Mannie Fresh: “F*ck Master P!”

Mannie Fresh vs Master P

Master P got a personal shout out during a T.I. show this past weekend… courtesy of Mannie Fresh. Video from the concert showcases the Big Tymers music man delivering some choice words for Mister No Limit.

“I don’t give a f*ck about that, I’m doing me! Yeah, I said it. Quote it. I ain’t gonna take it back. … I don’t f*ck with P. I’m not gonna take it back.”

XXL Magazine reports:

“Mannie Fresh is not a fan of Master P and let it be known loud and clear during a recent DJ performance in Atlanta that featured KLC, T.I., Zaytoven and DJ Toomp among many others. When KL dropped the ’98 No Limit smash hit, “How You Do That” and sent the crowd into a frenzy, Fresh hopped on the mic and said, “F*ck Master P.”

Peep what Master P previously said about Mannie Fresh:

“I ain’t into all that, man. It’s not a gimmick for me, this for real. So, I wish him the best of luck, but I never talked to Mannie Fresh back then…don’t even know him like that. I always thought he was a great producer, and I think he should stay in his lane at that…And if you feel like it’s some bad blood over a record or something, c’mon man. [16] years ago you ain’t say nothing. You saying something now? So you must not be no real dude. ‘Cause if somebody took something from me, I’m going to see him.”


  1. Whatever happened to Mannie Fresh my interesr in cash money died after he juvie and bg were no longer on the roster.

  2. If he talm bout Master P, why is he getting ice grilled by C murder???……lol

  3. i bet mannie fresh wouldnt talk to wayne and baby like that. baby got him shook

  4. used to like master p but then he cheated on his sexy chocolate wife with a money grabbing fish

    • all ceos cheat you gonna hate p than hate these dudes.

      suge knight
      snoop dogg
      dr. dre
      50 cent
      jay z
      Russell simmons
      irv gotti
      berry gordy
      james brown
      eazy e

      • most of them are ugly. these women fall on their dicks because their rich and famous
        if they wasn’t rich do you really think these women would be sexing them???
        no!!!. when a ugly person has money people wanna know yo

  5. thought the no limit cash money beef was over.

    if this was 2000 mannie might would have gotten some feedback.

    who cares if a has been rapper disses another has been he would have came out better dissing wayne and baby.

  6. Its easy to Pop shit about Master P when CMurder is doing a Life Sentence.I’m a fellow NewOrleanian I’d say where was Mannie Fresh when CMurder diss the whole CashMoney and ain’t none of them niggas said shit afterwards. We love Mannie but come on dude,this is not what you want.

  7. Exactly, he knows Master P is not about that life now. But back in the day, it would have been a wrap for Mannie Fresh. No limit was the ish back then.

  8. Master P is a business man and manny knows this. He better holler at baby gay ass about his money. He was scared to say baby name

  9. when pastor troy was beefing with no limit mystical and c murder got to fighting with him some years back.

    back when c murder was beating the hell out of monica giving her black eyes for mothing.

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