TMZ Used Racist “Joke” Video To Extort Justin Bieber For Stories!

Justin Bieber Hate Black People

HSK Exclusive – This just in… We’ve gotten word revealing Justin Bieber’s legal reps — Howard Weitzman and Aaron Rosenberg — are offering up $250K to TMZ and The Sun [UK] in hopes of buying back the footage of a 15-year-old Biebs delivering that racist “joke.”

“In the video… Bieber, then 15, asks: “Why are black people afraid of chain saws?” He answers his own question: “Run n*****, n*****, n*****, n*****,” he says, imitating the sound of a chain saw. Then he laughs.”

It’s a video which is said to have been in TMZ and The Sun’s possession for more than four-years. So why has it been on the hush all that time? According to our source… for one, “TMZ and The Sun were using it as leverage so Justin Bieber would give them exclusive stories.”

“TMZ released the video when they found out it landed into the hands of people who were looking to cash in on it.”

Here’s the drop:

“Harvey was extorting the kid for stories. Justin is really a racist bastard and he was scared of the tape getting out… and that Usher would hit the roof. He’s scared of Usher.”



  1. i believe at fifteen he was around his real friends then the tape got played then he had to be around black people so if and when it hit the internet it wouldnt seem real .usher dont stay high so hes thinking clearly

  2. I guess he didn’t know back then that this would come back to haunt him, now that he’s trying to pretend to be about “the life”. Now the roosters come home to rest…

  3. Lesbo looking beibs needs to go back to Canada. Floyd needs to focus on winning his next fight becasue the last fight he won was on a fluke. Then after all is said and done FM can phuck JB up the ass.

  4. I think it’s cool how everybody else in that video thought that he was an absolute idiot. I guess not all white people are bad, just some like Justin that are idiots.

  5. let’s be 100 if justin wasn’t famous would he be hanging around black people no no he only hangs around black people to look cool. white people do it all the time

    • in canada there are no black people really only white people. he was probably raised in a white town where no black people lived

      • There are black people in Canada. I have Canadian relatives who are from Canada and some still live there.

        • there are black people living in Canada but justin was probably raised in a white community

        • I can think of five black Canadians offhand: Drake (even though he’s biracial), Deborah Cox, that Keisha chick who cohosts 106 and Park, Cree Summer and Fefe Dobson

          • he was probably raised in a small town where there was no black people living like a farm and shyt. of course black people live in canada people really need read geez

            • Well it’s kinda like when people say there are no black folks in Idaho or Montana. of course there are a few, but all in all they are very rare, and I can say without exception the black folks I have met from the Pacific Northwest act and talk white. Not because they fronting, but because that’s what they’re used to. I bet that is somewhat like it is in Canada, except for the major metropolitan areas like Toronto and Vancouver.

  6. that joke is old af. and its no different than any other racist joke whether your White Black, Asian, Spanish etc,

    this is what media does when your famous. they rush to make you popular and rush to see you fall like Rome. All though Rome did not fall in one day. you get the point. why anyone screams for fame i dont know why. get your $ up, protect your family and loved ones and pray to God for all your sins.


    • Rather it’s.. One industry is there to build you up…and another seperate industry is there to tear you down. Full Circle!

    • True, true and true. The media sat on this video for like 5 years and then they want to claim outrage over his little ignorant joke? I never liked Bieber but do they really thing I’m stupid enough to call this kid a racist for a couple of nasty jokes?

      • Right. Like havent we all at 1 time or another thought racist or prejudice thoughts about others if only in self defence?

        • Yes we have and anyone who says anything different is a liar. I think Bieber should apologize for that joke but I’ve been around real racists and that kid is not one.

  7. Justine is really something, he cant play the ignorance card. At 15 yrs he knew what he did was wrong cos its not like he was a kid or something. F*ck him.

  8. hollywood is weird they will make you or break you. they did the same thing to micheal jackson when he didn’t follow the rules their made him out to be a monster

    • justin has phuck’d up maybe being cocky and rude messed up his look white people blame his black friends but is not their fault is his bieber fever is over

  9. this kid dont know his head from his ass…he so programmed & they got him on every prescription psychotropic drug there is….he stay high & between the green & the prescription drugs, he programmed thats not even considering they got him doing rituals too, they passing him around bigtime…ask Usher & Clive Davis evil ass

    • Don’t forget about Birdman, you know he definitely messed with that little boy.

    • He’s supposedly on birth control pills to keep him looking like a prepubescent female. I swear sometimes it look like hes growing a set of titties. But that’s why he’s such a psycho. He’s constantly pms-ing.

      • Are you being serious? If so, I didn’t know that but I knew that kid was going to be in for a hard time as soon as he came on the scene. I blame his parents.

