R Kelly Says Teen Daughter’s Lesbian Lifestyle Is ‘Andrea’s Fault’

R Kelly Transgender Child

When it comes to his transgender teenager… R Kelly is reportedly playing the blame game on Hollywood Ex, Andrea. Insider word reveals the teen, Jaya, “is living her life as a lesbian tomboy”… and that R Kelly is saying “it’s all Andrea’s fault.”

Despite conflicting reports claiming Jaya Kelly may be looking to follow in Chaz Bono’s transformation footsteps, we’re told the teen “doesn’t want to become a male, but she’s definitely on her way to being a stud lesbian.”

Here’s the drop:

“Jaya wears suits like a boy and R Kelly is saying it’s Andrea’s fault.”

R Kelly Gay Daughter

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  1. Oh I’m sure this girls sexuality has everything to do with her Mom. Maybe she’s turned off by guys because of guys like R Kelly.

    • Ding dong we have a winner! Knowing his history wouldn’t be surprised if he touched her! In a few years we’ll hear him bitchn about his son……. y’all see too,it runs in families. More power to them!

      • ….and God said “You Reap What You Sow”

        and I ain’t letting you get away with pee N on Little Girls and Taping it!

    • Dat nasty mf probably try some shidd on her with his nasty dick azz pedo after all he likes girls and boys lmao bitch azz punk

      • How dumb are you motherf&$@ers!?
        Sexuality is something you are BORN with!! Has NOTHING to do with how your raised,
        what you do as a child, or WHO raised you!
        Ignorant people like you are why gay & lesbians kill them selves, are discriminated against and are afraid to come out.
        If you are a non- white YOU should know better than to judge ANYONE based on
        a preference, a color, or who someone worships!
        Go get educated, read a book and get your ignorant ass some real perspective and some actual real life knowledge.
        It’s disgusting to perpetuate a false-hood
        You cannot PRAY the gay away or CURE a sexual preference you don’t agree with
        WTF do u care who someone sleeps with!? Dumb ass bigot

  2. women who been absued by men in past will try to look unattractive and wear men’s clothes. he needs to stop blaming his ex wife

  3. R. Kelly needs to disappear. He has a penchant for girls Jaya’s age, but Jaya’s homosexuality is somehow Andrea’s fault. Robert needs to stop trying to deny his sexual deviance and acknowledge the fact that the apple did not fall far from the tree. She was crafted in HIS image.

      • That’s my point. R. Kelly is a sexual deviant. It goes beyond the mere practice of homosexuality or bisexuality.

      • R. Kelly isn’t a homosexual. A super freak yes,but gay I don’t think so. There’s been alot of babies made off R. Kelly music.

  4. Art Kelly what happened to you, you use to be considered one of the best in the music game and now all I have to ask is was selling your soul for gold worth it all. Stay away from little girls!

  5. The sins of the father are effecting the children. This is becoming more and more common. Stop blaming the mother R. Kelly and take a look in your own “closet.”

  6. Andrea Kelly is just a fame whore and she the ugliest ex on The show who trys to damn hard

  7. I know good and damn well this fool is not blaming all of this on Drea! This what his ass gets for messing with them young ass girls.



    KELLY MIGHT WANNA hollwer at her girlfriends.

    • rkelly forgot he had kids also

      since he hasnt seen them in almost 2 years

      why won’t anyone write a story on him being a deadbeat dad

      yet they write a article bashing the only person whos doing her best to raise them by herself.

      • What the f*ck are you talking about? His son is with him right now. I know this because I know someone who works for R. Kelly. His kids see and hear from him.

  10. I’ll bet R. Kelly never thought he’d have to pay for his bad behavior through his kids. He’s always getting away with things legally, but nobody really gets away. You have to pay for what you do, R-rah.

  11. You should have waited for a real drop of tea before posting this. Why is this Andrea’s fault?

  12. please, R.Kelly know damn well he take d^ck @ those “Eyes Wide Shut” Hollywood affairs…he fukked transgenders men women & children..sooo yea R.Kelly look in the mirror fool. Wouldnt be surprised either if he had sex w/ his daughter, most dykes & gays were molested at a young age, U ARE NOT BORN GAY! Many ppl in hollywood have sex w/ their children as ritual, R.Kelly got turned out to young children b/c they made him have sex w some boy or girl as ritual. His wife may be a wicked one too, but highly doubt she comes anywhere CLOSE to RKELLY

    • You sound like a psychopath. R. Kelly doesn’t even travel or live in Hollywood like that… He doesn’t mingle with the Hollywood/LA crowd. Only time he’s ever in LA is for Grammy weekend.

