Is Russell Westbrook Channeling Jason Collins?

Russell Westbrook Goes Glam

We don’t know for sure… He could have simply jumped on that hipster wagon. That’s one possibility… But as Arsenio would say: Ain’t this pic one of those things that just makes you go ‘Hmmm’?



  1. I love Westbrook on the court he’s a beast but he’s Gay as hell period. No str8 man would wear that. Fashion statement or not Gay, Gay, Gay….lol

    • It’s funny you talk about him on the court. A coupe f years ago, I told everybody that the Thunder would never win a championship a long as Westbrook was the PG. He always does dumb shit at the end of th games when the games are close or are on the line. He never seemed to be able to put his emotions in check, And now I know why. He has high levels of estrogen in his body, which is good for women but not do god for the male species.

      • My bad, that should have Read

        Not able to put his emotions in check..

    • I also had no idea that He was a two sport athlete, that awesome. He is among the best athletes we have ever seen.

      There was Dion Sanders and Bo Jackson. Both dudes were pro baseball players and football players at the “same damn time”. And now we have old Russell here. Ths ninja is a pro Basketball player and a jockey….a f*ckin Hot dog Jockey. Go on and do ya thing boy….lol

      • LOL I didn’t seen those bracelets until you point it out. I had no idea he was gay. Wow.

    • I read Anon 9:28’s post in Michael Blackson’s voice. “Beeeeetch azzzzzzz neeeeeggggaaaaa.” Truth.

  2. I don’t think he’s gay, I believe he’s eccentric and eclectic oh and starving for attention

    • I don’t know about the attention thing. I’m not arguing with you but the reason I say that s because how much more attention can a person want. He is the 10 most recognizable and followed active players in the NBA. He may be in the top 5 behind only

      Lebron James
      Kevin Durant
      Kobe Bryant
      Dwight Howard
      D wade

      I think it goes deeper that an attention whore, I could be wrong, but n real man would walk around dressed like Irene cara on flash dance. Once again I blame Michael Sam and Jason Collins for this f*ckery…….

    • just me I hate you. dead @ his neck is kicked back like he just saw a bitch with the same shit on. CTFU

  3. Hell yea we used to see Westbrook in long beach dressin FAGGETY in high school.

    It’s not ethical to do such things..

    • You need to shut the f*ck up! If u are not Gay … Then why brand yoself like that then? That nigga looks stupid an fashion my ass! Niggas are coming out 4 real an this is just the beginning.. Last dayz ya’ ll!

      • They are and they are coming out in droves both men and women but I wanted to know what is causing this boom. Something is happening.

        • Chile…. you got me! Its generational curses from ancestry or current parents disobediance. What we do in our young life… Our kids reap the sins. Look @ magic,micheal,isiah an jason kidd children? All gay! Its got me lookin @ Every man i meet like…. What the f*ck! Its ruff an sad for the sistahs an bruthas outchea. But we all unless u are into the way of Romans.. lol Gotta keep your eyes an ears open! Be quiet an watch what the f*ck goin on around u. LASTS DAYZ? The gay shit out if hand tho… Whats next puttin transs in the same value as woman.. Or accepting beastiality. This shit f*cked up. Feel really bad for the kids with no real guidance an teaching. Smh! Blacks are followers tho…. Thats the problem. Following Filth!

    • You’re damn right we are going to judge this behavior. You and the rest of them want black men to be effeminate. We are not going to sit by quietly while it is happening.

      • Dis Shit iz all Related.

        Rappers Calling our young Black Queens “Bitches and Hoes”.

        Rappers Videos showing them in Cuffs and Locked Up.

        Young Boys and some Black Men Sagging, which has Homosexual Overtones.

        The DL Craze demonstrated in Books By Black Homos.

        Black Men Photographed WEARING DRESSES. (Even Charles Barkley, remember?)

        Emphasis placed on Gay Black men in Media. (Magics Son, Michael Sam, etc)

        TPTB want to eliminate Black Boys now by Propaganda with Gay sexual overtones so that they cannot procreate and thus spread their dominate Genes throughout the World, so the White Species can survive a little bit Longer.

        Oh, and don’t forget the images of Black Women with White Men that they R forcing on u THESE days 2.


  6. …maybe it would’ve been more masculine if it were blue flowers instead of pink? LMAO!

