Nelly Busted with Meth, Weed and Guns!!!

Nelly Meth Head?

A Tennessee state trooper made a routine traffic stop on a Nelly’s tour bus yesterday morning; eventually searching the bus which landed the rapper in jail.

Here’s what is reported:

The trooper smelled pot soon after pulling it over for not having a DOT sticker. A further inspection by police yielded:

  • Five rocks that tested positive for meth
  • Marijuana
  • Drug paraphernalia including 100 plastic baggies
  • Handguns including a gold-plated .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol, .45 caliber Taurus pistol, and .500 magnum Smith and Wesson

At least one gun was in the possession of a felon, who was also arrested. Nelly, aka Cornell Haynes, faces felony and misdemeanor charges. The 40-year-old rapper is free on $10,000 bond, and due in court in June.


  1. o lawd! my ex-babydaddy on meth? say it aint so Jesus! SAY IT AINT SO!!! no wonder we aint been hearing no more music from his ass…he too busy indulging in other illegal activity in his damn life. smh. somebody just tell me it aint so?

    • LMAO …….I’m afraid it’s so and your ex-baby daddy needs to get it together. Doesn’t he have a show called Nellyville? SMDH.Dude needs to be careful and focus on his blessings.

      • smmfh at this sh*t. ikr @Anonymous. so damn disappointed. blessed but just too damn foolish to see it messing with petty illegal crap. Lord help!

        • Back in 2012 Nelly was arrested for a similar situation on his tour bus,guns,mary jane and heroin.

          Brian Jones was on that bus and he took the rap.Guess what, he was on this bus too.Google both arrests and you will see.

    • Take an STD/ HIV/ AIDS test if he yo’ baby-daddy. That pic of him grindin’ on Diddy/ Puffy’s behind with his forearm around him. SHM. BROKE-BLACK MOUNTAIN. LOL

      • werd @Levenis. definitely believe he done hit PDiddy’s gay ass up the ass a many, MANY times. that pic of him and Diddy floating around with him huggin and grinding on Diddy from behind lets u know he done tapped that ass. Diddy such a spicy ass b*tch nigga 4real – always have been…which is prolly why Nelly love him..Lol

      • PDiddy is one of them sugary ass b*tches who would tell the nigga thats about to push his guts in that “if the d*ck aint big my nigga then u cant hit this.” he has always been a member of the “i love d*ck up the ass” crew. it’s no secret with him. with his homo ass.

        • I agree. I would rather shoot myself in the face than to hit that butthole, if I was a dude. Thank god I’m a woman…

    • I don’t think he is doing meth, that is one drug that f*cks up your face on the first hit and aint no amount of pancake make-up gonna fix that.

      • No. Molly is the newest nickname for MDMA, Ecstasy or X. The name Molly comes from the word molecule which has to do with the chemical formulation.

    • @Nelly wow! If this is your line of work then you get what you got! Popped! Drug dealin aint cool. Although it appeared a lot of artists in the rapp and hip hop industry were suspected of dealin but they never got caught! So tired of greedy people who are being blessed!

    • He was arrested because the bus was registered to him…there was an entourage of people on the bus. I doubt if the meth was his.

    • Well he does hang out with T.I. now he getting arrested for the same shit his homey did.I guess rich people ain’t rich as we think.

      • AMEN! these celebrities PURCHASE all types of drugs in order to stay AWAKE on the job just in case they get exhausted. wow wow wow so is that the reason Ashanti dismissed him????????????? roflmfao

  2. Oooooooo, I better tell Mama Rose her husband done got himself in some serious trouble!

  3. damn…this f*cka used to be a good looking ass man. stayed with a fresh hair cut all lined up, stache, goatee….country-talking as all get-out, but was goodlooking as hell nonetheless. now he’s going to the dogs. sad. why Nelly? on a serious note? because no one is buying your music now? what is it? why the drugs, man? smmfh

  4. Not to just throw your story out the window and just keep going. But damn 40 looks good in black.

  5. Oooooooo… Mama Rose is going to be pissed when I tell her husband done got himself in some serious trouble!

  6. Ok, the amount he was carrying sounds way beyond recreational use .Man, its crazy how so many celebs have to traffic drugs and escort in Dubai to make ends meet . They have to ask themselves if its worth it.