        • Yup. No joke. Supposedly that’s why he keeps acting.out, he cannot control his moods. They want to keep him looking youngish and girlish. Remember when he spazzed out before and took off for the islands USHER went and got him back. You never even see his mother anymore. Just like

          • Chris brown, some of these moms know exactly what goes on nut they do it for fame and fortune.

          • Damn I never thought I would feel sorry for that kid but I do now. Mrs Bieber is a pitiful excuse for a human being. I don’t get Usher, you would think he would be more protective of his protegee after all the nastiness he went through with Diddy.

            • p diddy done wear and tear usher’s ass now he’s justin turn. holly wood is sicker than sick

              p didy bought justin a car to keep him sweet

            • I just saw a photo of Justin and an old man billionaire huggin on a yacht the other day. It look like they was going to phuck. I too feel sorry for him

            • Wasnt Clive Davis allegdly getting it in with Usher too? I think Clive was getting it in with other youngins, ie Ray j, etc

            • Yeah both Clive and Diddy got a hold of Usher. I just don’t understand how a parent can be so greedy for money that they would pimp out their own children. I just hope Usher at least has enough decency to protect his babies.

            • I used to think it was weird that he was hanging out with Kim K for a quick sec when he was about 15. Now knowing her type of men choices , I dunno if she was doing him or passing him around or hell both!

        • Day Cheese I cosign with you. His dad seems like a real jerk and he wants to hang with him and his dudes rather than be a daddy to him.

          • you phukk clive davis you a sick phukk.

            couldn’t do it sorry hell no letting an old white man phukk you in the ass black men already have very little left and you gonna bend over and let a white man tear your ass up.

  10. It’s interesting that his friend told him not to tell the joke on camera but he continued any way. It seems like harvey is becoming the most powerful man in entertainment. I wonder how many other celebs he has tapes of for extortion.

  11. Other men need to get their own s**t, running behind blackmen like schoolgirls…Who Does That?

    • white men are jealous of black men that’s why white men copy black man’s style etc etc

      • @Chocolatey Brown

        Personally Speaking, not a fan of sponsoring whitebois. Some brothas think it’s cool, i disagree. There is no substance behind it, he and his crazy father are piggybacking off black folk for pesos. As long as whites behave as such, i see no logic in giving them a “Black Card” just to prove how tolerant we are…What’s The Point?

        • Usher used his whiteness, he consigned him. Black using while boy. Come Tyrone. U smarter than that. CB is a f*ckin idiot.

          • Trying to flip whites never benefits us in the long run. Gaga, Eminem, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, etc…Sucka Free!!!

  12. Funny how the game change once he started hang’en wit’em it was exciting to be like lil twizz or whoever he is that’s how it always is
    But once he started run’en wit his black Hommies its cool I didn’t know how much fun black people are lol before that it’s nigger nigger nigger wow

  13. Coming out apologizing does not Supplant what’s in a mans heart.I’ve lost all respect for Justin no matter how many half backed black so-called celebs stand up for him.Hes from the seed of Esau so this comes as no surprise.

      • So BA could tell us we’re no good, that’s the only reason god made white people.

        • @Anon 15:37 First of all you are not White you’re Red!Secondly,the history of the so-called white man destruction is well documented.Whites don’t want to be black they want to look Black than behind close doors call us all types of bywords

            • Are you the color of White paint or a price of paper?Once again,you’re Red.

            • @Anon 00:50 If somehow you being a so-called whiteman and your line traces back to Jacob than I’d say that’ll be a victory for you because you won’t be a servant in the Kingdom of Heaven.But if your line traced Back to Esau you’re Screwed.

          • God gave EVERYBODY free will. Skin colour means f*ck all to people who worship god. Cause we’re all gods children. He says so himself.

            • Were not all of gods children.That’s a damn lie that the wicked churches teach.God has a chosen people whom ate the Israelites BTW.God says he hates the whiteman Esau in the bible so how could we all be gods children.

            • Romans 9:13 As it is written Jacob have I lived but Esau I have hated.(If god loved everyone why would he say he hates a particular group of people like whites?)

            • @Anon 00:46 If you read Lamentations 4:21 The Most High tells you your Future and he also tell you to rejoice and live it up now but soon those smiles will become frowns.

      • In order for there to be righteousness in the world there also has to be wickedness and the most high raised the Nation of Edom up to rule over the Children Of Israel as a Punishment for our ancestors breaking his laws but soon the nation of edom will suffer the same affliction as they’ve issued out.

