Tina Knowles Marries Richard Lawson For The Second Time

Richard Lawson Beyonce Mom Wed

Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, married actor Richard Lawson yesterday on a super yacht near Newport Beach, California.

Here’s what’s reported:

“The boat has the capacity of 300, and there were many big guest arriving wearing white for the big day. Jay Z, Beyonce, Solange and Blue Ivy were all in attendance.”

The drop:

“Tina and Richard got married last year in October. This is there second wedding.”


    • Does he have medical coverage,health insurance,Life insurance policy only his kids can be the beneficiary,does he have his own private security guards when he’s out and about ,does he have security cameras all over the house especially the bedroom,does he have private cooks who can taste his food first,does he have tapped phones ? IJS

    • How many of yall have been to a Black wedding LOL?? BM only marry BW with money or light skin otherwise they shacking up with white hispanic or asian woman. Open your eyes sistas to the scam going on. Black marriage is dead. More BM swirl marrying than marrying Black go google those stats.

      • my black parents been married 47 years so who cares what society is doing.Many are marrying for the wrong reasons and divorcing faster than ever.What others do is their bizzness and that’s their right.Black marriages are not dead ,never will be and you saying it does not make it so.Shout out to the long lasting marriages .Go google delusion people who want to create what they hate lol.

        • Gone, tell that hater .Your parents and my parents too. Plus, all my sisters. Two toddlers last year and another baby coming to join the fam, so that’s the next generation.This lovely brown skin will NEVER be extinct.#blackfamforevah!

      • This may sound snooty bur oh well. There are lots of weddings among the middle and upper middle class. I am sorry to say that those who are stuck at the fringes are the ones who have forsaken marriage. But it most certainly is not over.

        • Right. Middle class families promote marriage. They need to know where their inheritance will end up.

      • black people have been around since the beginning ….and till the end….aint going no where honey

  1. Richard Lawson is a GREAT underrated actor who’s been around since the mid 1970’s and his daughter Bianca is good actress who appeared on the 2nd generation of “SAVED BY THE BELL” as well as the film “BONES” with Snoop Dogg and Pam Grier. I didn’t know he was even dating Beyoncé’s mother, wish them the best in there union.

  2. Hell Tina looks wicked hell! Imma need for her to take her country crazy self into the swamps and let the local animals feast on her like a yesterday Everglades last meal!

    • Uhm DaRadiant how did you know about the swamp ? lol those local animals fear her cause she uses them to cook & brew them in her cauldron pot to cast spells . Animals can smell wickedness a mile away lol.

    • Yeah DR1, I was looking at the same thing. Everytime I look at her picture, she looks like that woman in a cheap ass horror movie that is supposed to be pretty but you know its evil and the whole time you talking to yourself like “I can’t believe these stupid ass people in this movie don’t know that she is lucifers daughter and draculas girlfriend, yall so stupid I’m just gon turn this shit off…..yall too stupid to watch”….lol

  3. Good for Mamma Knowles. Richard Lawson is a good pick like someone has posted Richard Lawson has been around for years. He was on Dynasty back in the day and played in soap operas for years, as well as countless tv shows and some movies. He’s been in the business for over 3 decades so he’s good.

    And his daughter was also on my show Pretty Little Liars.

    • I thought I was the only one who watched, “Pretty Little Liars”? Lol. That’s my show right there! She also had a spot for a minute on, “The Steve Harvey Show” back in the 90’s, as “Rosalind”. (The girl that Romeo was trying to hook up with.)Richard was also in, “Scream Blacula Scream!” And, Berry Gordy is Bianca’s great uncle. So, it’s a whole lot going on right there. Lol.

  4. Richard starred in Poltergeist

    He nearly died in a plane crash after the movie was done!!

    knowing how Tina rolls damn!! She looks like witch on drugs

    • Most of the people in that movie encountered some kind of tragedy….thats crazy

    • Damnnnn I looked it up and it said 27 people died and Richard survived that plane crash.I did know the little girl from poltergeist died from stomach surgery , and and the girl who played the older sister was murdered from domestic violence(choked to death)and two other cast members died after making that movie..Damn that movie was based on the supernatural and all kinds of prayers and exorcist were performed in real life.Steven Spielberg allegedly used real skeletons on real burial grounds from years ago.

