Tyga: All Mally Made?

Tyga Made by Mally Mall

HSK Exclusive – Rack City may not be all that it’s cracked to be! Know why? Tyga is being exposed for frontin’, name-droppin’ and boss’in up… all through the rep, name and face of music producer Mally Mall!

“Tyga, Drake and Justin Bieber all drop Mally Mall’s name to get a street pass.

A tipster tells us… not only does Tyga floss with Mally’s whips, Mally Mall was the one who Tyga called to collect his jacked jewels, pleading for him to “get at the goons who got him”. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lil Durk.

Here’s the drop:

Tyga uses Mally’s cars to floss on these LA streets…Mally made his money from real estate and then he got into the entertainment game…if Mally was to pack up and move…a lot of these N—-s be back home living with their moms.”

Check out Lil Durk’s shout out to Mally Mall, in the track “Chiraq”:

“Tyga only got one name but that N—a ain’t got one stripe. He backpack, so easy to get the N—a shit snatched. Ask Mally Mall to get his shit back.”



  1. Tyga look like this dude bottom bitch….these industry dudes is something else & fukkin each other for tracks, beats, contacts, cars, and everything else…This dude Mally seem like one of the dudes u gotta suck off before u can become a “hit”, ask Bieber

  2. And just look at the avn awards when he performed a trans ran onstage and pretended to be giving him fallatio. I gave him a pass for that at the time because he was performing and a woman look alike came on stage. But now forget it I think he knew what it was.

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