Puffy’s French-Kardashian Konnection Revealed!


Rest Haven For A Rapper?

HSK Exclusive – Puffy is being named as the alleged connector responsible for fusing French Montana with Khloe Kardashian. According to our insider… Puff made the pairs’ introduction, “… because he was tired of paying French Montana’s bills.”

“Puff knew Khloe was lonely and that French could sweet talk his was into her bank account.

The duo’s noted “proportionally-beneficial relations” may have since gone to the next level, reported to now have Khloe’s heart involved. According to our source, “It was joke for promotion… but the joke backfired when Khloe fell in love with French Montana.” But that may not mean French Montana feels the same. Know why? We’re told… “While Khloe was in Paris for Kanye and Kim’s wedding, French Montana was checking out big booty Black IG models.”

“French cheats on Khloe anytime he gets a chance, ask Lola Love.”

Dig the drop:

“French is freeloading off Khloe. He’s got less than 50K in the bank and he’s worked his way up to being a cast member on Khole and Kourtney Take the Hamptons.

Puffy’s planned worked and everybody in the industry is laughing at Khloe behind her back.”


  1. Kris Jenner thought she was super pimp until her girls started dealing with rappers. They should have stuck with those athletes. They must haven’t heard the paper world is more street and grimey than the sports world. Kanye pimping Kim and French and Puffy pimping Khloe. Kris Jenner you losing.

  2. Well Pimp Mama Kris and her horde of minions reads this blog now that its all about rappers and reality tv , so expect a rebuttal in 3 2 1…

  3. I knew that french Montana is a male gold digger his so called rap career is lose’en it’s stem so he had to fit in some where puffy tired of his loose boody I guess so he ship’ed off lol

  4. No sympathy for Khloe. Didn’t she try to get with any black man that already had a black woman? And she ended up wth this dude.

    • she beaten up a drag queen who was coming on to her ex husband

      khole got off scott free

  5. khole is just a knock of version of a black women
    wasn’t it just recently khole was making fun of french’s weight???
    khole isn’t sexy she’s more like miss piggy with lipstick on

    you can put lipstick on a pig and it will still look like a pig

  6. I have no sympathy for Khloe after what she did to Lamar. Left him hanging when he needed her the most.

    • also she set lamar up. he was denied entry to a club where french was performing
      and guess what the cameras was filming it

  7. Khloe and Kim chose the easy route. Blackmen in sports and hip-hop are suckers for big booty white chicks…Easy Money? Naw, these negros make them earn it. The choices they made contributed to their exploitation.

    • black men are doom!!!!

      kyle is dating jaden i though will would of had some sense
      and tell his son to date a sista instead of them pasty old look fish

  8. this is my theory how the kartrashian work

    1, they hangout with black women to steal their style their mannerism etc etc

    2, they compete with black women because their envious of black women

    3, kim and khole tan their skins just to look like a black women

    black women be careful white women wanna be just like you

    yes some black women wanna be like white women but blame it on society and brainwashing by white people

    • Every day? Really? You must be really threathend by that light skin complexion.you have nothing better to do then bark the same shit every damn day? Ima need you to switch it up cus at this point you must just be cutting and pasting the same thing everyday.
      Expand you vocabulary!

      • i love my skin color what does my screen name say??

        is just a theory do’t knock it

        what’s your theory why kartrashian date black men?????

        • your really lecturing me about not using vocabulary
          when your too dumb enough not to use capital letter for the beginning of your screen name???

          • So sad.
            Look up the meaning of vocabulary some time. It wont kill you to read something other than gossip once in a while.
            Especially if your going to attack my grammar if thats what you where referring to.The saddest part is you got other idiots cosigning your dumbnes.

            • @anonymous

              you should do comedy
              to bad your not funny enough loool
              so take your trouble making ass somewhere else

            • ^^^Don’t mind y-t chocolate.. the truth hurts. They are some of the most insecure women I have ever seen. From my experience they are always trying to flex in my presence.. and I wish I could say no one cares yte girl.. Get a life!

  9. This is the funniest shit I have read in a long time. The one thing I know is that he lovesssssssssss the paparazzi, dude be smiling and looking into the camera all the time.

  10. fLittle less fact than theory……. In general jocks seem to be dumber than people who are street smart or even the suburbanites that pretend to be street smart. In the famous jock world as long as you sexually do whatever their into and fake it and happen to fit they’re ideal of “beauty” they will wife you. Men seem to care less with mileage if the package is wrapped well or if they share same stds/alternative lifestyle. After the fake kimmy marriage and lamar odoms sudden “bad fortune” I think jocks w/ even half a brain know its probably a losing gamble messing w/ any of them on a serious level. Street dudes, or rappers that are just about money might mess w/ them because both have a different money mentality than stupid jocks when it comes to treating women a certain way, as well as knowing how to not only get into a womans mind/heart but to deplete their bank account while doing it, like the kartrashians have been for years w/ simple minded men, and simple minded ass jocks. whether its pdiddy (aka ciroc lipgloss) or klohe supporting his lifestyle its funny either way to me. More simply I think they (kartrashians) know that body wise/looks wise they have better luck with non-caucasians (courtney could do ok but she seems like a lesbo) Hilton knew who her bread and butter was (caucasisans)kept her hair dyed blonde,lives in blue contacts, no curves anywhere/very thin. kartrashians know who they’re bread and butter is (simple minded blacks), they stay weaved up, getting plastic surgery or butt shots, wow all of a sudden I feel like i’m describing no talent rapping iggy australian…end rant

  11. Yea Puffy is blowing French Montana back out. He’s tired of him so he throws him on Khole…smh

  12. I don’t undestand why anyone in their right or wrong mind would listen to any type of advice Puffy offers. SMH We all know how that story ends. He also reunited CB and Rhianna after he put paws on her… People better stop listening to him. Not only does the devil wear Prada he diddybops.

  13. Khloe is moving too fast trying to replace Lamar and poor Kim is so unhappy.. Just look at her eyes, even when she is smiling her eyes are not.

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