  5. she looks more fake than Bey if that was possible , he must be damn near broke . and what is up with you negros and using there instead of they’re . dont bother to answer I aint coming back

    • tHeY’rE aint nothin you can do about it and YORE ass is steal hear reeding the commints so stop frontin.

  6. This not a yacht – it is a venue boat – weddings, fishing, parties, booze cruises, etc.. Wonder if Gorgeous Bianca went …. need receipts for that one.

  7. “Tina Knowles Marries Richard Lawson for the Second Time.”

    Would someone tell me when they married for the first time? Was it a quickie JOP courthouse type marriage and then they restaged it for their friends and families on the boat? I’m confused because I never heard they got married the first time.

  8. She’s either deeply in love with Him or She’s trying to spite Matty

    but marrying Someone twice usually curse’s the marriage

    Seal and Heldi Klump Married every year!!
    that marriage was over!!

  9. Some people are very mean about calling Miss Tina a witch. It’s her arched eyebrows which make her look like that.
    She isn’t any more evil than anyone else.

  10. Body language – distance between them for a wedding photo (op). I will pray for him.

      • In this case you’re wrong. Richard has a rep as a p*ssy magnet and has always been knee deep in it.
        Not very damn man in LA is gay despite what you hear.

        • Oh so getting p*ssy means you don’t have sex with men? I don’t know where he is from and could care less I get that vibe from him – you could be wrong in this case get it? It’s an OPINION!

  11. Did you donate to the Fatherless America documentary that never happened. He spent all yall money on his white girlfriend who left when the money was gone. LMAO

  12. The seperation in that picture between Tina and her new husband tells an interesting story.A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

    • C’mon BA. They are 60 and 70 years old. It would be gross if they were hanging all over each other.
      They look age appropriate.

      • What is so gross about 60 something year olds looking like they are into each other? You can show love, closeness and affection for a person without being all up on a person.

        My parents have been married 45 years and together 48. After all that time together and years of bullshit they still look more in love than the two newlyweds who were on that boat. And I’m referring to their real wedding photo, not the one posted above.

        • Cheese I agree with your basic premise. I just meant that I wouldn’t expect an older couple to look as “drunk in love”(haha) as a pair in their 20s.

          • Oh yeah you’re right about that. I’m grossed out seeing anyone act out in that way. IMO People who do that over the top stuff aren’t really in love.

  13. Sex is Marriage according to the bible not some stupid printed document that one has to purchase.Ceremonies are written nowhere in the bible neither are wedding dresses, honeymoons or throwing a dumb ass bouquet. Come Out Of Her My People.

    • So anyone having sex or random sex or with a comitted partner or not is marriage? Where dey do dat at ?

      • Maybe the middle east…betcha those arab boys be marrying goats and the occasional sheep.

  14. Really a super yacht with top to bottom windows on tiers? A yacht has kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc., this “yacht” would make an interesting voyage for those passing by. This is a sightseeing boat used for events, booze cruises, whale watching and other rented occasions. Sensationalism once again with the Knowles clan …….

  15. She should at least refer him to her plastic surgeon. What’s the point of going under the knife at 70 to look like a 40 year old white woman..then rock with a man that probably still uses a jerry curl kit to get waves in his hair, and the bottom half of his face got more wrinkles than a raisin. You would think she’d be with the Tyson Bedford types.

      • Smh..You’re so starved for attention., I’m sorry your lady ain’t giving you enuf of that at home but don’t take it out on me.

  16. That photo up top isn’t from the wedding. I saw a wedding shot on TMZ and Tina looked very soft and pretty in her off white dress. Bey looked good too I have to say.

    • I hope she recovers & It’s weird how Solange and her best friend /business partner that was stabbed looks just like her as if they are sisters.Google some images and see if you see the similarities.

  17. Richard does need to kill that jheri curl.

    hes letting his soul glow right now.

    I pray no dl gay ass rapper bring back jheri curls please bring back another 80’s trend bring back leg warmers, bring back POLKA DOTS ANYTHING EXCEPT THE JHERI CURL.


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