Jay Mohr Trashes First Lady – Jay Mohr Sucks.


Who is this Jay Mohr guy? He’s supposed to be a comedian and guess what? Jay Mohr is not funny.

To tell you the truth Jay Mohr suck’s ass; his show ” Gary Unmarried ” sucks ass too. It’s on CBS; the network who uses the eye for their logo.

What is CBS trying to say by using the Eye as a symbol? It’s the networks trademark. My Guess is that CBS is saying they got the eye for shitty show’s like Gary Unmarried!

I’m proud to say I never saw one episode. This guy Jay Mohr is insulting Michelle Obama too; he can’t do that!
Only Michelle’s husband and myself can. Jay said Michelle Obama looks like a man. Jay didn’t stop there… not at all, he also said if Barack needed a center for when he’s playing basketball he should pick his wife.

Jay made these comments while talking to Jim Rome from ESPN and I’m sure Jim was shocked just like most of you.

Newsflash Jay: all the First Ladies were not attractive; the only hot First Lady was Jacqueline Kennedy all the other First Lady’s before her and after her were beauty in the eyes of the beholder.

Fuck you Jay Mohr; your stand-up act sucks and your fan base is the boring Evangelist. What do they know about comedy? Nothing.

If they knew shit they’ll know that Benny Hinn is a crook. They don’t…. do they? But I can say is that Jay Mohr appears to hate that there’s a black president; know why? He said, “What a year: The Cardinals made the Super Bowl, The Rockies made the world series, and the President smokes Newports.

It’s like saying every white person eats mayonnaise they don’t? Do they?

Look at the states that Jay wished had a good year: Arizona was one the of states Jay wished had a good year they got the Cardinals right? And Arizona also has sheriff Joe Arpaio and a little Urban population with submissive Mexicans.

Jay likes Colorado too… that’s the home of the Rockies isn’t it? Same deal… little urban population with submissive Mexicans. I think Jay is an angry republican who voted for John McCain. Jay’s a total loser just like his choice of sports teams- the Arizona Cardinals and the Colorado Rockies; what can I say Jay likes losers that’s why he doesn’t like Michelle Obama. ‘Cuz Michelle’s a winner isn’t she?