Being Bieber’ed: Lil Za Set To Spill Justin’s Molly Confessions?

Justin Bieber Drug Confessions

HSK Exclusive – Did The Biebs turn on a homey who did him a solid by taking a drug wrap for him? That may soon prove to be the deal. Just ask Lil Za, who’s reportedly getting ready to blast video of The Biebs “admitting the drugs were his.”

“Justin Bieber isn’t just a racist… he’s a cheapskate too. That’s why dudes like Lil Za are turning on him.

You’ll recall back in January of this year… Lil Za “bragged he gives young girls Mollys to satisfy them.” That’s after Mollys were uncovered at Justin Bieber’s Calabasas home… revealing Lil Za’s hand in helping Bieber to keep a clean name.

Here’s the drop:

“Bieber is a real piece of shit and his career is coming to an end. Lil Za took the wrap for Bieber and Bieber treated dude like shit.”


  1. Flash in the pan. And sad because usher ushered him into the industry.
    You niglets are gonna learn one day.

  2. This picture looks so dumb. I mean really when did white people really start dancing

  3. Well Lil Za sounds burnt butt. Had he had any common sense he would have never caught that charge for that lesbo anyway. He got what he signed up for.

  4. All yall gave him a Ghetto Pass, now you finding out ….its ALL ABOUT HIM.
    Why didnt yall pop him in the mouth when he was saying and now we see singing, the N word?

    THIS IS NOT CUTE and I blame all you, who was living with him and apending his cash. You let him have a pass, took the wrap for him, went to jail for him.


  5. I knew the lime light was going to go dull on this little poser… only a matter of time! It always turns on them! You sell your soul and find out that the devil is infact NOT your friend.

  6. Its sad that a brother would take a drug wrap for a racist white boy but will kill his own brother because he looked at him wrong. When will black men learn these devils dont care about you. Never had and never will. They cant enslave your body anymore so they your minds by using money and materialistic items. Our people needs to wake up! These industry devils are causing our downfall. Like Michael said ” they dont really care about us”!

    • and it took mj how long to learn that.

      after he done married 2 white girls and magically produced white babies.

  7. wouldn’t put it past justin is a sneaky probably raised in a white area maybe in the country black boys stop hanging around white boys

    • black people need to teach their kids about race. hanging around white people is fine but theres things you can’t do around them you must remember black people we ain’t in the same league as white people and we won’t ever be either

  8. @ChocolateBrown
    No its not that white folks are better, WE ARE.
    That is why they steal everything we create.
    They Steal Our Music
    They Steal our SWAG
    They have stolen our Smartest and Brightest ideas and claimed them for their own.
    Architects, Engineers, and Business Minds.
    They have even hijacked having a BIG BUTT..

    In this case, we need to teach out young Sons, that the game is RIGGED for them to go to jail.

    Kanye and crazy as he is is right – Jail is a business.
    Having 90% occupancy at every jail and Prison is a daily goal.

    In the case of Bieber..this is a clear case of Mom’s and Dads who did not have THE TALK with their sons.
    THIS is exactly why NO ONE should be using the N-Word, now your boy JB is out there with it…

    These little idiots he has been hanging around with in the MUSIC industry, who should have POPPED him in the mouth, are trying to give JB a pass cause he was only 15.

    NOPE NO BUENO…. At 15 I bet you would not have rolling up to nobody with a Confederate Flag yelling..”.Cracker! ”

    Justin does NOT get a pass.
    He goes into the same bucket as MR STERLING..

    • AGREED!

      kneegrows always givin’ Mr. YT a pass, and YT stick with them for about 6 months and hen it is bye-bye. Think Madonna when she first came out.

  9. Dummies taking charges for a white man. Bieber will be able to get a job, you won’t.

  10. guess bieber must have been paying that duded off by giving him money or acess to white girls.

    don’t even know who this duded is this lil za.

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