Hard Times? K. Michelle Sharing Apartment With Lesbian Lover!

K Michelle Moves In

HSK Exclusive – K. Michelle is currently sharing an apartment in Los Angeles, with her creative director Kendrell Browder.

An insider is saying K. Michelle has fallen to hard times, but the I Don’t Like Me lyricist is still planning to open a hookah lounge in Atlanta, with her other lover Mandy Williams.

Dig the drop:

“K. Michelle was in North Carolina last night with August Alsina. She looked like Donkey from the movie Shrek.

K. Michelle spent all her money on plastic surgery. She lost her home and she’s now living with a roommate.”


      • I don’t care if it is a lie it was a rhetorical question fool and had nothing to do wit the article really.

        She is always in the mix but you never hear to much about her son, says a lot about her as a parent though.

        So POOF!

      • I kind of figured some family member was raising him cuz lord knows she’s doesn’t seem to have time to…..

      • I see the filthy minded bumbitch is STILL chirping. How is life on front street???

        • Cuz I know damn well you ant talking to the kid, no ma’am not me. You can kiss the BLACKEST part of my Enga!

          • BE I don’t think that was directed at you. Why would anyone say that to you of all people? It makes no sense.
            But then again, there are a few people here who seem a sandwich short of a picnic.

  1. K.Michelle is confused…she claims she wants a man bur yet shw swims quite often in di lady pond #hhhmmm

  2. Her son lives in Memphis with her parents who raise him because she’s so busy chasing behind men she doesn’t have time. Her music is barley selling but she gets by on the “R&B isn’t a big seller right now” line. Google her album sales not 1 gold album out of the 2 she’s released. She’s toxic and falls out with everyone she encounters trust and believe there’s way more tea to be spilled and in due time it will be. This Chick doesn’t he love her son she flew him to her home with her sister than left and went on a trip with her ex bobby maze. She’s the same chick who’s hairstylist dated August Alsina yet she tried her best to f*ck him. The same chick who brags she’s a better artist than Keyshia,Monica once called Mary J a crackhead but will post these women on her instagram and says she loves them. This chick is really crazy and very dangerous and will lie in new york minute! It’s sad how she has people thinking she’s a victim. If only the world knew the REAL KMichelle! But in due time…

    • spill it @CallMeDolla. i hate this smelly ho because she stays talking abotu people behind their back and grind in their faces. she’s a super jealous-hearted tackhead trick who hates to see other good singers who have been in the game wayyyy longer than her do better than her. tell the tea, huney. or email somebody and let them release the real tea on this filthy crotch ass trick.

  3. And shes opening the hookah lounge with Sabrina Peterson formerly owner of the glamar in Atlanta who she’s also talked about like a dog but is now
    Doing business with! Smdh! I could write a book on that dirty ass bitch! Trust it’s a MUST READ!

      • @no K Michelle we know its you! Trolling this blog because they posted a story about you. Lol

        • *heehee* @ShutUp. ok now!! of course it’s her ugly ass. she has nothing else to do but troll random blogs because she aint in the studio making those sad ass songs about her overcoming getting her ass beat any more. no one’s checking for this trash and she knows it.

  4. this ignorant funky-p*ssy smelling dike is tarnishing her own damn brand because why? she keeps up more sh*t than she does touring to sell them lame-ass albums. and u gotta be one messy-ass, ultra-shit-starting ass evil-minded ho to start sh*t with a legend, damn-good R&B singer like Monica. Monica doesnt bother a soul..in fact, you never ever hear about Monica in the news or on these dman blogs being involved in he say, she say sh*t like this ugly-ass messy trick. i swear her and that trashy tramp reality chic NeNe Leakes need to become lesbian lovers because they’re one in the same and in the same boat of shit-starting irrelevant whores that has nothing.

    • chile it’s because Monica got the extravagant life that this confused-in-the-head gold digger wishes she had. a cutiepie, fine ass NBA player (Shannon Brown) for a husband who has money, and Monica’s singer career alone is one of tremendous prosperity and of relevance after being in the game over 20 years of her life. Monica has it going on, in a nutshell, and this sad life ass heffa’s ship is sinking slowly but surely, and the only thing that will be remembered by her is that she keeps up sh*t and is jealous of others because she’s doing bad and is broke.

