Bobby Womack is Dead

Bobby Womack Dead

Soul singer Bobby Womack has died. Womack’s family says he passed away in his sleep … they say they don’t know the cause of death.

Bobby struggled with multiple health problems throughout his life … including diabetes, pneumonia, colon cancer and the early signs of Alzheimer’s.

It was only recently that HSK revealed Bobby to be crashing at Smokey Robinson’s crib.

Bobby and his brothers formed a group in the ’60s called “The Valentinos” and they recorded the song “It’s All Over Now” before the Rolling Stones released their version — the group’s first #1 hit.


  1. Now you can explain to Sam Cooke why he need to cut his grass cuz you a was snake and part of the machine dat set him up And bagged his wife as your 30 silvers!?

    • mary was doing drugs all the way to her death.

      she was touring in her last days with eddie kendricks, david ruffin and dennis Edwards who was all broke.

      ruffin and kendricks died broke also.

      • Chris I wish you would write a book with all your knowledge of the history of the recording industry and artists. What gets me is that you know about all types of music from rock to r&b to rap to azz and probably country too. Your mind is like an encyclopedia.

  2. Womack brothaz … Man I’m out all kind of shit popping up on my screen fukking up my grammar !

  3. If you think your lonely now, wait until tonight girl” That was my song and No matter how high i get. Aww memories

  4. Awww dam bobby was one of my and uncle’s loved bobby R.I.P . bobby u brought a lota good music and good times mane all the real singers leaven and I hate it this was and Still is gonen on all we had is what they left compared to the garage ass music now dam you will be missed but not forgotten job well done


  6. Bobby betrayed his dead friend, Sam Cooke. T
    He f*cked SAMs wife AND DAUGHTER. Bobby wore Sam’s suit to Sam’s funeral.

    Who does that shit!

      • Maybe Im too young but all I knew about Mr Cooke was that Grits story….. Aretha was a young mom, was it Sam’s? Hell I just heard Al Sharpton was FBI rat and related to Dick Cheney, so I believe black ppl in the illuminati now lol !

        • that wasal green if you’re talking bout grits.

          agirl threw hot grits on al green cause he wouldn’t marry her then she got mad and killed herself.

  7. Oh no I was just listening to across a 110 street what huge lost and during black music month too may God rest his soul.

    • That is MY SONG! Oh how many times over the years have I listened to that for inspiration while writing. It takes me back to my parent’s day when music was so great.

  8. U could buy me a drink right here. U jus tryin to get me up in yo room. Classic shit bro.

    • He will Be there……Ooooh, that was the bidness. A woman’s got to have it, I can understand it, midnight mover. He had many many great songs.

  9. I read and have Bobby Womack’s book Midnight Mover, there is always 2 sides 2 a story, RIP Bobby, you left us a legacy of music for us to enjoy forever……

  10. If you don’t have anything good to say about one of our fallen soul legends, don’t say nothing at all! RIP Bobby

  11. all theseentertainers had drug demons and slept with each otherswives, girlfriends and whatever.

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