Kim Kardashian Using Beyonce’s Name For Publicity?


You won’t believe the fake story Kim Kardashian publicist released to the press!

Kim Kardashian is claiming that Beyonce is trying to be her friend and the former porn star rejected the pop star’s offer.

Here’s the fabricated story Kim Kardashian’s publicist told the press:

“As far as Kim is concerned, the damage is done. She thinks Bey only wants to be friends because she wants something from her now.


Kanye wants things to be better and is trying to get Kim to soften. Kanye spoke to Jay privately and told him the approach may have to be public in some way. That’s the way Kim is and not coming to the wedding was a huge snub.

Kim is ignoring her calls so far. Bey’s going to have to eat some serious humble pie to make up for all the public snubs she made over the years and for missing her wedding. She’s certainly not going to forgive her just because Kim’s a bit more famous now and Beyonce’s popularity has taken a hit.”




  2. looks like Bey is sneering at Kim Hoetrashian in that photo like she’s telling her “stay away from me, bitch!”


  3. Oh please. You need more people Kum. Hopefully Beyonce will never have time for her and why would she want to be part of her ‘Aunt Jemmima’ crew anyway? That whole family is rotten the core.

    • Truth Scorpiess. The entire family is garbage. Kim has been looking for recognition from Bey since her and Kanye went public with their relationship; didn’t work. She had a baby hopeing that Bey would be in the delivery room, didn’t happen; then she had that over the top Palace of Versalies(???) wedding thinking she was hiphop royalty. And now she’s sour that Bey wont acknowledge her. I’m by far no Beyonce fan but at least be has some common sense when it come to the subject of Kim. Like the fashion world was to accept her because she wad on the cover of vouge magazine. Kim needs to get over herself

      • I agree. I think that she would make a beeline for Jay Z in a hot minute behind Bey’s back too – if given half a chance. But then again, she would probably do it in front of Bey’s face as the Kardashians seem to be able to get away with stealing black men from black women – and getting a round of applause from black women for their efforts.

        • I wouldn’t even go as far as saying they are stealing black men. Let’s keep it real, majority if the negroes they fool around with are corny heathens. If it wasn’t for their money n status nobody at all wouldn’t be checking for any of them. These men tend to be the weakest link of brothas who are always looking for affirmations to be that somebody. An average Negri with some sense probably would smash, get what they can get and hurry to move on but not stay stuck in the foolery.

        • Oh please. Tina Knowles never has and never will pimp out her daughters. There’s no comparison between her and Kris. NONE. Do your research before you make reckless comparisons like this. Smh…

          • Same thing I thought. Maybe Matty but not Tina. Tina’s daughter is cleat the bigger star but we don’t see her constantly in the mix like Kris. I don’t know the Knowles personally but I truly believe Tina loves her daughters dearly and would never have intentionally put them in harms way.

            • Mathew didn’t get the girls to stardom all on his own. Tina was right there smack dab in the middle. And was at B’s side so much until people start saying Tina wouldn’t have a life if it wasn’t for B. It is just up until recently that Tina hasn’t been constantly up B’s ass. And even then when certain pics are shown that makes you think the Carters are traveling without her, a pic will surface showing she was there all the while.

  4. Kim is desperate and Bey is not checking for her, she better hope folks continue to watch that awful show and Kayne still want to be with her until he find his real boy toy

  5. They are both looking old. Look at their chin area. They look old! But Kim is thirsty. She is famous for what?!!!! Men can always seem to make it right. Women will take anger to their graves!

  6. 2 stories from this slut bucket family on the same day. 2 stories from this slut bucket family on the daily news website! My goodness. What is going on here? Why are we being inundated with so much of these people? Its tiresome. Are these people the court jesters and the world is laughing at them?

  7. The bruk down K-Herd PR Machine are trying to re-write history… Lol!

    According to a source, “Jay doesn’t mind Kanye, but Kim is a big knock on his reputation. She doesn’t exactly have street cred… At least Jay and Kanye make music, Kim doesn’t really do anything. She’s got no real talent and if there’s one thing Jay respects it’s an independent, successful, talented woman. That’s why he’s with Beyonce.”

