Rapper Rick Ross Jailed In ATL

Rick Ross Arrest

Former correctional officer, Rick Ross, is once again finding himself on the other side of the jail house bars after being arrested yesterday in Atlanta for marijuana possession.

Atlanta’s local news affiliate reported that Ross had been pulled over for illegally tinted windows on his Bentley. Then, the officer that pulled him over apparently smelled marijuana and found a small amount inside of Rick Ross’ car. It was at that point that Ross was arrested.

One reader asked him how he should handle the situation of his father asking him to smoke weed with him. Ross told the 23-year-old, “I think you should reconsider. You get to sit around and play video games and s–t, and your dad actually smokes weed with you and your homeys? Your situation is pretty unique. Take advantage of that bond time, man. I definitely would have smoked with my father if I could have. I say have an open-door policy. Come on in, Dad!”

This isn’t the first time Ross has been arrested for marijuana use either. Back in 2008 he was arrested in Miami, in 2011 he was arrested in Shreveport, and in 2013 he was arrested in Greensboro — all marijuana charges. Back in 2014 Rick Ross ducked out of a court appearance which was from his 2013 arrest for marijuana possession. A warrant was out for his arrest when he failed to make an appearance in court, and he was later arrested in Greensboro following a performance in 2014.


  1. Dumb a$$. Put him next to Sugh & throw away the key. In the voice of Fred Sanford.. U BIG DUMMY

  2. Fat boy needs to stay in the public eye some how ?!
    Fake wanna be Biggie !
    Notice he only gets caught with enough to talk shit about but not do any real time! He lame as hell ! Rick false !!

  3. remember Him getting banged out by His ex Girlfriend, She was doing all of the work, while He just laid there

  4. I thought possession of marijuana carried smaller jail time…I guess only in NY. In NY you have to have at least 25 grams to get arrested now, anything less than that is just a ticket. I guess down south the Good Ol’ Boys don’t have that law.

  5. I thought the US operated a three strikes and you’re out policy? An automatic 25 years sentence?

  6. Putting people in jail for possession of weed is in its final days. It is costing the country too much f*cking money, and it’s clear that the people of all races want it legalized. I am very hopeful that Obama is able to make the same big change federally re: the weed issue as he was able to do with the boycott of Cuba. He has already done more than any previous POTUS by a mile, but it would be another landmark of his presidency if he would rid the country of the ridiculous burden of the failed “War on Drugs” which has been the cause of more crime and wasted money than anything other than the middle Eastern wars.
    CO Ross wasn’t doing anything criminal.

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