      • Every since she was 14 years old. Love Monica. But K had the nerve to pick on that girl who was pet sitting her dog while she was tour. Called that girl Tracy that’s her name for using her credit card. Hell, she hasn’t paid the girl, I thought it was only right to use it to get some stuff. Now I know K is a Delta Sigma Theta or DST, why she couldn’t call her sorors to help her out? Man let me go back to eating my lime sherbet and my Lay’s plain potato chips.

          • LOL Dubbatee hey, I call it as I see it. Going back to eating my snacks, but its soon good tho! LOL!

    • and Gregg can be both of their pimps bc he’s already pimpin out that horse in their marriage..LOL

      • wow never thought about Gregg being the one pimping NeNe out lol.I always thought Gregg was her luggage man always pulling her luggage to the airport.You may be right he maybe sending all over the place to make that money while he sits back with his feet up chillin.

      • tehheehee @Balou. ur right. because his geriatric ass aint capable of doing nothing else in life but sit back and collect her paychecks…well Bravo’s paychecks that they issue to her and she subsequently hands over to him.

  5. Christa can you please stop hacking my game????
    You know,and I know ,the game you are in. I know this coming from you.

  6. Chile Yall have no idea! And just because memphitz lost that case doesnt mean she didnt lie on that man! He got too emotional and f*cked his self up but she is a known liar and whore! Her p*ssy smells like shit! Barney built ass bïtch! She talks about lil kim face but contemplated getting a nose job. This bitch is very insecure

    • I see the whole fake ass muppet crew is online posting negative unsubstantiated bs instead of retracting those statement about K. Michelle. The lie detector test determined THAT was a lie… so pick up your face and get over it.

      • The lie detector test determined her p*ssy do stink like fish.Damn near broke the machine .

        • Must have had your face all in it in order to make that determination.. other than that… it’s all hearsay… unlike that case and that judge and that ruling.. ALL FACTS!!! Now go and shake someone else’s table trick.

          • @Anonymous. JR Smith confirmed that already that her snatch smells like the bottom of a damn sewer & her that fat she had transferred from her gut to that smelly ass stanks in addition…which is why he could no longer date her smelly weave wearing ass. u must be one of this dike’s THOTs eh? u shoooo is offended…clearly.

  7. I heard August Alsina plays in the boys pond so I’m sure he is not interested in k-Thotell


    • Whatcha smoking family? Mama said send her some. Wait a minute, she can’t have none. She going to have surgery.

    • don’t forget monica was the only person around when her boyfriend committed suicide dudes mom don’t believe he took his own life.

      weird was right before c murder went to prison he was at the dudes funeral and supported monica.

  9. that pic was her message to tamar Braxton.

    man those 2 need to seriously hook up we know k wanna eat tamar’s ass up badly.

    yeah k michelle wanna eat piggy’s ass and phukk her with a strap on.

    • Do you ever comment about anything else except errrbody wants to f*ck ,suck ,dick ,ass ,eat ,etc? You get too excited just explaining it .Bring some knowledge bro.

  10. Butt injections are just another way to look like your wearing a diaper either later or earlier than you need to. All injections last six months which eventually wears out skins elasticity. I feel for numb lips and numb butts.

  11. Her crazy broke ass better head back to Atlanta and get back on LHHA. Music, please?! That CD hadn’t even gone LINT.

  12. I hope thts not the same “dolla” from twitter/ig tht supported K an was on the show saying arian sounded like a wounded cat.. Kmsl

  13. Brandi said Whitney handed her a note just before she died. Brandi said she would never tell and take it to her grave. I want to know what was in the note.

    • Thank you crazy chris these people are annoying as hell, wtf do you think was on the damn note? probably just telling her to have ray go get her some more dope

      • yeah so she can go in the bathtub and pretend shes the little mermaid.

        yes indeed its better down where its wetter under the sea.

        wonder was she talking to Sebastian the crab before she drowned.

  14. I personally think K.Mitchelle is foul-mouth bitch
    but I do enjoy Her music from time to time

    all She sings about is f*cking men for checks
    Her target audience are cater to hoodrats and baby mama’s.

    sooner or later She will turn Her back on the Black community like most other black artist do.

    maybe in future She will do pop music or country
    heck, She has already got country song on Her album.

  15. speaking of notes according to George Clinton in his autobiography sly stone used to send him notes when it was time to cop drugs.

    George said him, sly and david ruffin used to all go out and buy crack together and even start credit with drug dealers.

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