Tamar Braxton Sued For Running W/ Another Artist’s Vocals!


One European singer/songwriter has waged War against Tamar Braxton. Court docs reveal… Emmi Kozulin “is demanding fifty percent of the royalties from the track plus damages.” The track at issue is Tamar’s “Love and War”.

Court docs reveal… Emmi isn’t only citing herself as co-writer of the track, the Berlin-born artist says the released version of the song also includes some of her “originally recorded vocals.”

Here’s the latest:

“Based on the lawsuit, Kozulin claimed that she co-wrote the song “One on One Fun” with another songwriter Angela Hunte.

Kozulin reportedly recorded her version of the song. Hence, she was surprised to find out later on that Braxton’s recorded version of “One on One Fun” included vocals from her version, she claimed.

While she is aware that Hunte gave the song for her album “Love and War” as she had the right to license the lyrics, Kozulin was complaining about using her vocals in the song without her permission.”


  1. Here we go again. Yts are determined to take over every aspect of black music. They trying to stamp us out of our own game and these enabling coons – yall know who they are- letting them. This shit getting sadder by the minute. Musical genocide.

  2. 4-5 years ago timberland had that same problem
    he sampled a beat from a european guy for nelly furtado
    the european guy was pissed

    is funny when white people steal music for black people
    have you notice black people do’t do shy???
    they let these white people get away with it??

    it really makes you think

  3. Yep..Robin Thicke come’s to mind. He sampled Marvin Gaye’s song and didn’t want to give the fam a dime. I guess the family took them to court and they are still tied up. I haven’t heard anything else as of yet.

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