Dick Gregory Calls LeBron Out Fake Cramping!

Dick Gregory vs Lebron James

Did LeBron pull a fast one on NBA fans over a fixed game? According to Dick Gregory, that’s exactly what was behind King James’ cramp on the court.

Check out how Gregory broke it all down:

“Then why didn’t he jump up? Why’d he just lay there and somebody had to take him up? That ain’t no cramp, man. That’s a shuck and a jive to justify how they got that game fixed.

The most uninformed person listening to day, who’s had a cramp, knows you just don’t lay there. You jump up and move around and eventually the cramp will leave. As much money as he make, and as good in shape as he is… how come none of them pipsqueak a​thletes didn’t fall?”


    • Since you obviously are not aware of Mr. Gregory’s contribution to his people maybe you should get Lebrons dick out of your mouth and Google Dick Gregory and learn some real shit.
      You will probably just continue to dickride millionaires who play basketball and dont give a damn whether you live or die.

      • I will remove Lebron’s weenie from my mouth when you remove Dick Gregory’s gray nappy pubes and wrinkled schlong from your arse!

        • No wonder you belittle Mr Gregory. You are a dumb -ass white devil. That shit you said was only funny to goofy white boys.
          Who the f*ck says weenie and arse?

          • You must be new around here. We have a lot of Brits who post. BLACK Brits. They all say arse.

            • New or just dumb. I hate when people say sh*t like that. Like we all have to talk/type the same.

            • Man me too. I do not like the trend towards assuming that everyone who speaks differently or espouses a somewhat unpopular point of view must be a cave bitch or white devil.
              Isn’t that old thinking? I think that prolly half of us occasionally think in a politically incorrect way in the terms of our community group-think. It’s like when Chris Rock said “I am conservative about some things like crime, and I’m liberal as hell about some things.”
              Most 21st century educated black folk do not think monolithically about all issues which effect the community.

              Like I admire and respect Mr. Gregory immensely. But I am an intelligent free thinker and his opinion is unrealistic. I don’t begrudge him saying it, but I can also say that I disagree. And it has ZERO to do with being a Lebron dickrider. I don’t care who the player is, no #1 player in the NBA is going to take a dive in the finals EVER.
              There isn’t enough money in the world to risk the career, legacy and stature of a Kobe, MJ, Kareem, Magic, Lebron, Dr J etc over mob betting schemes.
              This doesn’t mean that I think it never happens. I’m sure it does happen especially in college. But the face of an entire sport in the showcase event of the season? That’s crazy thinking.

            • @anon 23:35

              Yeah that may B true but Schlong is a Dead Giveaway of His/Her Whiteness.


              Why does the NFL publish Injury Reports?

              If Drafted Players become Instant Millionaire, What is the reason 4 Signing Bonuses (to possibly throw games when need B?)

              Why have Referees in Games?

              Why did Len Bias, who did not take drugs, have 2 die? (Word is he said he would not throw games)


            • Len Bias died because he had a bad heart and he free based cocaine. Shit does happen even to the blessed. Same thing happened to another one of my ex’s clients Don Rogers. He did an unusual amount of blow right before his wedding and had a heart attack and died. It was horrible. It was just after Bias’s death. My friend nearly had to be hospitalized following Don’s death. He was going to be his best man the next day in his wedding. For those who are young, DR was an All American free safety out of UCLA and had been in the NFL for 2 seasons in 1986. This was not a “sacrifice” or any such nonsense. It was pure youthful stupidity along with the “I’m invincible” mindset. Tragic loss.

            • Yes. I have noticed. It’s as if someone famous can’t have an accident or get sick like everyone else.

            • Anonymous you need to quit trying to sound intellectual. Its is not working for you.
              You hate when I refer to that persons idiotic dialect, but it doesnt offend you when he tells a great civil and human rights activist to suck his dick?
              You can suck my dick.

        • I find it hilarious that people automatically assume that I am white due to my use of certain words or terms. I will bet anything and everything that at least 60 percent of the people that read and post their thoughts on this site are whiter than a piece of sandwich bread!

  1. He either threw the game or he knew that the Heat couldn’t beat the Spurs. So he tried to take the easy way out. LeBron is a sucka. He’s not a goon, he has no heart and he just doesn’t have the IT factor. I’ll take heart over talent any day. They kill me always comparing him to MJ. There is only 1 Mike, and MJ is thee best ever. Hell Kobe is the closets thing to Mike. I’ll take Kobe all day over LeBron.

  2. Dick Gregory may be on to something, cause I believe Lebron threw that last game, he played in Cleveland, when they were saying his mom had slept w/teammate. he act like something was wrong with his shoulder and just walked out of the arena like he didn’t care.