    • That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I read this story. It’s crazy what people will do in order to maintain their lifestyles.

  7. Sometimes life imitates art and I betcha Nelly was up in that jail house thinking about all his songs that reminded him of jail he had to get up outta with a quickness and post bail because it was getting HOT IN HERE lol. After the trooper found all that evidence he told Mr.Nellyville alright you NIGGAS GETTIN HIGH now come RIDE WITH ME in my squad car..Now he handcuffed in the back of the squad car thinking to himself about the DILEMMA he got himself into but either way NEVER LET E’M SEE CU SWEAT..Nelly trying to explain to the punk ass trooper but the trooper says he don’t understand that COUNTRY GRAMMAR.Nelly posted that bail and walked the f*ck outta jail stompin in his AIR FORCE ONES ready to get back ON THE GRIND.

  8. Diddy come get cha boy! Huh? Whatcha say? Why you whispering? TI? Shit, he quiet too. French, Snoop, Bow Wow? ………Crickets.

    SMH where are your friends when you need them?


  9. Awwww, I was just kidding (in my Tony Montana voice), he’s a cream puff. His lawyer will have this matter all cleaned up by Monday morning and blamed on a member of his entourage, cough(who will be well taken care of during his stint behind bars)cough.

    You know, one of the lunatics cuz we all know Nelly is a St. right? Riiiiiiigggggghhhhtttt.

    (slips on tin hat) Psssssst, Hey Nelly, for real tho, who you make mad at you? Heee hee he.


    • DING DING DING!!! Lady you are a winner!

      Other things that make you go hmmmmmm. Why did a San Francisco radio station play “Its getting hot in here” for 24 hours staring at 3:00 pm on Friday? Could it have been hummmmmmmmm, a warning before destruction? (giving the SNL church lady expression)

      And that gold-plated 50-caliber Desert Eagle tho, O_O dare I say over kill?

      Tsk tsk tsk, whoaaaa Nelly, boy what did you do? uhm uhm uhm………..

      This happened to him in 2012, lets see what happens this time. O_o!

      • They probably are but it is not as prevalent in Black communities as it is in the suburbs. In Minnesota it has become an epidemic along with black tar heroin. The prison system is going broke just fixing their rotted out teeth and the child protection agency is busting at the seams to care for children lost to their meth addicted white parents. They don’t believe in reuniting families either, once you lose your children the chances are very slim on getting them back.

        I was shocked when I moved there because the majority of welfare recipients were mostly white drug addicts trying to get back custody of their children.
        I remember walking my daughter to school and seeing the janitor sweeping up tossed syringes that littered the sidewalks and playgrounds from the night before. The freaks definitely came out at night and I’m not talking about St. Paul or Minneapolis, these were affluent areas in the burbs south of the river. (no pun intended)

        They even had a METH task force that would survey neighborhoods looking for signs of meth addiction, for some strange reason they like to tinker with things when they are high and stock pile electronics and old appliances on their property.

        Meth is a very destructive drug, I hope its popularity never catches on in our community, we barely made it through the crack era. The repercussions from that are still rippling through the present generation with possibly no end in sight. Smh

        • Stop referring to the white community as suburbs. Many blacks stay in the suburbs. Ferguson was a suburb. Simply say white area or white people. That is who mostly use meth. Whites, not suburbanites not urbanites, WHITES…..whites mostly use meth. If you know any black people who use that crap, it was introduced by whites.

          • First off, how in thee hell are you gonna tell me how to talk? I’m so tired of you bussing up in here trying to check people and run shit with your cowardly (hiding behind a false handle) ass. I know what your MO is, you aint fooling me. Better find you some business other than gunning for me.


            A suburb is a residential area or a mixed use area, either existing as part of a city or urban area or as a separate residential community within commuting distance of a city. Wikipedia

            As in: I moved my children to the suburbs away from the inner city thinking it would be safe and quiet and hopefully not drug and crime ridden, you know, like in the inner city.

            The suburb that “I” lived in was mostly white because it was in Min-Ne-Sota not Fer-Gu-Son, which is predominantly Black, GET IT?

            And I didn’t say that “I” knew any Blacks that use meth…… Go reply to the actual person who did say it or sit yo ass down somewhere grasshopper.


