Amber Rose Making Her Rounds…

Amber Rose French Montana Fling

According to blogger, Honey German, Amber Rose and Frenchie Montana may or may not have knocked boots during the NYE celebrations in Vegas.

Here’s the drop:

“A source close to French’s camp reached out on January 1st to tell us that Amber allegedly quietly flew in (on French’s tab of course) to Las Vegas to ring in the New Year with the rapper and brought along her twerk partner and BFF Blac Chyna.

Later that night, French and Amber are said to have reportedly left their respective entourages behind and retracted to his hotel room. The two never came back out and his Coke Boys along with one annoyed Chyna were picked up in a chauffeured car sent by ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ star Mally Mall. The abandoned homies all hit up a strip club together while French and Amber never resurfaced for the remainder of the night from his hotel room.

The source also revealed that Amber and French have been discretly “hooking up” since this past November but are being extremely quiet about their special friendship since neither one is looking for a serious relationship with the other.”



  1. Amber’s a prostitute so french rented a whore for the new years, and wiz stupid ass had a baby wit that trash ass broad, a trick of all tricks is your babymama a well known industry whore, she was doen her job, what she’s best known for, what’s the problem? Long as he ain’t try’en ta wife the trash ass bitch what could it hurt?

    • Shit at least she doing it without all that ghetto nonsense like most tricks do.Hell she goes in, handle her business, and leaves quietly. Now that’s how you trick in the game.

      • That dont make it right. Its one thing to trick out of desperation cuz the electric turned off and baby needs food. This trollop has a baby with a millionaire, she could do better, she just dont want to. She is walkng talking proof that old saying is true: cant turn a ho into …..yeah, yall already know.

    • I hope she takes them all to the cleaners. Wiz o my gosh is stupid! Who wifes a known hoe? Some Black men love to get their wives off the pole or off the track.

  2. I don’t see the problem. This is what hoes do….which is whoring. People try to put her on a small pedestul like she’s a bit different but no d8fferent than the rest of the industry whores. I will say that she has definitely fallen off the ladder since her break up from Kanye. I hope she stacked up her coins because it’s about to be a wrap for her bald headed azz. Newer and fresher hoes are coming off the line everyday.

  3. I thought Amber Rose was classy but not anymore!
    women today are nothing but sluts, they are hopping on dick to fast without thinking, what’s more important your child or a random used community dick!!!

    • @ Miss Baylis, we r all entitled to our opinions. But Amber Rose & “classy” is laughable.

    • Miss Bayis, God bless you. Truly. The idea that anyone could ever have thought that funky assed, whoring assed Amber Rose was classy is truly lost. I’m going to say some prayers for you.

      • S top. She aint botherin nobody. Shw said she just wants to be part of the conversation with no negativity. So let her.

        • Hey I’m with that. If she wants to comment without raggin on somebody I’m all for it.

          Keep up Miss Bayliss and don’t mind the a-holes.

  4. Wow. That’s a whole lotta hate directed at one person. What about French? He is a disgusting whore too, if Amber is one. Double standard makes me sick. This is why there are so many worthless POS men in this world who couldn’t teach a boy about being a man if they had a step-by-step instruction manual. All these people on here acting like what he does is ok, but the same makes Amber a whore? I think not. You women on here talking that $hit are a HUGE part of the problem. Building up the egos of these POS parasite men and knocking down other women. You are sickening.

    • Let’s help lile out, everybody: Now lile, what makes Amber ESPECIALLY a whore (nobody said that French thing isn’t one either) is the fact that her ass is turned up and out for any and everybody with a dollar bill. I guess that makes her a prostitute, technically. We can play semantics but it really doesn’t matter who else is or isn’t a hoe in this thread. All the other whores in the world don’t make Amber any less whorish? See what we’re getting a here? I hope this helps.

  5. Two unattached GROWN azz people sleeping with each other…why is this news?

  6. Why do either one of them have to be whores because they may have went home together for the night? They are adults and adults do this type of thing every minute of every day.

    • Cuz they both married. As in to other people. As in not divorced….package bearing hoes, the lot of em.

      • Oh word? I thought his wife was chasing him for signatures,and support as recently as Khloe, but who knows. These folks operate on a whole different frequency.

  7. Did I miss something? What’s so wrong about 2 single adults dating & having sex? How does this make Amber a whore?

  8. She’s grown and what she decides to do is her business last I checked people make their own choices in life no one here commenting on her knows her they only know what they people are acting like they’ve known this girl her whole life everydoby has a past and they’ve made mistake no one is perfect so dont put the next man down because of their pass downfalls as

  9. I like Amber, she gives zero f*cks and owns her shit. Don’t believe this story though..

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