Steve Harvey Is Smashing His Co Host Carla Ferrell

Steve Harvey Carla Ferrell Affair

HSK Exclusive – Allegedly, Steve Harvey is being extorted, blackmailed and threatened by his radio show program director/co host Carla Ferrell since 2008. Know why? Because Carla Ferrell has been threatening the Family Feud host that she’ll go public and reveal that they had an affair.

A source is saying Carla Ferrell has been insinuating to others that Harvey might be the father of her daughter Tosha. The source went on to say Carla Ferrell has been cheating on her retired police officer husband, Tosh Ferrell, with the Family Feud host Steve Harvey.

Here’s what’s reported:


FCC RADIO AIRWAYS – 01/06/10 – After she put her leg up on the table to show her boots for cameraman Leonard of the SHMS – NEW STAR PROJECT.”CARLA put her boots up on the table and she already got one baby”. CARLA FERRELL told STEVE HARVEY “YOU SHOULD KNOW DADDY!”

SHIRLEY STRAWBERRY told CARLA FERRELL “STEVE ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH BABIES!” This was after the song “If it isn’t love” by New Edition was played.”

The drop:

“Carla has a sex tape with her and Steve. Carla tthreatened Steve that she will release it for the whole world to see”

Is Tosha Steve Harvey's Daughter


  1. I told you guys a few articles back Steve Harvey is conniving, messy, greedy & not to be trusted.

    His comeuppance will be akin to that of
    Bill Cosby & that current wife of his will be the cause &/or contribute to his ultimate downfall & demise.

    • Hey @ Ms. Meg Says. What’s up the current wife? Why do u say that she will be Steve’s downfall? Thnx

    • Yes, please tell. I think you have some piping hot tea on why current wife will be Steve’s downfall.

      • From what has been posted on this site is because steve’s current wife has had ties with some big name drug dealers in memphis tennessee. They use to call her lady heroin.

    • Well Damn Ms. Reg! That means Steve was not only sleeping with his wife Marjorie, but Carla and Tisha Campbell- Martin too! All in that time frame! Wooooooo..truth is coming out today! LOL

    • Happy New Year to you all. Looks like ol steve harvey’s chickens are coming to roost eh.

    • Good morning ladies and Happy New Year! Y’all look at that lil girl head. Oh that’s A Harvey head all day long!

  2. I personally don’t want to see a sex tape of Steve Harvey.

    Wasn’t it reported on this site that Steve cheated on ex wife with current wife? PAYback is a b–ch.

  3. Tacky, tacky, tacky, tacky on both of you especially you Steve you one nasty ass low down DOG! And mam you are just as tacky because you I’m sure knew Steve low down fake hypocrite ol ass was married, well his wife should know now if it’s on this blog, and she should divorce his nasty ass, from my understanding this new wife was during his first marriage? I believe the first wife outed this situation, well new wife guess what, what he do wit you he’ll do to you, Steve your a nasty ass low down DOG you ain’t shit! Period! You been nasty as f*ck you ol ass senior citizen, as for the co host you my dear are a tacky ass trashy ass broad, you tacky classless, a harlot and you to will also be brought to the for front as a sleazy trick, I suppose the attorneys are on the job, if so good because it’s obvious Steve don’t need to be married, why even get married just stay single and do anything you want to, Steve you gutter, scum, shit,the lowest shit fly shit, a fake a phoney, an imposter, an imposteray, a fraud, and you been outed as such and shall be seen in that light.

    • Hey Deb…Now that’s an answer for a Strawberry Letter! What’s makes it so bad Carla got the nerve to be giving out advice right alone with Shirley on them letters. Lmao!

    • I’ve been saying this shit for years. Unfunny ass m f. Attempting to front on the up & coming comics, since he blew up. The m.f. forget the tight ass lee jeans, member only jackets & shit ( Comic View days) lying in a book, as if HE came up w/the concept of relationships. Bitch made, zero respect, sell out, chapped lipped m.f. THE END.

  4. Steve I been hearing you wasn’t shit but a slimy snake, and on some bullshit, lol man that bitch ugly, you was dig’en her? She don’t look better than the lady you lie’en to and married that bitch ugly LOL! If you gone cheat and get caught and prepare for a divorce you could’ve done it wit a bad bitch LOL! Dam Steve what ever happened to think like a man? You on some bullshit is what you on, tell’en these broads all that bullshit try’en ta brain wash these hoes LMAOOOOOOOO! the question is did yall fall for his bullshit? all of hollwired is nasty infested people period.

  5. harvey getting it in! lmao don’t this guy get it? wen you creeping always strap up. lol this what happens wen dudes get carried away. more p***y more problems. no lie

  6. What a mess but believable. Steve dint do his prior wife right and he screwed over countless people including my dude Bernie Mac. Bad karma is coming to those who sow bad seeds.

  7. when are people gonna take their marriage vows seriously?
    sex ain’t worth a damn. when your in a relationship your meant to have sex with your partner, not someone else

  8. Uh stupid, Medusa was a beautiful woman that curse men with her beauty. But turned ugly by a jealous female named Athena (or shall i say called ugly by a Matt

  9. Eeeewww he had sex with tisha Campbell that in itself is gross her body frame is all wrong lol like granny says cooch don’t have a face

    • lol, Do you remember in “My Wife and Kids”, Damon Wayans moms called her “squatty”?

