Kim Follows Kanye’s Orders, Kicks Kris To The Kurb!

Kanye Fires Kris Jenner

HSK Exclusive – In the weeks before they exchanged vows… Kanye is said to have laid down the ground rules for Kim. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Riccardo!

We’re told… not only did Kanye order Kim to send momager Kris kicking rocks, he and his bromance buddy are also telling Kim what to wear!

“Kim is now dressing like a Mormon.”

Here’s the drop:

“Kanye and Riccardo Tisci are also telling Kim what to do. Kanye is insecure and he no longer wants Kim to be viewed as a sex symbol.”


  1. Sounds like a threesome to me. Kim is foolish enough to do everything Kanye says while his boyfriend cheers from the sidelines. That’s quite a marriage.

  2. Kim can do better. When Yesus grows tired of her, he will send her on her way. She better practice safe sex if Yesus is on the DL, there is no cure for HIV.

  3. These dumbass fools needs to get a life. Better take nonsense somewhere and sit down. Better yet go back to school!

  4. They both got what they wanted. He got a superficial, dim witted, blow up doll, compliant, flunky, bottom bitch and she got a dumb, rich, obsessed, narcissistic, and uber famous coon.

  5. A Submissive White Woman…The Hook! Kim is damaged goods. The sextape is her enslavement. I’ve seen this movie before. Kim is an attractive white female, so, her blackman is gonna be super sensitive about her being seduced by other brothas. Kanye is delusional, handcuffing Kim will send her into the arms of another man. I suppose, Reggie Bush wanted to control her as well. What is all this about? Her sexuality lured him in, now he wants her to be a Nun…Wooooow! She got punked big time, if these allegations are true. This is the best she could do?

    • we all know when celebs get pregnant their not considered sexy more because their mothers
      when kim got fat she wasn’t attractive anymore now that she’s with kanye
      men do’t find her sexy and that could ruin kris’s empire

  6. sex symbol really coonye pest??? she looks like a swelled clown fish her cheek bone looks puffy like sugar puffs. bet kim is kicking herself never marry or have kids with the same person you cheated with


  7. @Chocolatey Brown

    Kim is her own worst enemy…Mirror Time! She’s stuck with a DL blackman who has divatude issues….Pity Her! This soap opera will be entertaining to watch.

    • also she cheated with all of her ex’s with kanye

      now his cheating with that guy

  8. next on keeping up with the kardashians kim finds out that desperate horny black men found a religion about worshipping her silicone fake ass and what would yeezus do.

  9. The media is really trying to give us brain damage! Noooo more kim/kanye bullshit pleeeeeeeeaaase

  10. I have no sympathy for Kim Krapdashian she’s got what she deserves. Now Kanye is shutting her shit down she’s going to be on lock and key, I wont be surprised ifthe stories start coming out about him confiscating her phone etc.

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