On That Note: Diana Ross Set To Seal Evan’s Simpson-Deal

Evan Ross Beard - Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson is set to get Diana Ross’ blessing to walk down the isle as Evan Ross’ bearded-bride! And that’s not the only Ross who’ll be adding to the Studio 54-style affair! Sources say… Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson are expected to attend the wedding.

“Diana Ross is very hands-on about planning Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross’ upcoming wedding.”

You’ll recall… back in November 2013, HSK exclusively uncovered Evan was caught on camera exiting West Hollywood’s gay bar “The Abby”. Now… less than seven-months later Evan apparently can’t wait to seal his cover-up queen. Just ask Rhonda Ross Kendrick.

Here’s what Evan Ross had to say about it:

“Honestly, we could go and get married right now, wherever. We just want to be married. We’re in love. This is the most incredible time I could ever think of in my life and I’m young, but the same time, I’ve lived a different life than most and I can’t think of a happier moment.

I was giving it time only because I wanted to give it time, but I would have asked her a month after I was with her.”



  2. Wonder if they will have babies. So her son will be surrounded by male figures who are all bi.

  3. That sick if she know he is like that why is she settling for that you can’t be that desperate for a dad for you son that whole family is off.

  4. Diane Ross and her assortment of very unattractive children are a mess. I see all the bi comments but ol boy looks straight gay to me.

    • Their bug-eyed mother wasnt at all attractive, just photogenic and pole smoked the right men. She is “glamorous” the proverbial term that former trap stripper Linnethia Leakes has combined with “grandma” to describe herself. Evan seemed alot cuter during ATL era and somehow morphed into a malnourished version of uncle fester.

    • You know how ‘Old-School’ blacks like she, Michael Jackson, Prince, Rick James, etc. are–They LOVE any and everything white, especially after they made some money. The men put white women on the same imaginary pedestal White Supremacy does, seeing them as prizes to be won when the women are just after their money, while the women seek out white men for the power they THINK they can wrest from them, not realizing that they’re nothing more than ‘Negro Bed Wenches.’ Word to Kerry Washington and Shonda Rimes.

      • rick had the nerve to make ebony eyes tryimng to tell black women he still cared for them well his actions spoke for him.

        rick continued to phukk white girls he wouldn’t even touch jojo from the mary jane girls who was the only one from the group who could actually sing jojo sang on all the mary jane girl albums while the other girls who was just eye candy couldn’t sing a lick but Motown always had backup singers on deck.

  5. So this guy is a cock smoker? I wonder if T.I. and this fruitcake ever dated off the set of A.T.L.? Hmmmm?

  6. Diana is the type of momma all gay men would just die for. She will forever protect her children.

  7. He found himself a white girl…Good for Him!!! Now she can help him take care of his alcoholic mother with her big Crown Royal hat around her head. LMAO

      • Nothing trophy about Ashley Simpson. All the plastic surgery in the world won’t make her beautiful.

          • Lol, This isn’t a black man and his pa is white. I am not surprised he is marrying her look what his mama married. You people really can’t expect these so called biracial children to marry black when you didn’t marry black.

            • I have known many mixed race folks who have married black, even though their mamas married white. Of course, I don’t live in Hollyweird, but in the real world.

    • He ain’t nothing but a fair skinned whiteman his damn self,so he’s marrying his equal believe it or not.Let’s not forget, his father is a whiteman.

  8. wonder how long they’ll last.

    biracial duded with a white girl that child gonna be a straight up mulatto.

    evan has more white dna than black.

  9. damn his butted i though halfe were meant to be attractive??? what a load of shizz. could he find women of his own race!!??
    to pull this vibe white women fits because the relationship is lie just botox on white women!

    • ashlee isn’t even all that attractive but her family is paid.

      and she can’t phukking sing either.

      • Yeah. At least this s one case where nobody can say she is after him just for the money. Her sister is worth more than all the Kardashians put together. I know his dad was a mega rich Norwegian dude, but I wonder how wealthy he left his sons by Ms Ross?

  10. Why can’t he marry another half breed instead of this pasty chick? If he was smart, he would have married the Simpson that has money–and that’s Jessica, but he’s probably too black for her.

    • Jessica ain’t down with the gay thing. She mad at her father for hitting on her first husband. Dude said Joe grabbed his ass.

  11. He is not gay and adhlee will be his wife. Some pretty boys who are on the passive aggressive side really do love p*ssy do just let be and stop trying to make every aa male gay.

    • Now Ed, she s no older than Harrison Ford, and she’s younger than Deniro and Pacino, and they’re still with women half their ages.

      #Double standard

  12. It’s a fact, Diana Ross f*cked Berry Gordy to become a superstar! She wasn’t the best singer of the Supremes, but she became the most popular. I still can’t get get over what Paul Mooney said about her. That shit was too damn funny!

    • lol It really was. Paul went IN on all the so-called ‘Divas’ at the time (Ross, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston) and told the truth in between the jokes!

  13. paul should have joked about all the white dick he sucked pyror called him miss thing saying paul was known as miss thing around private circles.

    Richard said paul sucked a white man dick and was nice enough not to swallow his cum.

    Richard also said the first time he phukked a fag paul was with him.

    • You can tell Paul is gay. He seems very feminine to me. And he’s married to a white woman while repping black folks.

    • I don’t doubt it. Dude is and has been un-apologetically feminine for decades now. There was some comic who called him out on it some years back and Paul went off on him. Imma see if I can find the video.

    • my eye couldn’t even scroll that far, the grey eye shadow was too distracting…

  14. Wtf is that tee shirt??? Cut down to the nipples and blatantly stating to the world what it is. I know we are bot supposed to take that as sarcasm. These so called celebs aren’t even really hiding their shit anymore, smdh

  15. He’s lettin everybody know wats up, lol. He loves his beard, lol, so he loves “her” right???

  16. I can see Diana clapping happily about a six year Evan prancing around in her make up and heels

  17. Why do he need a beard? I think he’s stright up gay but is he trying to break into the business or someting, and needs to clean up on paper?

  18. What is the joke that Paul Mooney told about Diva Diana? Let’s be fair to Diana, Berry said that he fell in love with Diana the first time that he saw her. She didn’t force him to anything.

  19. Why does not Ashley marry a big dick Italian or Arabian man, instead of that Sissy, DIANA CALL ME

  20. A lot of Black men who date or marry white women are either gay or bisexual – it is definitely a cover up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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