      • Taino Boriqua Please forgive me for butting in, but I was just on the thread which caused so much drama and anguish this past weekend(Suge Knight.)
        Well someone pointed out, at the end of the thread and posted Monday, that all of SB/Brains posts had been deleted. But that’s not the story, guess who else had their posts deleted? “Glok9”! I can’t help but infer that SB, who openly admitted that he writes as many different characters, was Glok. The administrator of the site sees the ISP’s and knows who’s who. Why else would those two be the only deleted posters?
        I have read SB’s posts since I first found this site in 2012. He is a pain in the ass, but he’s very very smart and clever. It’s not a reach to think that he could create and embody a character as he did Glok. And he said that “some of my characters are well like by many of you all.”
        I wondered what brought SB back here after such an absence. I now believe that in a weird way he was feeling somehow guilty about all the bad feelings he caused over the whole Glok debacle. I think he decided to find a way to end that charade once and for all. And in a way he did.
        Oh well, of course I could be wrong about this, but can you think of any other reason why “Glok’s” posts were taken down? They never were before, no matter how much drama they caused.
        I know that you liked him, but if you were being played, isn’t it better to know and be done with it?

        • the recent glok9 def was sb… not sure if he is the original though… lots of changed and hijacked names over the holiday.

          • Hey thanks for the info! I guess we can’t be sure, but SB kinda let the cat outta the bag when he openly admitted that he has portrayed quite a few characters over the past year, even ones who “many folks enjoyed chatting with.”
            That was very close to an admission of his being Glok. And as I have said before, I now for a fact that whoever was Glok9 was also “Phillymofo” because I caught him last month responding in the voice of Glok9 but he had forgotten to switch his screen name ID.
            It doesn’t matter, but I can’t help but wonder which of the loony trolls were also SB.
            “anon and I don’t miss” would be my best guess.
            That person was extremely articulate, just like SB, and I could tell that whoever it really was, was really getting off on manipulating his own flame war.
            I hope he’s gone for good. smh

        • So are you saying that a person who SAYS he’s from Socal could not be another person who SAYS he’s from NYC?
          SB is just the sort of person who likes to operate the puppet strings and use people for his own amusement. If I didn’t hold Taino Boriqua in such high regard I would not have said anything. It burns my behind to see 2 kind people who I like getting played like that.
          I knew that the whole Glok persona was bs from about the second week he was posting. And he was reeling them in by playing to their kindness.
          But think what you like. And I’m sure TB will too. It doesn’t really matter in the big picture.

      • Please tell me you didn’t buy into that crap about “Tippietoes” and “choco the hippie?” That was all a creation of the troll master in an effort to divide and conquer.

  10. I meant called ugly by ugly burned looking niggas like Tommy. Oh did you catch the crispy show? Anyhoo,i would so love to agree with dude if he would’ve kept his to a minimum & not blame all African American women in this country now i got to date openly which i been doing, cause of niggas like him which is helping, black women getting the stepping to other men of cultures.

    To bad Mr.I hate black women don’t see (mentally) what he contributing to. All races of been wanting to breed with us.

  11. @cornbread yea tisha campbell frame real twist up id still hit tho. but cooch don’t have a face?. haha belive me I’ve seen some.. looking like elephant man wid melanin

  12. Chris Rock TOLD US
    “A man is as faithful as his options”
    If he’s got cash, he has plenty of options.

    His wife aint going NoWHERE…so go on and spill it.
    The kid dont look like steve. looks like. Usher!

    • @Traci404 :

      ‘Chris Rock TOLD US
      “A man is as faithful as his
      If he’s got cash, he has plenty
      of options’.

      I disagree! I find that, it is solely based on choice. The monetary factor or lack of it, plays no part.

  13. Supposition: why are these type of men so messy, country ass hypocrite giving relationship advice to women as a way to sanitize his messy dirtiness.

  14. Honest to Gawd, the very thought of a Steve Harvey sex tape is going to give me nightmares for a month.
    There are some people who you just don’t want to think about bumpin and grindin. He’s one of them.

  15. ya’ll ladies know you wanna see what steve big daddy Harvey been packing all these years.

    ya’ll know when he went shirtless ya’ll got wet in the paNTIES.


    steve’s sex tape m ight fulfill all you girls under 30 who has sugar daddy fantasies.

  16. steve cherating is nothing new.

    all I can say women should be careful when they marry a celebrity any celebrity can and will cheat.

    if chris rock’s ugly ass can phukk Madonna and get women to scrwew him anything is possible if you got fame.

    chris rock has fame and been around a long time.

    steve is a hippocritew he would be the last person I’d go to for relationship advice bet cha he tries to seduce all the women who come to him about their problems.

    and oprah approved his book yes he made it.

    if mother o approves your book and steve been more popular since game show host, radio show, comwedy, tv roles, and he hosts the bullchit celebration of gospel every year.

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