    Beyonce.. 17 Grammy’s
    Jay-Z…..19 Grammy’s
    Kanye…. 21 Grammy’s
    Kim…… Sex Tape.

  8. Beyonce isnt super attractive but Kim looks weird short and dumpy next to her. Noticed KK looks like that unless she is pictured next to her sisters or odd looking women like Lala, magazine covers and IG. guess thats why so many chicks post selfies

    • @ non importante,

      I think Beyonce is gorgeous. She could be so much more if her glam squad was on point. Also her natural face is ambiguous. Her face can assume so many looks, and when properly made up you have to do a double take to make sure it’s her.
      But her less- than-satisfactory, incompetent, lack luster glam squad always have looking like a tired bleach blonde, with a spartan, yes, even austere make up job.

      Beyonce like a Tamar Braxton need Derek Rutledge in their life, and one of those not quite over the top Atlanta hairstylists.

      • She reminds me of yellow monkey for some reason and she has that touch of Downs Syndrome look about the eyes similiar Jennifer Lopez, to me isn’t that attractive as well. She looks good with make up, tight clothing and extensions but in just jeans, tshirt and a ponytail resembles many other females. Monkey’s are adorable to me, had one when I was younger.

  9. Kim is so desperate to be Beyonce friend but I’m glad Beyonce aint bowing down to her. Kim knows that she needs the approval because thats the only way she can stay relevant. Beyonce keep ignoring that bitch until she is no more!

    • If this is true, I would advise Kim to get out of Beyonce’s mix, and get her life.
      She needs to quit thinking she is more than what she really is, and afterwards go pursue a cover girl gig. Kim is pretty in the extreme and I am sure she could make 2-3 dollars doing it.

      Long story short;
      Get your life Kim and stay in your lane.

  10. It goes to show you everyone in Kim’s camp including Kim are evil and hateful individuals. The ratings for their show is low and the gig is up. Hopefully they will go away but I think it might take death. Anybody say sacrifice. Look at big mouth Joan Rivers. She was silenced for a reason.

  11. Does Bey even have friends?
    Does Kim?

    I don’t think either girl has any friends so they should be thankful to have each other.

    Ones a public ho. Ones a private ho. Can’t we all just get along?

    • Exactly!!!! People praise Beyonce as if she’s a saint but want to down Kim for what they think she has down. My question to womenis how many relationships have you been in? So are you a whore because you’ve been with more than three men? Beyonce isn’t an angel and neither is Kim. They both seem to be unhappy and they need eachother

      • Spot on. Everyone fools themselves into thinking the Carters are so much better than the Wests. The only difference between both of them is talent. Bey can at least sing and Kim makes mildly entertaining porno’s.

  12. This is a KRIS JENNER story…
    Kim has dissed her
    Dissed her child
    Spoken sideways about her…everything she can

    Beyonce will give her the time of day.

    Why would Queen B, start trying to be friends with her? LOL..
    kim better call Paris Hilton

  13. Well, Kris Jenner was @ Tina’s birthday party. All the K are trash and you are who your friends are, in some way…….that’s the friendship.

    • Are there pictures of Kris at Tina’s bday party? I thought that those were rumors that Kris started and Tina couldn’t stand Kris.

      • Oh go online and there are pics of Kris @ Tina’s party.
        New pics of them posing at the Angel Ball – read TMZ and Daily Mail – 2 old ladies with new faces. Pathetic – Tina is as bad as Kris, just more discreet.

  14. what load of bull kim you wish you was her friend but beyonce can’t stand you friend nor you


  16. Kim is a classical example of a hating ass white bitch, she hates black women but quick to lie her run down air mileage crusty, gangreen self to a black man. She can’t accept the fact that Beyonce wants nothing to do with her so she’ll use any fake story to stay relevant, she should accept that her shine is finally over. Please take your whole herd of cows with you to sick of seeing this pissed on bitch on every single news site I go on.

