‘Music Pastor’ Kevin Terry Busted W/ A Dizz-Na-EE In His Mizz-Outh!!!

Pastor Terry Busted in Gay Sex Session

“The backlash has already begun … He allegedly has shows canceling his set, including Kevin Lemons.”

Kevin Terry is known as the lead gospel singer of ‘The Predestined’ — but since his ex-boo dropped a 47-second DL bromance bomb of dude bobbing for something other than apples — the ‘Music Pastor’ might wanna consider renaming his group ‘Kevin Terry and The Presidential’. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Lil’ Moe.

Lil Moe Pastor Terry Exposed

Here’s what GossipWeLove.com reports:

“What is this, coming out year for celebrities?

Anyhow, we just received an email containing the sex tape of popular GOSPEL artist Kevin Terry of “Kevin Terry and the Predestined” butt-naked with another man.

In the video –allegedly leaked by Terry’s ex-lover — the singer is giving his once boyfriend oral pleasures.”


Here’s what Kevin Terry previously told the press about his music:

“This album will help people see that in God they can be transformed by the renewing of their minds. Listeners will realize the power they posses to shatter the strongholds of the enemy. Households, neighborhoods, and cities will be radically changed forever.”

Pastor Kevin Terry Gay Sex Tape Leak


  1. For what? Being a dick sucking Christian? Sorry, and folks seriously have to wonder why I don’t f*ck with the church, you get shit like this. Noooooo thank you, keep your oppression to yourself!

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