            • your an idiot, not even close, yall need to stop calling everyone with a difference of opinion a troll, yall act like you want to declare marshall law on this blog like noone can comment unless they agree with the hive mind mentality in here

            • Shut up non important whoever your cowardly ass wants to be today. Aint nobody got time for that,lol.


            • I always see you anyway because you never spell “you’re” in the right context. Hmmmph, calling somebody an idiot, wow.

              Physician heal thyself…….

          • i agree with that ive lived in the suburbs all my life and in the (ghetto for a short time) and in the ghetto it was mostly crack and weed and in the burbs it was meth all day

  11. damn did nelly get busted for steroid use along with mary j, timbaland, tyler perry. look at his face dude look gone this is what happens 99% of the industry do drugs to cope with nasty things they do behind the scenes nelly has done it all slept with gay exces, transgenders, he even been popped in the butt (casting couch) he did a lot to get that show “nellyville” probably f*cked stephen hill. these celebs are twisted and paranoid the boule probably wants him to do something and he refused.

    • What about his sister that died from Lupus I wonder does that have anything to do with him having to do drugs to cope with how she REALLY died.

    • yeah…i’ve heard it too. Nelly ass has been engaging with gay men and trannies for a long time, and they say that when they pop these various type of drugs, like meth for instance, in their system, it helps them to forget and not think during that particular time they’re sexing…especially if they’re sexing the same gender. but it has been said for umpteen years that Nelly get down with the “hershey highway” of the male species. no secret. he just used to be so discreet and extra, extra, extra low key with it. but ur right…he prolly had to take in A LOT, including f*cking gay execs to get that lil reality show. aint surprising by any means tho.

      • nelly sister was not a blood sacrifice she was already sick but his bodyguard was a sacrifice. oh doe b of grand hustle was ti blood sacrifice

        • Stephanie bitch stfu we all know his sister was his sacrifice you fraud .. Gtfoh your info and you being a Conspiracy theorist isn’t making Any f*cking sense … Stop stealing info … Research you dumb bitch and you won’t assume and Make an ass of yourself !

            • Ok bitch If you not the troll then bitch why are answering and commenting to every thing I say … You like a hit dog hollaring!

      • that pic with him grinding in puff’s ass with his arms around him said a lot.

        batter up.

  12. why is everyone surprised nelly’s doing drugs anyway, he was doing hgh a few years ago.

    doubt he goes to prison nelly has enough money to pay fines and court costs he still has apple bottoms even though his music’s not seeling.

  13. nelly has finally earned street cred.

    he got caught with drugs and guns yep that qualifies as gangster.

  14. no elite made nelly do drugs nobody set him up.

    nobody told tip to do what he did either nobody topld tip to act a fool and drive to Houston only to get his ass beat by flip’s boys.

    nobody told snoop and his bodyguard to go out and kill that rival gang member.

    nobody told Michael Jackson to sleep in the bed with those kids.

    • yeah michael jackson was never taught how to be a man all his father wanted him to do was sing and michael jackson was molested by qunicy jones and barry gordy. no wonder he love kids he would travel to the middle east have sex with boys child prostitution r kelly does it as well. child prostitution is done in america as well but it’s hidden when these young girls go missing they are most likely on the sex trade and wealth celebs, athletes, etc pay top dollar to sex with virgins. when they are done with them they drug em’ so they won’t remember or use them for blood sacrifices. oh the us government is involved as well they drink human blood to worship their satanic gods

      • i think mike suffered from PTSD which had his psyche stuck at a young age, and i think he felt that children were his peers

        • MJ stans will never accept that he was a conniving pedophile. It is what it is. If any other grown man did half of what he did he would still be in prison today. If he really was just a 12 year old kid in his mind, then why did he only want to be around little boys? 12 year old boys like 12 year old girls a lot.

          I know he was molested when he was that age, and he was destined to revisit the molestation as the perpetrator. That’s how it works. I doubt there is any adult who molests a child who wasn’t molested themselves. His father is the Devil because I know he let men mess with Michael when he was young.

