Tina Knowles Bags An Ex-Gordy, Rolls Out w/ Richard Lawson OTRC!

Tina Knowles & Richard Lawson

“She got rid of one coke-head to get with a man who’s got a history of Hollywood coke binges.”

HSK Exclusive – Move over Mathew … Berry Gordy’s ex-nephew-in-law is serving up Tina Knowles with some Berry ‘Sexual Healing.’ Know why? Because sources say ya can’t take the playa out of Richard ‘Rickey Lee’ Lawson.

“He always attaches himself to families with money.”

Back in 1978, Richard Lawson married Berry Gordy’s niece, Denise Gordy. The couple’s marriage lasted about a decade, ending in divorce in 1989. During the first year of their marriage, they became parents to a daughter. So if Tina and Richard’s make it to the chapel, that would make 34-year-old Bianca Lawson Bey’s step-sister in “dysfunctional families.”

Gordy & Knowles Families Unite

Here’s the drop:

“Poor Tina, she got rid of one coke-head to get with a man who’s got a history of Hollywood coke binges … Ask Smokey Robinson! That was back in the day though. I guess some people can change. I hope he has, for her sake.”

Tina Knowles New Boo Richard Lawson

This news rolls in just days after 59-year-old Tina and 65-year-old Rick showed up on the red carpet of NYC’s annual Angel Ball — at Cipriani Wall Street — Tuesday night.

During the event, was Usher prepared to squander $80K on a picture being actioned for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation? Of course! Just ask Lorraine Schwartz.


  1. You mean as oppose to the rest of us and everyone else who hates money, they just love living hand to mouth, Really? Please I’m sure none of you on here strive to be poorer. That is so lame. No one here isn’t living the hopes of being richer than they started out.

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