Nanny Demands Tamar & Vince Pay Up!

Tamar Vince Nanny Lawsuit

Seems like Tamar and Vince just got checked for not paying up! It could be a situation that will cost the couple about $161,000! That’s would be the amount being sought by the pair’s former nanny.

Here’s what’s out there:

“While Tamar went on tour to promote her’ Love and War’ album, they refused to pay her [the nanny] on the books … refused to give her a contract and ultimately refused to pay her at all after hiring her to care for baby Logan.”


  1. Who in their right mind would work all those hours & not ask for his/her paycheck.

    I guess everyone will be asking for cash up front before they tender any services for V&T.

    I still find it hard to believe that they are having financial issues

    • Muppet Baby and The Overweight TeleTubby better pay that lady! All it takes one phone and CFS will be there quick fast and in a hurry!

      • Dead @ muppet and te letubby. Lets hope the baby dont wind up lookin like outta Adventuretime. Rotflmbao

        • LMMFAO… mentionig the baby not looking Like a out of adventure time, I thought about something and almost choked on my sip of Remy Martin….lol. I can se it now.

          They will be in the delivery room, and as soon as the child is born,
          the doctor yells, What in the f*ck is this!! Then tamar and Vince ask, is it a boy or a girl? Then the doctor says, neither one, it’s the world first Muppettubby….lol

        • 9:25, Cheese, and Dog, have watch The Muppets and they that Muppet with the duck mouth lips and wear its hair braided back with those beads on the ends? The one in the rock band? Y’all know she looks like that. LOL!

          • OMG She does look like her, lmao!
            DA you and I around the same age so you know I remember homegirl from the Muppet Show. Tamar can only dream of having a career as successful as Janice from the Muppets.

            • The Muppet name is Janice. She plays lead guitar on Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhiem. Yes my birthday is this month will be 39.

            • Oh that’s right you are a Taurus baby. My sister is one too, you guys are stubborn as hell. I’ll be 40 in July and I’m looking forward to it because my 30’s sucked.

          • DR1, I’m giving your ass in school suspension for a week for that shit. Man I looked that damned thing up and I can’t breathe right now. Boy if that ain’t the spitting image of her….wooooohhh. And I’m half crazy or my sense of humor is way out in space because no matter how funny that shit looks it only gets funnier when I read the words “lead guitar” on you post. Thanks DR1, I have been medicated well today….LMMFAO

            • But on the real that video is nuts, is it just me or is the lead singer supposed to be George Clinton and the other guitar player supposed to Bootsy Collins? That’s one funky band….lol

            • @Cheese, Lmao I am a true stubborn Taurean! Eddie, He does look does look like him, lmao! Dog, they say everybody got a twin, right? Well Tamar and Janice are now officially twins! Lmao!

    • Someone who is being lead along by social superiority might work that many hours without any pay. Also, there isn’t that much money in the world #they broke.

  2. I hope they pay they’re makeup artists as well. This is very low of both of them to treat people like that. One thing is for sure I’ve never heard anything like this about Toni Braxton. Tamar your a disgrace to your family.

  3. What are these people do with their money…and who the hell works for anyone to the point they owe you that rediculuos amount of money.

    • She probably was an illegal who was afraid to speak up anyway. But you are right who works for all that time and doesn’t get paid! She better learn how to make some money off of Ebay. Click my link!

      • Exactly! She’s probably illegal or damn close to it. I think the rate of pay is outrageous as well. That nanny probably doesn’t have a college degree and they give her that much money per hour???? Sounds like Tamar never intended on paying up. The average nanny here in expensive ass NYC doesn’t even get paid that much.

  4. The nerve of some people. Tamar and her husband expect someone to watch their child day in and day out and dont feel like paying. They must think the nanny is that childs grandma or something.

  5. Tamar is on the talk show The Real and she did the Love and War tour. Lets not forget the reality show the Braxtons, abd Tamar and Vince so how could they be broke. Vince manages Lady Gaga, Mindless Behavior.

    • They have money, Tamar is just really cheap. She talks about it on the talk show all the time like its really cute or something. If this is true, its an utter disgrace because I’m sure she is single handedly sporting Korea with ask the weave hair she consumes, yet she won’t pay the poor woman who takes care of her and the mouth-breather’s child. I hope that Nanny beats the brakes off of her in court. And if not ,she should write a tell all about their scammarriage… Cuz you know that shit is fake like a three dollar bill.

      • ROTFL@Mouth breather…You made me choke on my damn ice cream.

        I don’t know much about Tamar other than what I saw on the first season of the Braxtons but it looked to me like she and her husband were big spenders. Flying on private jets, buying mansions and what not. Of course that could’ve been all for tv. Does Vince really like women?

      • First DR1 and now you, hall are too damn much today…..lmmfao!!!. “scammarriage” = classic.

  6. Looks like they took a page from Baby at Cash Money Records where he doesn’t pay anybody and gets slapped with a lawsuit.

  7. There is no excuse not to pay the nanny or the maid especially when those two workers have access to all their employers dirt. Vince better pay that woman soon.

  8. I’m in serious need of prayers, my health is failing, my husband had a massive heart attack and his father is dying of cancer. Thanking you in advance

    • My prayers are sent for you and yours. Stay strong, stay positive, your blessings and healing are already in motion and on their way.

    • my heart goes out to you and your family. I may be bitter from the fact that I have horrible health problems Gofundme for $800 car and have seen people donate money for worthless causes. I hope everything goes well for you and your family because it is extremely hard out here. and hopefully you don’t find out as I have that many people just don’t care.

    • I’m so sorry to read your news and I feel your pain. I’m sending positive thoughts out to you and your family.

    • WOW prayers surrounding you and your loved ones. Pray for all to have improved health.

    • ((((Sending prayers and healing to you and yours IJMC))))

      God Bless and Keep You!

    • You and your family are in my prayers and may God keep, sustain and heal you and yours. God Bless you.

  9. Prayers for everyone on here because it all begins with our health.God is the healer,doctor and the answer.

  10. these broke ass, con-artist ass bastards. pay up clownish-looking ho, u and that huge building u call a husband. smdh. damn shame always trying to get over on people in life. damn scammers.

  11. How much you wanna bet that nanny ain’t black and will end up getting that money from that fake-trans and her down low husband?

  12. Only time will tell if this is False Allegations being made by the Nanny. But Tamar and Vince have had so many Blessing Rain down on them this past few years, it would be a shame if this story is true and very ungrateful. Hopefully it’s not.

  13. oh yes love and war.

    a homage to Aphrodite and ares love how these celebs alwayus have to use pagan god references in their songs and albums.

    wonder will her and k michelle finally get to suck each others clits like they wanna do anyway.

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