Transexual Blogger B. Scott Confirms Authenticity of Ushers Peen Pics

B. Scott Knows Ushers Peen

HSK exclusively leaked photos from the Usher and Tameka sex tape… Even if almost every outlet that published them failed to credit us. Anyhow, former Jamie Foxx cohort turned blogger, B. Scott, is confirming the authenticity of those pics.

Here is what B. Scott said:

“In the leaked photos, Usher’s ding-ding looks super dark in the photos — but the tape was made way before the days of HD iPhone photography.”
“We can also confirm that Usher’s ding-ding is the exact same shade as the rest of his body.”

No details yet on how Mr. Scott knows!


  1. Them some nasty people who cares what usher’s dick look like, and so I guess he been tip’en with trans’s, nasty just nasty yuck

    • Yeah really, WHO GIVES A Damn? And at this point you have to nuts to expect anything different or to even be surprised by anything that comes out of the devil’s playground or shocked by the the immoral people that live and work in that playground known as Hollywierd. Always expect.

      • I’m gonna stop there. … I was about to get into an observation of mine……lol but I will chill.

        • Happy New Year Eddie! Please dish, you crack me up, know its something hilarious you want to say

          • How you sisters doing?!?! Happy new year to you all. I wish you all the peace and blessings not in just 2015 but from this moment and every successive moment forward. It’s been a minute, how you all doing, it must be time to have fun.

        • Hey sister what’s going on?? Something or somebody does not want us chopping it up. I just lost two messages in row. I think we need to talk.

  2. Tameka put the tape out, I bet you. She appears to be a very sneaky, conniving woman, who preyed on USHER for his fame and money and is very angry that USHER has moved on, I live in the “A” and it was reported in an Atlanta newspaper that USHER only associates with Tamika via email,when it concerns there children, that is saying a lot about how he feels about his ex-wife/mother of his children (Tameka)

    • That does say a lot. He either hates her or does not trust her or both. He probably suspects that she is unstable and a liar. I’m sure part of it is so that she can’t accuse him of anything like assault. I’m still trying to figure out how Usher got Custody of the kids, judges don’t normally do that, people like to say it’s because of the money. It. Could be, but I think it’s due more to the character of the woman than anything else.

      • I think the money may have something to do with it, especially since it was proven that the judge and Usher had previous contact, thete may in fact have been some bias. Plus Usher leads a double life, im sure it makes him naturally suspicious so he probably lawyered up and got her to sign most of the confidentiality agreements he needed….but I guess he dropped balls somewhere, lol, cuz im pretty sure Tameka the one who put the tape out.

        • Yeah I agree, its possible, that’s why I said “could be” I do understand that the possibility is there. But Tameka and a few others that have lost custody in the last 5 years, have not done much to help their cases. They have made it seem like the the right choice was made. I know it hurts for a mother to lose their children temporarily and emotions come into play and that normal but you have to try and make better decisions especially the ones that will be on public display.

  3. Everybody and their mamma’s have been on Usher’s dick is nothing new!!!

    when ushers was signed to Diddy, Diddy had sex parties
    Usher’s mother was too business shopping


    • Hey babe, I’m good. Living, laughing, loving life like I do.

      Why do I feel them bowls is not about food? lmaooo How about you sis? How are you doing so far in 2015?

      • Sis, there is nothing fake about me, you know this. I was also being accused of some funny isht, so I had to clear that up. Sometimes people try to make a person feel some type of way because of who they like or who they associate with. I’m me and I’ll associate with whomever I choose to and I choose to associate myself with you. What I tried to stop is people trying to make it “these people vs. these people” isht. #realtalk…and it wasn’t so much as me being impartial because you know how I feel about you sis, I’ve been very outspoken when it comes to people trying to shut you down…it was more about reaffirming that I am not about the dumb isht. We go on here to converse and have fun if we can…that’s all. People were trying to start wars and choose sides, and I don’t play that. Nobody puts me on a “side”. Can you dig it?

      • LMAO@414, yeah ma…I’m Latin, that’s me. Just born and raised in the South Bronx during the old school dayz, when people were still real. We’re ALWAYS gonna be okay 414, remember that.

  5. It looked like it belonged to crunchy black instead. Yuck to multicolored organs/bodies.

  6. I am and will always be here for Usher’s penis, no matter its size….joking, but I’m not 😉

  7. them atl gay niggas know what it look like huh damn shame we as women need to do better raise your sons to a certain standard and keep em around their real father so if he decide to act fruity his daddy right there beat the gay out his lil ass not literally but toughen these lil niggas up. boys don’t need to hang out so much they emotionally dependent on each other

  8. jamie foxx phukked b scotts trans ass.




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