  13. Or it could be the fear of having a child molester for a father and thinking that being a butch lesbian will be a deterrent to him and men like him. I personally believe that you’re born that way if it’s authentically who you are.

  14. Also after forcibly hearing his last album isn’t this motherf*cker too old to have an album full of p*ssy/f*cking songs?!!! SERIOUSLY I haven’t heard that word so much in all of my years as I has on his album SMH!!!!

  15. Well to a degree it is the moms fault. I would never buy a suit for daughter just like I would never buy a dress for my son.

    • i agree she shouldn’t be buying her daughter boys clothing.

      but also their dad (rkelly) needs to be active in their lives and help her raise them kids.

      shes doing it all by herself while he party’s in atlanta.

  16. Lies r kelly doesnt even respond to stuff posted about him. So why respond to this. And another thing r kelly is absent in his kids lives so i doubt he can speak on anything concerning them. Since he hasnt seen them in almost two years.

  17. people need to stop bashing r kelly is not perfect what he done was phucked up. but what about these white men who sexual abuse???

    what about the singer who married his 16 year old cousin???

    it seems the white media pushes the blame on black men not white men and that’s phucked up?????

    slave masters would have sex with little black girls and marry young girls??

    • I’m bashing this pedo. How you gunna deflect what r Kelly did to the whitey. You a idiot.

      • are dumb or stupid what he did was nastier than sick
        but you can’t bash one and not the other

        • Keep defending this pedo. And you wonder why the world is f*cked. You talk a lot of shit on here. Being black and pound and try to uplift. All u do is rundown, and be negative. But you tell me to lay off a pedo. You talk utter shit.

          • your that sellout no wonder you love bashing black men
            to please white men your reason why black men have a bad rep

            if you do’t like my comment then do’t comment

            • CB all your posts are negative and accusatory. You never say anything to provoke thought or conversation. Maybe you should just try to use your mind to say something original. Think about it?

            • LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

              funny you should do comedy but your not very funny

              what i write is what i feel so
              how dare you

              tell me i’m negative i’m not i’m a laid back type of person

  18. I don’t want to read about her daughter. Is Drea still married, or what? That’s all I want to know. She supposedly filed divorce papers but did she withdraw them? Is she going through with it?

  19. heard wqhen Kelly’s daughter was 5 years old he’d let her dance sexually in front of all his male friends.

    plus r Kelly is known to have hundreds of tapes of young girls and women he sexed.

    wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly blackmailes some female entertainers to work with him he has to have syleena Johnson on tape somewhere.

  20. remember that group js yes Kelly wrote ice cream another song about oral sex.

    there was one video where js was bumping and grinding each oither were talking about sisters acting like dykes.

    • One of the JS sisters is married to Philip Bailey. The other is married to Ron Isley.

  21. rkelly is a deadbeat dad who doesnt even bother to call or visit his kids.

    he moved to atlanta last year just so he wouldnt even have to be in the same state as them.

    but refuses to let their mom move them out of chicago, even though his kids wanna move.

    rkelly is too busy flying to “friends” out to atlanta to party with him. so that leaves him no time for his kids. hes pays court ordered child support and thats it.

    but last year he stopped paying his child support for 6 months just to torture andrea. while partying in atlanta he didnt care whether his kids were even eating.

    that man has alot of karma coming to his ass. for mistreating his andrea and his kids.

    • You sound like a psychopath! He moved out of Chicago to focus on his music. The energy in Chicago is no longer how it was 10 years ago. He still travels back there and still has his place there though. His kids travel to see him in Atlanta and for your f*cking information, Drea and the kids are moving to Atlanta soon to be closer to R. Kelly.

  22. He f*cked his whole family head up with that nasty crap he pulled but now he wants to blame Drea! His country ass is ajoke

  23. Btw, R. Kelly never said anything about his transgender son. He doesn’t even talk about himself, FFS.

  24. All I can say is that R”Kelly &Andrea haven’t nedn understanding that is their.child is sick&confused ,she’s a child how cam they allow her to change her gender.she was born a girl&will die one!all that people lying on God saying he made mistake on their gender let’s get this clear He doesn’t make mistakes&I’m more than sure he isn’t agreeing to people living certain life styles, at this age how does she know if she wants to be a boy, it’s sad because this Baby is hurting very deep&it’s ignored I mean if she chooses to be.a lesbian when she’s old enough to conscious make that choice is very different but as of now she more confused than anything.as also many of those that are in this position, I couldn’t or wouldn’t go.along with her dressing as a boy, this world is confusing enough but for children to go through this.type of situation only gets more confusing,,time for the singer&dancer to put those kids first instead of allowing their child to just up&decide to be a boy, I mean mankind disturbing God .laws&statues

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