Nick Gordon Visited Bobbi Kristina’s Grave Behind Family’s Back

nick gordon bobbi kristina grave

Nick Gordon visited Bobbi Kristina’s grave last week.

Even though he is under investigations from authorities, and facing a lawsuit from Bobbi Kristina’s estate alleging that he was the cause of her wrongful death, Nick Gordon went and visited his girlfriend’s grave site.

People being described as “generous friends,” flew Gordon out to the Fairview Cemetary in Westfield, New Jersey where Bobbi is buried next to her mother, Whitney.  Kristina was buried on August 3rd, after her six month fight to cling onto life, and also after being moved to hospice.  The man under investigation for her murder visited her grave on August 17th.

bobbi kristina grave 2

This comes after Bobby Brown had banned Gordon from attending his daughter’s funeral or burial, so Nick had to sneak in undetected so he wouldn’t cause a scene.  Recently, a friend of Bobbi’s that was there the night she fell into a coma, came forward and said that Gordon got into bed with her the same night his girlfriend was drowning in the tub.


  1. Maybe he went to make sure that she was really dead so he could cash the life insurance policy

  2. What he wasnt married to her he gets no more cash his time is over allthose threats he made to pat now look at him and him posing with guns saying hell shoot isnt gonna help and his history as a drug addict

    • @crazychris I still think Pat is somehow connected to all of this. She is leaving a paper trail right back to Nick. Someone is going to tell the truth about who is really behind it.

      • Did you read about Bobbi Kristina’s alleged pal, Mason Whitaker posts on Facebook last week? He allegedly posted that Pat Garland is/was allegedly involved with Bobbi Kris’s death. I agree that someone will eventually tell all.

  3. That boy did not do anything to that girl. Bobbi brown is dumb for thinking that, he quickly forgot they blamed whitneys drug use and death on him too.

    I agree, I think the last Pat had something to do with it. I been questioning her since Whitney died. She’s clearly doing business with someone who wanted Whitney and get daughter gone for whatever reason. But it don’t make any sense that nick would have something to do with anything, why place his self at the scene? Try to revive her? Loose all the money? Don’t make sense

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