Kat Stacks Needs Monistat 7


HSK Exclusive – Kat Stacks roommate recently jumped on instagram to reveal the social media vixens yeast infected undergarments. Know why? Because Kat Stacks didn’t pay her share of rent money for the month of December.

kat-stacks-sister in law


  1. HSK is SERIOUSLY slacking on their pimpin for REAL now. This is an embarrassment to the Jacky Jasper we love.

    First off…THIS is NOT gossip. This is however, n@*%a mess & ghetto foolishness at best. And…isn’t this the same low budget wannabe industry trick that not all but quite a few rappers had sex with? When none of them would keep her around for more than a few days of sex she started airing their business so much to the point one guy had her assaulted while someone filmed it.

    Last I heard her name word was she had been deported. You mean to tell us she’s back?
    At any rate…who the hell cares?

    2 articles weeks late & THIS is what the HSK staff comes up with?…Huummmmmm

    In other REAL news: Stuart Scott of ESPN died almost 24 hrs ago & NOT one word was mentioned here.


      • Anonymous,

        I would think that this websites new years resolution would be to step their game back up and get some real exclusive tea like they used to for 2015.

    • And her phone number is on display….damn! Not cool at all.

    • You are absolutely right Ms.Reg, I still post here because of this site has some really good readers, with open minds and who post not only comments but share really good information that is priceless and that alone is invaluable and rare because most people are too selfish even give a damn much less info. I could make a list of the people that I’m talking about which is most but you all know who you are. And the trolls know who they are as well. You all are valuable too. Because we get to know what is in the minds of psychos, racists, idiots, self haters and mentally challenged. But the good people here deserve better. But come here for dialogue because the tea hear is like a coup if old school rappers, it’s iced T with ice cubes.

      • Very good comment Eddie. I especially liked the way in which you brought the trouble making trolls into the mix!
        There are literally DOZENS of gossip blogs with basically the same items posted everyday.
        What makes HSK what is is(now that Jacky no longer writes Uncle Toms Cabin and other editorial stuff)are the people who contribute. ALL of them.
        Yes, even the “special” ones. This site is one of the hidden gems of the www. It draws some of the most interesting people one could ever hope to encounter. The conversation can be informative, socially deep, racially conscious, and flat out Cuckoo for Coco Puffs. It’s all good.

      • Amen ELTHP! I have learned so much from the comments, even the special ones have me thinking.

      • @EdddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

        You called it like it truly is & you didn’t mince words either. Like clockwork one can virtually set their watch to “the very ones you spoke of stiring the pot of chaos.”

        I’m going to have some kosher wine with a little meat, cheese, gourmet rosemary crackers & sliced fuji apple, read you all’s super cool comments & go my happy butt to sleep. Today was a loooooong but blessed day!

        I love reading your comments…you have me on the floor dying of laughter half the time! 😉

    • I totally agree! Who or what is a Katt Stacks and what makes reading about her worthy? People may come for me but, I’m going to repeat the obvious, ever since Jacky (allegedly) went missing awhile ago and was supposedly in Mexico, this site has really changed with its content. I miss the old format. js

    • That’s why i LOVE LOVE LOVE you.his contribution to society is waaayyy more his notable than Kat’s..also, THIS news is so last week.lol.anyway…happy 2015 fellow Cali Gal. 😀

  2. This is disgusting.

    *****My condolences to Stuart Scott’s family. I read that he was genuinely a nice person who was dedicated to helping others***

    • The blog writer here just posted on that. They are doing a bit better with relevant, timely stories.

  3. interesting, she had a black roommate.
    a few months back it was reported she doesn’t like black people?, and she use’s the n word!!

  4. Im confused…does wash yo ass mean she was implying kat has a yeastie beastie or did she post dirty panty pics. Dag nasty either way. Yuckkkkkkk.

  5. Eeeeeewwwww…”squash, squash!!”…there’s no worse reputation for a woman to have.

  6. LOL @ the high falutin’ gossip mongers above complaining because the “tea” ain’t up to their standards? You dummies ain’t figured this one out yet? Okay…here’s a clue: These folks don’t give a flying f*ck if you like what they serving here or not. Because just like the ghetto rat who railing against old diseased assed Kat Rats, this site is making money off of ALL of us clicking on it. Speculation has long been that Jacky Jasper sold this site a minute ago. Someone comes on here stating he didn’t but who knows, right? And who even cares. I come here for the comments. There are some funny ass people who post here. So, don’t take this isht so seriously. Matter of fact, take it or leave it. Happy 2015 all.

  7. I agree that story is like messy project kid crap lol I watch cnn and I heard about Stuart Scott I liked him he will be missed I love his take on how u beat cancer

  8. Some of these ninjas need to grow up or blow up because it ain’t a good look to hoe up!

  9. This walking, squawking CDC Alert needs more than Monistat. The trash that gets put on a pedestal just for being light-skinned…

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