  7. Tell that nigga the vote passed in Illinois. Him and KD can legally become a framily.

  8. RITUAL. These negroes getting paid out the wazzoo, so they gotta do rituals…ask D.Wade….they make them wear feminen clothing as ritual. Niigas getting paid multi-million dollar deals, rituals come in the contract…U can look in his face & see he not wit it, but its better to dress like a bitch than sacrifice ur mama….They make them do it b/c they know kids look up to these niggas

    • Correct sir! You nailed it on the head. I am not saying he is gay but anyone with any sense can see that it is the guys with the major endorsement deals that have to do this. Pushing the gay satanic agenda, just like in music, media and every other major field.

      • yup. Even D.Wade had the SAME look on his face when they made him dress homo, even OMAR EPPS, they all got that same look like ‘damn, wtf i got myself into?’ lol thats what happens when u sign ur name in blood nigga!!

    • I agree. It’s cross dressing, plain and simple. It doesn’t always have to be a dress (side eye at Omer Epps on The View). Sometimes its a little more subtle, but slashed skinny jeans, bracelets, and floral prints are feminine attire. These young men are being compelled to do this and they agree to it because they all sell their asses along with their souls.

    • Well Lebron, Kobe, and Michael Jordan didnt( dont) dress this way and they get paid(got) paid way more than him so that theory is out the window. He is just gay!

        • Dmx stated that when you reach a certain level they try to get you to dress different. He said they tried to get him to wear suits, fitted and tight clothing but he liked his baggy jeans, hoodies, and timberlands.

      • Michael had to give up his dad and walk away from basketball to the MLB so they could get some money off his fame. Kobe got broken when they sic’ed the white girl on him and he got threatened with rape.

  9. Dudes dressing like that is ALL over the place. When it hit Hip Hop I had to put my head down and say a little prayer in honor of the Death of Hip Hop as I know and love it.

  10. Not sure if his peek a boo Jeggings annoy me or the fact that he looks like he wished he had a pair of matching heels to go with his outfit.

  11. If you scroll up to the picture, but leave the head out, the body looks likes a womens.

    • And the shirt looks like skirt dress. What ever the f*ck that is. Is that a thing, skirt dress?

    • No bitch! His momma an lack theirof father gotta deal with that shit! An the beard he f*ckin lol! You sound gay an stupid! @ da Same Damn Time! Alot of ya’ ll are gay on here… lol! You f*cked up! I bet u are gay cuz u cosigning this nigga on the low!

  12. You betta wurk! Covergirl! Wurk it gurl! Do your thing! Sashay Shantae!
    Lmao! I couldn’t help it yall. What’s next Westbrook making a video himself twerking to that song, “Boy P#$$y” wearing a OKC jersey dress in haute pink.

  13. His clothes tell the real story…Guess Who? Amazing how soft blackmen have become in recent decades…The Master Plan!

    • Black men and women are playing follow the leader. If we ever did our own thing and quit following them we would succeed but as you see we are perishing.

      • @Anonymous

        This is our fault as blackmen, we allowed this to happen in our community, Why? Honestly, we don’t adhere to our agenda. No person or group can force brothas to support the gay mindset. Sistas have blame as well, but, this is on our backs…Bottomline!!!

  14. damn black man are getting played out like a guitar hollywood is turning these black men out

  15. He just need his ass whooped like whn u was a lil boy putn on ur mommas heels n say look at ne mommy n she look n instantly get to whoopin ur ass then here comes gma lmao

  16. You damn righ he ball hard,!!!!!!those are some of his favorite things……BALLS AND HARD’D…..let it marinate.

    ****John Witherspoon voice from Friday****. I take a dick, and I chocke it……and all night long my D up a ninjas ass, bang bang bang,,,,,,..dats my pleasaaaaaaare!!!.

  17. in 3 years time this will be the norm, people won’t bat an eye at men looking and behaving as women and vice versa… sad

  18. Definitely the GAY agenda. And to excel these celebs have to push the Gay agenda. But Westbrook Gay as hell period. Smh…. Everything that’s right is wrong and everything that’s wrong is right. We’re in our last days.

  19. B ball players that’s GAY
    R. Westbrook- OKC
    C. Bosh- Miami
    B. Jennings- Pistons
    N. Young- Lakers
    B. Baby- Clippers

  20. Just Me, you seem to have experience identifying the tell tale signs of Gays. But I’m sure you tell your friends you are straight, right?

    • It’s not that hard to figure out. What true heterosexual man would wear this? If my fiance ever came home in a pair of skinny jeans, especially some ripped ones, I would send his extra colorful behind right back out the door

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