        • Lamentations 4:21 Rejoice and be Glad O’Daughter of Edom But the cup will come around to you as well,and you will be drunk and make thyself naked.(Get Ready Edomites)

            • Because of Race mixing everyone that looks black won’t always be black and the same goes for so-called white.Soledad O’Brien can pass for a white woman but she’s black.So,my point is Madonna may actually be a white looking black woman if her great grand father is black.

            • BA I agree with you on most everything, but I personally don’t think God hates white people just because he hated Esau and because the Israelites are the chosen people. He favors his chosen people to be sure, but I don’t think he literally hates whites. And I am not a white man’s God Baptist type taught person either. This is my personal belief I have on my own. Respect.

            • @Anon 20:34 Respect and you are entitled to your own sentiment but Romans 9:13 says otherwise.The most high himself says he hated Esau(White)and loved Jacob so that’s clear. Ask yourself, why won’t the churches ever teach these scriptures since they are the ones that claim god loves everybody which is a total damn lie!

            • @Anon 00:48 The word to Judge means to kill and you’re right I’m not the judge but my job is teach to truth to my people and to speak the word of the most high.I have nothing personal against you but the Truth is the

            • @Anon 00:48 The word to Judge means to kill and you’re right I’m not the judge but my job is teach to truth to my people and to speak the word of the most high.I have nothing personal against you but the Truth is the truth

            • CTFU!! I still haven’t gotten over that, that very comment voided all the other statements…

            • I’m going to heaven. There ain’t no devils in heaven. BA all your talk just got squashed by your own mouth. God loves white people. Now please think before typing again about god hating all white people.

            • @Anon 13:28 Heaven is Ruler ship Hell is CCaptivityand if you’re White you are already in your Heaven.Us Blacks/Hebrews are in Hell right now in America.Basically, Heaven/Hell are conditions of Life not the Afterlife. Just Food For Thought.

            • @Killa Callan We’ve talked several times here and I’m aware of whom you are and everything is Kosher between us.Peace.

  14. I’ve always thought his little black act was all a Mirage because if you’ve noticed he never dates pure black women and that is thee first tell tale sign and if he wasn’t signed to usher he’d never be caught dead around black women or men.

    • your right white people hangout with black people to look cool. look at eminem he’s probably a racist he’s using black people for street credit. white men are phoney wet dog

      • Look, Ms Brown, I know Em and he he has been around black folk by choice from day one. Not to be cool, but because of shared interests. What you said might be true in 90% of the cases, but Em isn’t one of them.

        • Bullshut em is a racist he made a song called black bitches n he wasnt fifteen n whn benzino spoke up n tried to get that mama hatin white boy out niggaz vouched for em jus like justin

        • Also he hung round blacks cuz he was poor white trash so thats y he was round blacks cuz he was worse off n one of his black friends fed his hungry white ass only to get sacrificed whn he made it

          • in the eyes of white America even white trash is above POOR BLACKS.


        • MM is mos def a racist, wearing a du-rag doesnt give him a pass to talk ish about Black Women!

        • if your eminem’s friend why did he do a song called white america ???? when he does racist shyt the media do’t say nothing. if koonye pest did it the white media would of complained

  15. We as black people act racist and prjudice to our own selves. Others feel why should they respect us

    • black on black crimes come from slavery. white slave master would turn black people against one another. he would be nice to another slave and be mean and nasty to another that’s why slaves were fighting

      • Black on black crime is in the bible honey Deuteronomy 28:54 To the man that is tender among you and very delicate, his eye shall be evil toward his brother, and the wife of his bosom,and toward the remnant of his children he shall leave

  16. Harvey is a racist jew. I had to stop watching tmz because of their nonsense. Beiber and his people are a piece of crap. I heard his mother was there when he made the racist joke. Parents need to teach their kids tolerance.

  17. Why would Usher care about this? Isnt he eating off of Justin. Alot of black celebs have sold their souls for money and fame. They also forget about their people.

    • because usher is black and his and target audience are mostly black people

  18. This is complete bullshit! Tmz had this tape for 4yrs and kept it on the hush basically! But they had Jayz and Solange fight tape for 5minutes and dropped it like a mix tape…this is all lies

  19. This is what they do to these celebs. Get them on tape either acting racist, doing drugs, or engaging in homosexuality. When the celeb gets outta line they drop it on they ass like a ton of bricks. Then reality sets in. MJ, Whitney, Amy Winehouse, The Carters etc

    • justin must of done something wrong heard he beat up a women in a park and when throught her purse for a cell phone

        • He took it and broke it because he thought she photographed him. It was widely known at the time. But like Lindsey Lohan , B has committed assault crimes and just gotten away with it. Had Chris Brown done that, they would have locked him up for 3 months

        • Yes you are nuts. And you make up stuff and you a racists, overall a fucin idiot loser.

        • Charlie sheen shot his wife in the stomach.

          mel Gibson assaulted his ex girl.

