Merv Griffin Casting Call


There are so many books coming out about gay men in the entertainment industry and their past sexual flings. Do you know who Merv Griffin is? He was a very successful man and I would tag him as Mr. Gay Hollywood. Know why? They got a book coming out on Merv Griffin and in this book there’s a list of Merv Griffin’s gay lovers.

Do you wanna know the names? Liberance ahh!!! That’s easy though..Stevie Wonder could see that coming! How about Marlon Brando? That’s a shocker… I never knew The Godfather took it up the ass. How about James Dean? Merv had him too?

What did Merv do? Did Merv walk around with a tube of K-Y Jelly in his suit jacket? Did you know Merv Griffin boned Rock Hudson? Is David Geffen jealous? This Merv Griffin fella wasn’t playing was he? Merv even boned Patricia Kennedy’s husband. Do you know his name? Peter Lawford… He was Salt in the Salt & Pepper series. Salt & Pepper was a brand of films which starred Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr.

Now I’m hearing another book is coming out and this one is written by a former male prostitute named Colin. This guy is telling Ian Halperin (some blogger guy) that he’s dropping his book in 2010. In Colin’s book he’s naming names and the dude ain’t playing when he says Prince Charles is gay.

Colin said he slept with Prince Charles. Do you believe him? Then Colin is saying that the Prince’s wife Camilla Parker Bowles is into chic’s… Hey Colin, so is Pink. Colin also said David Beckham is gay. Is this all hear say? No. Know why? Colin said he had sex with David Beckham and the ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s husband, Sir Denis Thatcher. How do we know it’s true?

Is there pictures in Colin’s book to prove what Colin is saying is true? Colin said David Beckham is into swinging too; do you believe him? Does Colin have video or any still pictures to prove this? I betcha he doesn’t. Colin sounds very dangerous and he’s starting to remind me of Andrew Chauhan. Doesn’t Colin sound like another angry male prostitute who wants revenge? Colin’s book better have pictorial proof ‘cuz if not he could be lying. Couldn’t he?