          • are you fking stupid? you just proved my point abuse and trauma cause psychological problems one of them being PTSD Post tramatic stress syndrome where victims of abuse can get stuck at a certain age and not mature past that, yall are making the dumbest arguments like “why does he only want to be around little boys” that doesnt disprove the fact that he probably had ptsd so whats your point with that? and who the hell said i was a stan? dumb coons

  15. we know mj was a pedo freak his loyal fans wont accept it must be good to sing and dance like he does.

    must be good to sing like r Kelly’s bisexual azz cause women still love him.

    never did like Kelly when he was dating aaliyah I knew he was a freak then only a pedo will write a song like age ain’t nothing buyt a number then turn around and write songfs like sex me, 12 play, stroke u up, you remind me yes that’s a freak for you.

    Kelly wrote u are not alone for mj Kelly even said he turn into mj when playing mj’s music.

    yes its known that sick rich freaks pay to drink virgin blood and urine they think it makes them be eternally young.

    used to watch hentai porn a few years back those Japanese animasted porn is insane.

    check out the bible black series.

    check out princess knight catue to see about sex demon rituals.

    then you might understand why joan rivers and bobbi k called michelle Obama and angela bassett trannies.

    also you can understand why they call beyopnce, serena Williams, and Ciara trannies I think they’re women but they are known lesbians and may have used strap ons to pretend they’re men or had sex with hermaphrodites.

    • Chris U are right about the bible black series. That hentai cartoon is beyond sickening. I haven’t watch it in a while but that animated series is twisted sick!

  16. phukk doing meth who wants to hallucinate seeing dragons and flying snakes that ain’t real.

    anybody wants to holler while jumping out of windows hey do u.

    • Who wants to do any of that? Besides somebody with deep rooted issues. I want to see and feel some real. That was my purpose for smoking kush, it intensified my organism and made my clitoris super sensitive. Now this dragon ish I’ll pass on that, I have enough of them coming up to spitting heat off their hot breath

    • Certain drugs take you into the spiritual realm so hallucinating is not what it is.Dragons and flying snakes exist we just can’t see e’m because we aint trying to open that third eye and achieve a higher state of consciousness,or mess with them psycholedic drugs.

        • People are into all sorts of things, but the true spiritual connection is through prayer:) Who needs to get high to see snakes when the world is full of them.

          • No its not people dont even know who they are praying to anymore because all of these religons have lied to us

        • Lmfao @ dragons and flying snakes … Maybe they need to bring it home with dome dust do they can get on they’re pink elephants and stampede that azz out that hallucinate drug!

        • PSYCHO
          PURPLE HAZE
          COLOR PURPLE
          PURPLE RAIN


      • Believe me, Tina or “meth” as the hillbillies call it does not raise your consciousness or enable transcendence in any way. What it does do is
        1. give you a coke type buzz which lasts 3 times longer than cocaine
        2. facilitates anal sex physiologically, which is why it is currently decimating the gay community and causing the HIV rates to rise again like it was the 1980s. It makes insertion less painful and it also creates a temporary euphoria in which you don’t even care about becoming infected.
        There are Tina parties where huge groups of men congregate just for the purpose of barebacking.
        It’s a plague to gays like crack was a plague for blacks in the 80s.

        I have no idea if Nelly is on PreP or not, but if he isn’t, he may be poz already.

        • Thanks Tiffany aka Tippie I knew you’d know the deal on this crakkas drug you do suck off nothing but white men bitch you should know what they use when giving you a cum bath!

          • I don’t have a clue what the hell you are talking about. Who is Tiffany? I wish trying to shed some light on this issue and you feel the need to crack on me?
            I doubt that “Tiffany” is sucking off any gay men, black or crakka, so you really aren’t making any sense. You sound very angry.

            • Typical Tippie comeback also sounds like that bitch Ms regular … Look Ho you are the dumbest troll bitch to ever dedicate they life to this shit and still sound lame as f*ck you been doing this since the Internet was invented and still a mediocre slut and don’t you think it’s time to retire and give it a f*cking rest! ?!

            • And if you don’t know tiffany bitch How do you know who the f*ck she’s sucking off if you don’t know her Choco ? ?? See this why you need to stfu and lay low for a while you tired and dumb as a f*ck !

    • i think people do it in the suburbs because they are bored, and i think people do it in the ghetto to numb themselves to thier enviornment, when i went to the doc to get a weed license there was nothing but lawyers and buisness execs in there, the old white women are alchoholics see them everyday at the liquor store buying the biggest bottle of alchohol they can find, the suburbs is just like the ghetto except stuff is more hidden and there are just as many liquor stores as the ghetto

    • Talk about hallucinations and losing your mind, I have never understood why people do sherm. I’ve done lots of drugs, and some of them are a lot of fun at the time, but PCP seems to always end in bad news. I just saw this white dude on Tales from the ER and he was trying to choke the doctor and nurses and then his chick came in waving a gun and shot a male nurse in the leg.