          Robert blake killed his wife and got off.

          • @Anonymous

            another self hating black women bed fodder for white men. stop defending white men honey they do’t care about you or your busted weave and dry ashy skin ever heard of razac it does wonders for your skin

            • Stop being nasty. It’s offensive and just obscures your message. Generally I like your commentary but now and again you just take it too far.

            • glad your a big fan

              nasty and offensive are negative words
              do’t you think!!!

              didn’t you comment on other thread
              bashing black women????

  20. Bieber and Sterling now have something in common! They are both racist douchebags.

  21. With this tape coming out this was Retribution on behalf of Middle America of them feeling neglected and abandoned by Justin and to show black people he’s not a cool as he pretended to be.How much Swag does he have now!?

    • I agree BA. When Justine was 15 and being that “wholesome kid next door” white people were all Beliebers, now that they feel (in their minds) he’s developed “black tendencies” now they want to 86 him from their white club. I would revoke his ghetto card, but he never had one from the jump. Justine really don’t want to know about the life of a Latino and Black in Middle America.





        • That’s what I mean…he’s NEVER been ghetto. Justine is the modern day Elvis Presley. Ripping off our swag since 1 A.D. LOL

          • Justine is mindful of his whiteness and where is bread is Buttered. Notice for the sake of his career you’d never catch in within a 10 mile radius of dating black women because he don’t want to piss of his lilly white fan base.That’s how you know he’s a fraud.

        • Blacks brought bibber in. They made money off him. Theta pimped him. I hate rhe clown but usher is he pimp.


  22. Lindsay keeps getting high and gets no serious jail time.

    shes paid or snitching.

  23. Justin never wanted to be black he wanted to look black just like that other fraud Justin Timberlake.You saw how quickly he abandoned his Blaccent after that Janet Jackson fiasco


      • He could have spoke and supported her when the media came unjustly accusing her of being inappropriate. Janet boycotted the Grammys that year on CBS (because that’s where the Super Bowl aired) and what did this punk MF do? He shows up at the Grammy’s with his mother. No support, not even as fellow artists, did he show her. when it comes down to being treated like a person of color these Wiggers don’t want none of that though.

        • Justin like most white artists married white.

          a shame cause janet and Justin actually dated at one time Justin also dated tatyana ali and Ciara.

          • TMZ put out a fake bullshit extortion story today about Bieber know why? Because I exposed TMZ & Harvey yesterday for extorting Bieber-Don’t believe me? Ask Mike.

            • Excellent…but Jacky could you please explain the disappearing posts issues and the general change in tone of your blog? Don’t you think it warrants an explanation since your public really wants to connect with YOU.

  24. wheres all jay z’s white friends to speak on his behalf on solange beating his ass.

    not a word from gweneth paltrow or his best friend chris martin.

    chris brown goes to jail but Justin bieber and Lindsay does;nt.

  25. never did like n stink.

    all these whites had to get black producers and songwriters to help them and give them hits.

    • Shit the f*ck up you illiterate piece of racist shit, you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  26. Has all common sense has evaporated here?

    Bieber is just kid who wants to be famous whatever type of music he’s singing. It just so happens he was ‘discovered’ by Usher in an era where R&B is now (Urban) pop music, so he’s doing Urban. Back in the the 80’s when ‘Rock music’ was the commercialised money spinner, Bieber would have been a ‘Rock’ star.

    Folks here are too anal about people like Bieber. Usher knows that despite his own popularity there is a demographic (even he wouldn’t naturally appeal to) that he could exploit by using a white kid. That’s why JB is around. Just like the black dude, I think his name is Maurice Starr?? who was behind NKOTB back in the 90’s. Remember him? originally behind New Edition who did ok, but he even stated at the time “that if they’d been white, would have been 20 times as big”. So after NE’s split, he created the white group. ‘New Kids’ did more for spreading black music’s appeal within other demographics, then the most influential ‘black’ artists at the time. Just as early Hip Hop did by breathing life into washed up artists like James Brown, George Clinton and a whole legion of ‘old school’ artists during an age long pass the heights of their popularity. Most of you may not remember the almost universal onslaught against rap during it’s humble beginnings most notably from the aforementioned artists who often complained it wasn’t ‘real’ music. However they quickly discovered that the association had financial benefits they could only dream off.

    Bieber owes blacks nothing (and we don’t owe Bieber anything either). His popularity didn’t come from a black audience and certainly not off the backs of african-americans who on discovering he was a white Canadian rich kid didn’t give him a pass anyway.

    Blacks are fully paid up members of Rap culture by default. Aside from nostalgia, artists are not making money of black support nowadays. So don’t be surprised if they come out backing him.

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