celebrities Take It To Escape The Harsh Realty’s ..These Old Child Star Actor/Actress
    Are Messed Up In The Head Is Not Their Fault Blame Their Parents For Pimping Them Out For Paper…

    Kim Richard’s Erratic Behavior Make You Wonder What She Had To Endure

    • Kim Richards & her family are multi-generational satanists…ask Paris Hilton. They are of that bloodline, thats why they all have the blonde hair, blue eyes, etc…Kathy is their sister & she was programming her daughters reaaal young…Paris & Nicki been under this programming since youth & so has Kim & Kyle, but Kyle is much better at hiding her abuse within the cult…Kim just couldn’t handle it & sometimes they will purposely program them to be crazy…The crazy part is that they still make them attend rituals every now & again…its required b/c they are of the “Bloodline”

        • Kyle’s Hairs Is Blackish Brown…. Her Children Are Mixed With Mexican

          • CB Per usual you are right on the money. smh

            Mauricio Umansky Kyle’s second husband is a Greek-Russian Jhew. He LIVED in Mexico. That doesn’t make him Mexican.

      • Kingdom8 How could a trio of Italian sisters be of the bloodline? Kathy, Kyle and Kim are not Hiltons.

        And none of them have blond hair or blue eyes. Paris, Kathy, Kim and Nicky are as brunette as Kyle without the hair dye. And the blue eyes are contacts. If you doubt this Google Teen age pictures of them before they started coloring their hair. Paris’s eyes are mud color.

        Your declarations are entertaining, but you should check your facts occasionally.

        • check your facts boo before you pooh you filthy twerp!!

          Kingdom8 is the truth your just jealous cos your ass ain’t getting no attention go eat pork rinds

  6. This is just sick and very sad to see people need to stop playing in the devil playground that is not a joke.

  7. Jodeci needs a Behind the Music like YESTERDAY. They fell off harder than any group I can think of.

    • They need either that or an Unsung episode with several parts. Watching this is just sad.

      • True. After seeing the Debarge episode it was understandable why El never made it as a soloist.

  8. I wished Grams was alive right now! She would have beat the brakes off of K-Ci and JoJo! They know better than this! Before they became big, they always come and visit Grams. But if they f*cked up, Grams came with that stick and beat the shit outta them! Its time for them boys to come back home to Chapel Hill, NC. Start from scratch!

    • I thought that they were from country ass outside of Concord somewhere near Charlotte? I remember their parents were living with them and they seemed to be more stable/grounded. That family is so talented but just is so trill rico barinno included. The industry didnt help an already crazy bunch.

      • They was living there but most of time they divided their time between Concord and Chapel Hill. My mom know them real good.

  9. Praying that these guys don’t kill themselves while performing. The family and I wondering what drugs are they on? Or are they drunk?

  10. They sacrificed their voices to become part of the Illuminati. Wait,O never mind, they are Freemason’s.

  11. I heard Devante Swing sold all of his publishing rights for drugs. Is that true?

  12. I don’t know but the had really good music back in the day.the whole block bumped jodeci.I wish they could of made more albums.

  13. Damn that was terribly sad, sounded treacherous….Kci actually sang the original version better than Mr. Womack, but this live version right here was just wrong on multiple levels. Maybe he didn’t feel good. Praying for these brothers ruined by the industry.

  14. Thats the music industry for ya chew u up an spit u out an everybody wants fame its not worth it they destroy people lives drain ones life force very sad to see them now once was the most talented group of the 90s now look at them washed up has been beware kids see what fame does to ya stay get knowledge f*ck the fame

  15. OK I’m in the minority here but all I heard was the damn soprano back ground singer….. So I can’t judge.. Imo

  16. Not only drink & drugs…always being 2nd to #BoysIIMen had to take it’s toll!

    • I saw them in concert on June 21, 2014 and they rocked the crowd and their voices sound great. Maybe they were having a bad day in Los Angeles from the hollywood bad memories lol. K Ci was on his bodyguards shoulders out there singing and shaking fans hands what’s wrong with that? The fans lived it. They still can pull a crowd and still have a big fan base out there so that speaks volumes for them.

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