ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott Succumbs to Cancer At 49 Years-Old

‘He leaves a void that can never be replaced’

Longtime ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott died Sunday morning after a prolonged struggle against cancer.

Scott became one of ESPN’s most recognized personalities during his 21 years at the sport’s network where he hosted SportsCenter and other shows. ESPN president John Skipper said Scott’s approach to hosting “changed everything” for the network and helped define its style.

“ESPN and everyone in the sports world have lost a true friend and a uniquely inspirational figure in Stuart Scott,” said ESPN president John Skipper in statement. “He leaves a void that can never be replaced.”

For the full story, read ESPN.


    • Those words are very very true. Anytime I hear or think ESPN, the only voices and faces that come to mind are Stuart Scott and Chris Berman. I know many others work there but those gentleman were MVPs of sports center. RIP Mr Scott, you will be missed by not just you family but the entire sports community.

  1. Wow I’m sorry to hear this i remember when he first came out with his illness R.I.P. you will always be remembered never forgotten blessings to the family.

  2. R.I.P. I am not, nor have I ever been a big sports admirer, but I have seen Mr. Stuart a few times on Sunday when I was flipping the channel on my flat screen tv. I think his speech was heart felt and real

  3. A very classy gentlemen. He will be very well missed. He put alot of people on especially connecting hip hop with sports. BOOYAH!

  4. I saw his ESPY acceptance speech , and I cried like a baby, vey touching. prayers go out to his loved ones

  5. God’s blessings & strength to Mr. Scott’s family/friends.

  6. Wow, R.I.P. I remember when Jamie Foxx roasted his azz during what should have been an Emmit Smith roast on The Shaq comedy special, but it became the Scott Stuart roast…funny isht…smdh

  7. RIP Scott Stuart you will greatly be missed. I know you are no longer in pain or suffering my brother.

  8. I was so sorry to hear about Stuart’s passing yesterday, he was the only anchor worth a damn on ESPN. Rich Eisen’s teary send off had me in tears yesterday.
    I wish his family and friends the best during this sad time.

  9. Classy, always real. CHANGED the GAME.
    There is only 1 Stuart Scott.
    Changed boring vanilla to a show people wanted to watch.
    Sports Center will never be the same!

  10. I was wondering where he went not that I have had cable in a while but I catch wat I can which is not much

  11. Stuart is yet another black man who MADE a change, white man be damned! The suits at ESPN did not like his use of colloquialisms and urban slang one bit when he was beginning on Sportscenter. But he refused to change, and the audience continued to grow. ESPN management came to realize that he was the best thing ever to happen to them, as he widened the audience to include several demographics which had previously evaded their grasp.
    ***the above is from a tribute given by Dan Patrick this morning on his own show.
    Stuart, I barely new you. The four of us took a trip to ATL when you were working at the local TV station in Orlando right before you caught your big break. I knew you were very special and destined for greatness. You achieved so very much in your career, and in your death you displaced such dignity and honor. RIP my old friend.

  12. I’m just glad HSK got around to acknowledging Stuart because I was up extremely early this morning & was pissed to see Kat Tricks or whatever the hell her name is as one of only 2 articles that had been uploaded at that time.

    ESPN took a hit on this one…
    Stuart is out of pain, discomfort & uncertainty now. His spirit can rest now without any interference.


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