  17. That whole meth gay agenda is just sick. The people living that type of lifestyle should visit an Aids hospice facility. They are filled with gay men that loved that meth euphoria experience, now they could hardly keep their head due to the nausea and weakness.

  18. In any case..these celebs getting caught with all these drugs and guns on their tour bus must want to get caught for some strange reason or they are just damn fools and should get caught. Waist of time.

  19. it’s very interesting how these White artist aren’t being pulled over!

    these are dozens of white rock bands that engage in drugs, most of Their music is about popping bills,
    but when Nicca’s raps about gang banging and popping pills

    Their black ass’s gets kicked in the slammer!! while white artists get off Scott free!!

    • Maybe the white rock bands have the good sense to keep their DOT sticker up to date. I’m just taking a guess.

      Look there is no doubt whatsoever that the pigs pull black folk over at ten times the rate as they do whites. But for gawd’s sake brothers and sistas: KEEP YOUR SHIT UP TO DATE AND WORKING on your vehicle to prevent a needless stop.

      • @Anonymous

        have You seen a rock mental concert (I guess not!) it gets pretty rowdy and crazy!!!!

      • TTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNKKKKKK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black people get your licenses back and pay for insurance and registraion so you dont get pulled over in the first place

  20. You are a rapper, you are Black. You are a Revenue generator. They wait on Black folk to come around and give them exactly what they want and play right in their hands cause they know we don’t think. Moral of the story is to be sn=marter than them

  21. The more I think about this the more suspicious it seems. Don’t most tour buses have diver’s side windows that open, why did they open the door? Was the operator smoking weed while driving for the officer to smell it or did they have the whole bus lit up like a Christmas tree?

    And don’t most celebs ride tour buses incognito to cut down on paparazzi/fans following them? If the bus didn’t have any markings stating that it was Nelly’s it could have been a legitimate traffic stop right? Shame on his people for having an expired DOT on the bus if that was the case, can someone say low budget PR team. But to get caught riding dirty on top of that in Tennessee at 9:30 in the morning?!?, someone had to know/dropped a dime. That is one of the reasons why I think it was a setup, I mean come on, really?

    He was either setup or he is incredibly stupid to risk his freedom trying to be hard, smh. Boy I tell ya, these lil short wannabe gangsters need to stop.


  22. Nelli probably really is on meth. Meth is the one drug that will keep you up all night and make you think you’re on to something. Then high goes down, reality hits and you realize it was nothing. That raps of his music for the last 10yrs. Nothing!

  23. you don’t eat, you lose sleep, you hallucinate and see and talk to things that ain’t real.

    • it is real, they access other dimensions when they get high and communicate with other worldly beings that inspire them to write songs and movies ect…..

  24. nelly has a record label he won’t even promote the artists on his label.

    how he gonna build his community up.

    last time you saw a st. lunatics album 2001.







  26. Yeh but its the BW and the WM fault gotta remember to stay on script. BM swirl marry the most out of any man on earth yet they stay blaming the WM but in reality they want to be WM and create white sons. Look at Kanye and look where he is right now in Europe with is trash whore.

  27. most of the whites I’ve come across don’t have half the heart of the average black person. Their homes are like prisons, no love, locks on things normal people would give access to. And to make matters worst they talk to eachother as if they are strangers. Black people have to much heart and are straight to the point. Now I see why white people divorce all day. Most of them are not real and live phony Mary poppins lives. That’s why little Bobby and Jimmy stay shooting up schools.

  28. No white people are so lame with your borrowed on credit lives. As soon is shit goes to the left and you lose that job and pension you thought would last forever You off your whole family because your prideful asses cant stand to admit defeat.

    You don’t own what you think you do, your lives are a facade and the sooner you realize that the better off you will be. But don’t worry, your rude awakening is coming, dream while you still can. Keep telling yourselves that Blacks are useless if that makes you feel better. You will soon learn when the shit hits the fan that if you are not apart of the 1% you are useless to them.

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