Low Down Lavar: Extortion Plot On Mike Epps Exposed!

Lavar Walker Extortion Plot

HSK Exclusive – The Atlanta man who recently went in on Mike Epps — with that video “parody” that clowns the comedian with coke jokes — is being exposed for plotting to get into Epps’ pockets!

According to our sources…  Robert Powell  “has been provoking Mike for months to get a rise out of him.” So what’s the connection between the parties? Apparently, Epps lent  Powell,  a lane to help put him on and when Epps kicked Powell off the tour…Powell’s BFF Lavar Walker wanted  revenge.

“Powell was the comedian he took on the road, trying to help him out with a jump start. Powell’s boyfriend Lavar, wanted revenge against Mike after he kicked Powell off the tour.”

The dirt we’ve dug up reveals Lavar to be a “shady” CVS pharmacist, supposedly stealing scripts to sell on the streets.

“Lavar works at a CVS in Camp Creek Parkway,” says a source. It’s a situation that Lavar’s said to be looking to land a ticket out of… leading homey to pull the recent media play against Epps.

Dig the Drop:

“Saturday night… and Uptown Comedy Corner Club… Lavar stepped to Mike talking smack and he reached into his waistband, acting like he was getting ready to pull a pistol. Bystanders acted immediately to protect Mike.

Lavar is lying about his injuries because everybody saw him walking around after he had the scuffle with the bystanders… once the ambulance pulled through, Lavar was laying on the ground…. he even asked for a neck brace and took selfies at the hospital.”


  1. He WAS a Pharmacist at CVS.

    Not for long, and I am sure he will be getting a visit from the DEA.
    They do NOT play around.

  2. He lucky they didn’t whop his ass for fakin like he had a gun he would have really needed that neck brace cvs meds stealin ass……

  3. Lavar never “talked shit” or reached in his waistband for anything. Anybody who knows him will LOL at that statement. He’s the most non-confrontational nigga out here. I don’t think Mike actually hit him but he did get his ass beat down. It’s an unfortunate set of circumstance that I hope they get worked out. Both funny ass dudes. Get your sources checked out on this shit. You making shit worse with the bullshit

  4. This is straight BULLSHIT!!!

    I was there and this is NOT what happened!

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. That’s bullshit! I know Homie. He comes into the barbershop where I work to get that shit he calls a stache lined up. Ain’t shit street about Lavar. Dude is humble than a Mofo! Brother gave me bags of clothing to donate to da homeless! Stop the madness!!

  6. Mofo’s will believe anything they post on these bullshit ass media outlets! Lavar is like the f*cking Pope. And Homie is actually funnier than a lot of these corn ball ass comedians out there!

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