Evan Ross To Sign Ashlee Simpson On As Beard-Bride?

Ashley Simpson is Evan Ross' Beard

Diana Ross’ 25-year-old son could be signing up as 2013’s latest Hollywood husband, complete with Beard-bride … and her five-year-old son! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Ashlee Simpson, who Evan Ross recently revealed “is perfect” for the role.

Evan spilled the beans on the red carpet of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” L.A. premiere. This, just three-months after Evan and Ashlee announced they’re ‘dating.’

Industry insiders now reveal Evan Ross has been the 29-year-old Simpson sister’s ‘gay BFF’ for sometime now.

“Evan and Ashlee have been friends for a really long time, probably 10 years.”

Here’s what Ross told omg! Insider:

“It’s amazing. I’m so in love and we’ve got amazing things going on. And we inspire each other. So it’s cool. She’s the one.”

Did Ashlee Simpson’s dad Joe come out as a gay man after 34-years of marriage to her mom? Of course.. Just ask Nick Lachey.

Evan Ross is Gay


  1. I read where from a Hollywood insider said its known that Evan Ross is Gay and Ashlee knows .Ashlee is in for the money and status she's a nobody she was Booed off stage and SNL.She's his Beard and she knows it.Evan is always coming out of a Gay Bars The WeHo, Roosevelt, Sayers Club, etc.

  2. There is known inside Hollywood to be married and have children but still Gay.Ashlee is Evan Beard.Charlie Sheen,John Travolta,Will Smith,Anthony Perkins was known for years and died of Aids etc.

  3. There's a petition to stop Ashlee from that horrible singing and acting. http://www.stopashlee.com I hope Evan doesn't make anymore songs of her that like teenie boppers mess. Ashlee can't be single for 2 seconds she was determine to married Vincent P. and she wanted kids by him.It didn't take her long to find another one.

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