      • It’s the Jamaican in me lol. I despise this women I know Bey is no angel and we all know that Beydunce and Cray Z love doing some demonic shit, but aint nobody as nasty as this crusty ass cave bitch. I don’t understand why Black Men would want that she’s a walking, talking, pooping, pissing STD LOL. You see sistas I see these type of white sluts in Europe all the time with their black man thinking they’re on their game. As my auntie says “OH FUCKING PLEASE BITCH” LOL.

    • Exactly!!! Shes been obsessed with beyonce for years because that’s the only sista in Hollywood she can’t trump over. She actually jealous of her career and everything Bey has. Bet is not perfect nor isn’t an angel but her success cannot be denied nor fcked with right now. She gave Kim the dust awhile back ago.

    • Caucasian women have nothing to lose… The Lightest Shade! They’ve made it crystal clear to all parties, Whiteness is just a hypothetical dogma for old white guys. As i tell my homeboys, they will get offended by any of us that say out loud how we truly feel about them…They’re Greatest Fear! Another race of men reject them, it’s whatever. We do it, The Sky Is Falling! Their man is pale, we’re colored… The Cornerstone! Them changing course, not likely. To understand the other side, step in their shoes? B, would you want some hairy, pale-skinned man on top of you every night? As a black male, i get why they behave as they do. We have to be okay being The Man. Sistas are not the only women on this planet, but, all of them come from your loins. No need to hate them, just gotta love you more… That’s All! Black is Beautiful…Yes It Is! Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are of the same mind… Wanna Be Like You. Don’t matter if they admit the truth, actions say it all!!!

  17. I don’t really care if they somewhat friends fake friends about to be friends that sh@t just don’t matter to me. However Bey looks high as hell in that pic.

  18. FUCK THAT PLASTIC HOE AND THE CHI TOWN QUEEN SHE KICKS IT WITH! Bitch can kicks rocks with her stale pr! I’m not a Bey stan but she can never get the crown cause her only talent is being a whore and manipulating the minds of coons and mammies!

    • Exactly! And then when you call out this dutty sour p*ssy bitch you have these f*cking coons telling you you’re jealous. Oh HELLLLLLLLL no I aint jealous of that white women can’t do shit, they barely wash their dirty drawers much less and do not get me started how some of them will roll up out of their bed face not washed, teeth not brushed but hair looking good. LOLOLOL.

  19. Kim is on the payroll of MTO, she has to earn her space on the blog. Otherwise, her internet hits will fall off. So, Kris has to manufacture fake stories to keep it moving right along…Pie In The Sky!

    • Yes Ty. Like Pimp mom Kris keeps putting out stories of who Khloe’s dad is. I mean come on when was it ever a good thing to know that you was and still is a hoe and not to know who your child father is. White women back in the day would give their child away in secret or be fully ashamed to even admitt that they didn’t know who their baby belonged to now you have the old worn out thot with the same story different man claiming to be Khloes dad every week. Who gives a ish Kris Jenner. I’m sure the men in Cali aren’t surprise by you antics

  20. White chicks kill me with the, I’m just trying to make friends bull crap antics. First off, nobody makes friends with someone in one meeting unless there’s instant chemistry. 2. Chemistry is not forced it’s spiritual. 3. No one likes desperation and force kindness (and white chicks are good for it. White chicks also judge based on appearance and popularity, if allot people like you they want to be a friend cause they’ll seem cool for knowing you, that alone is a turn offto me, that’s why i don’t mess with most white chicks.

    • Yes this white chick on my job grew up in a wealthy neighborhood and started dating this black guy. Black guy already had kids with this black chick, which the white chick broke up that relationship. The white chick was with the black guy for about 2yrs. She was always making it seem like her and the black guy had such a loving realtionship and all was perfect. She would always tell us (black chicks) on the job about her relationship like she won the lottery??, i guess to make us envious and jealous of her. About 6 months ago the black dude went off to jail and she was lieing to the black women saying he was off on a construction job in another state but telling the white chicks the truth that he was in jail. She was such a compulsive liar that you could never believe any of the ish she was saying. She hung aroung the black girls to seem to be down with it. I mean her mannerisms, talking, walking, and swore she new how it fwlt tobe a black woman. I use to cringe everytime i saw her because i knew the b.s. was about to fly.

