DJ Quik Calls Out Compton’s Very Own Dr. Dre

    DJ Quik beef with Dr Dre

    Dr. Dre claims to rep Compton… but he seem seems to have overlooked reppin’ the city’s sounds. Just ask DJ Quik, who’s got major beef with Mr. Aftermater. Know why? Quik’s music is missing from Dre’s new Beats Music App.

    “Quik took the action very personally and decided to express his feelings toward the matter on Twitter. While his comments weren’t directed at a specific person, all speculations lead to one man: Dr. Dre.”

    Peep the tweets:


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    1. Everyone knows Dre is coldblooded crossdressing queen from compton …cocksucker…

    2. I wish Ms Reg was here. She could give us Quik’s take straight from the horse’s mouth. There has to be something fishy behind this.

    3. If Quik really wants his music on the app,all he has to do is blow Dr.Dre aka Dr.Gay, and that will be it.

    4. Quik already retracted his statement, turns out his music is in fact on the beats app haha!!

    5. quik always had to play second or third rate banana to dre.

      quik put in way more work but dre gets all the credit.

      • Of course, DJ Quick admitted he was wrong and his music is indeed on the beats music app, but don’t don’t let that stop you from doing what you do…

    6. You better believe Dre f*cked Jimmy Iovine to get to the nine figure category! That’s how hollywood works. So when you see a black man make it to the big time (Kevin Hart), he got f*cked in the ass and he swallowed a load of DNA!

      • Holly Wood Black Men Are All Slaves….If They Want To Make It Big In A White Man’s World They Have To Do Dirty Nasty Stuff
        If They Wanna Go Up Top Of The Food Chain….Like Defending White People When They Say Something Silly About The Black Community

        • Many Black Icons Have Sold Out Ditched The Black community For Piece Of Paper….. Their Coons In The White Man’s World When The
          White Man Wants These Black Icon To Poison “The Black Community’s Water” They Will Do.. When Task Is Hard And Sickening That’s When The Black Icons
          Run Back To The Black Community Crying About Racism In Hollywood

          To Name A Few…..

          Micheal Jackson .. He Had A Rally Talking About The Music Industry
          Oprah Winfrey …. Last Year She Went To Switzerland And The Store Manager Didn’t Serve Her Because Of Her Race

          When This Black Celebrities Make They Cater To The White Audience And Ditched Bad Mouth About The Black Community

          And Many More

      • so that’s why kevin harts wearing dresses.

        and that scene with him wearing a wig in jail with a big white dude.

        whites and their gay black fantasies.

    7. Quik, is and has always been a better producer than Dre. He can construct a beat from the ground up, something Dre never mastered. But, Suge tried to sign quik whenhe was having financial problems, after recording the All eyes on me. I don’t know what happened but quik didn’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe, literally or figuratively.

      • People Should Be Happy That Dj Quik Is Not A Sellout….. Unlike Dr Dre And His Punk Ass

        • I got all the respect for him and anybody who chooses to not sell out. Dude Is a stand up guy.

      • quik was already phukked from his old label quik nwever made no money off those records.

        eazy signed him as a producer to the penthouse players clique album.

        funny quik and second to none was on deathrow second to none as an unreleased album recorded in 94-95 and quik produced it.

    8. Dj Quick ,,, Holler at me ,,, Meet you at House of Blue’s , you give me your number , and when i got home it was gone some how …. Check me at Kwame King
      ” Crocodile King ” Facebook page , also itunes ,
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      and my email address ,

      sign me and you can being like Dre , i need some of them great tracks …

      • Also i bee looking for you ever sense but could not find you and your website was still under constuction…

        But lets make some thing happen …

        Peace …

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