      • I can’t stand when a white person who’s not from the hood try to act like it in mannerism. Can we say influenced by the swag?!! Our culture have really influenced Caucasian people in a serious way to the point they forget themselves and who they truly are from their real backgrounds. I love it though when white people that know who they really are put them on blast. Kendra Wilkerson name is not real it’s really Sarah, Sandy or some crap,a white chicks name, which allot of them change their name to stick out (in Hollywood)but African American people can’t do the same.

  21. “….the former porn star…”
    This is why I love you, Jacky.

  22. kim is prime example why i can’t stand white women when their date big lipped nicca these white trailer trashes act big headed
    and think their better than black women. they hate black women but than they wanna be like a black women is like make you f*cking mind up??

    either you like us or not! we do’t care stay in your lane white snow bunnies

    • Oh that’s exactly what Kim bruk down injected gangreen animal thinks she is “better then us” with her silicone poisoned lips, her nasty ass rat shit extensions and her god forsaken chopped up butchered body. I can’t stand white girls like her who think because a brother elevates them they feel they are better then us, oh frigging please. White women have been known not to cook, clean their houses, and not shower themselves. Shit in the UK their kids come to school in smelly clothes with breakfast around their nasty faces.

      • @Empress T aka Baby T

        very true i’m from England myself, and white women looks nasty the fats ones are bad as well

        their children smell they do’t wash their hands when their eating

  23. If that is truly the case I think Imma ship a few seats to Kim so she can sat (not sit) down somewhere.
    When all has been said and done, Beyonce put in the work. She earned her spot by always working hard, and giving it her all. Kim is famous for what?? Oh I know being pimped out by The Pimpstress Extrodinaire Pimp Momma Kris.
    Have a seat Kim, and have it really fast please. Stay in your lane, you know..the one marked ” WHORES”

    Attention attention, now hear this, now hear this…
    All prostitutes, whores, trollops, strumpets and harlots please stay in the specially marked lane on your left marked “Whores”

    This has been a public service announcement. You may now return to your regular HSK reading enjoyment.

  24. I like Kim and Kanye together. Sextape or no sex tape
    Kim adored Beyonce. You can see it in her eyes at the VMA’s and this is after she threw serious shade and didn’t attend her wedding. Beyonce wants to be friends now because Kim is happily married to a man who really loves her isn’t afraid to publicly show it and they have a beautiful child. Meanwhile Solange had to open up a can of whoop ass to get Jay to even respect his wife in public. Really? Jay treats his wife “like a high priced ho” *G-money voice* Kim and Kanye’s wedding was off the chain and that’s just from the snippets they showed on TV. BeynJay worried about a “brand”? What brand? GTFOH!!! Kim effortlessly has that game on lock; and hate if you want. She ain’t going nowhere anytime soon. She is an entrepenuer in her on right sex tape or not. Jay-Z was a drug dealer and that interview he did with Uncle Luke is a sex tape in itself of the most devious kind. I am happy for Kim and Ye. They don’t need those shallow Carters. Who are Bey’s friends? IJS… her dancers? MMWTBS! Look at who Kim’s friends are. From top designers of couture and jewelry to entertainers and probably a whole host of other successful people. Naw.. that was really nasty of Beyonce. And then had the nerve to post picks of her sitting by the pool in the Hampton’s on K&K’s wedding day. No.. Beyonce’s no friend. KimnYe are better off without them.

  25. Well, I won’t dismiss this entirely because the Carter’s are known as hustlers and users to get what it is that they want. They didn’t get where they are by being polite and honest. The industry is just one big hustle game, anyway.

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