    Or maybe, there is a bigger thing going on, w/heavy rollers betting on the game and maybe Lebron was threatened & he got some money under the table to throw the game, cause Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, none of them were doing playing. I know Spurs r good, but not that good.

    • He has a point, I payed a lot of sports and caught lots and lots of cramps and even Charlie hoarses, but never once did I have to get carried off of a court or a field. Looking at that picture his legs are bent, an thats not a position you want you legs in when the are cramping, you tend to straighten your legs out an try to stretch t cramp out. But Mr Gregory has. Point.

      • Dick is right. Under my line of work, we have to know all the muscles, skin, bones, organs and all! Cosmetologist covers everything! Barbering, Massage Therapy, Manicuring, Skin Estheticans, Instructors, Colorist.. Basically Everything. When U get a leg cramp of some sort, U will jump the hell up!

    • People kill me saying a basketball game is fixed. a team or a player can miss shots on purpose but how are the refs going to make 3 pointers go in?? there’s nothing the ref’s, the heat or the NBA can do to make the spurs shot’s go in

      • You 100 percent righ when. Absolutely, the spurs had an out of body series. I don’t think a team ever shot the rock in a championship series. My only observation that seem crazy is how he has his legs Ben in that picture. When my legs would cramp, that shit hurt so bad that I would not bend my leg oe bit until th were gone because as soon as my legs would start to bend they would come roaring back. Shit this is for a ring they ave sports medicine, potassium pills and other stuff. I’m not playing anything competitively anymore but one o the best quick fixes and preventative trick to avoid cramp, is pedealite. It might sound crazy bu it’s true. This alf Gatorade and half pedealite on a bottl would have helped. Whet ever the reason I happened, The spurs were just a better. “team” at the time.

  3. Mr. Gregory apparently doesn’t have a working knowledge of the sciences of kinesiology and biomechanics. James is genetically predisposed to muscle cramping, and he did react appropriately.

    Anyone who genuinely believes that mob fixers or other nefarious types would lean on the #1 player in the league to throw an NBA Finals game is either uninformed or experiencing a senior moment.

    • Agree but you’re wasting your time here. That was not a school yard pickup game. These are professional athletes who are not going to destroy their careers by playing through an injury. I used to run track and have always been prone to leg cramps, especially in the calves. Much of it was from improper stretching. I’ve had cramps wake me up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t stand up if my life depended on it. So, the idea that every cramp is just a minor annoyance is silly. Dick Gregroy is turning into another Bill Cosby.

    • I would disagree cause the Mob Leaned on MJ doing his playing days.

      He Gambled and said he would not Pay, AND THEY KILLED HIS FATHER.


      • But that’s proof that even with his father’s life on the line, he wouldn’t take a dive and risk his legacy in order to comply with the mob’s wishes.

        Any third rate player WOULD. But if anyone really believes Lebron would risk what he currently has going just doesn’t understand the depth and breadth of his earnings potential, which is JUST as great as Jordan’s. 30 mill to throw a game, would be like 1K to you or me. Peanuts.
        And they aren’t offering the sort of cheese it would take to justify the risk. Believe me.
        If you literally owned the golden goose, there is nothing you would do to risk losing it.

  4. What’s new the nba is rigged just like the nfl, boxing, and everything else you can think of.

  5. I stopped supporting sports teams years ago . I’d rather go watch a pick up game at the park

  6. Dick Gregory, besides being a Comic and the 1st Black Comic to play all white establishments. Dick Gregory was also a World Class Distance Runner.
    He does know a thing about leg cramps.

    Why are we so fast to disrespect each other? SAD.

    I respect the mans opinion, he knows what Athletes do, and has been the voice of calling out fixed NBA. Games.

    • Why are we so fast to disrespect each other? SAD.

      Yeah why is the Dick disrespecting Lebron.He is becoming very disrespectful lateLY,Spike Lee before this,who is next for the ole man.

  7. Basketball is more rigged than pro boxing, and college basketball
    even more, wake up people, basketball is a dirty sport, the Jewish
    mob with there Italian soldgers mAke the money a you niggers
    belive the sport is real, a easy days work for the jew owners

  8. Damn we are destroying the american way, I believe the nba is fix how else do you explain the sixers picking another draft pick with injuries.

  9. If I want to see a fixed game I will wait intil the harlem globtrotters are in town.

  10. U can walk out leg cramps. They painful for a minute or two. To get carried off is sooki la la. He is a emotional player. Things don’t go he’s way, he crumbles.

  11. Dick is right. He was faking. Why , i don’t no. But he faked that. Very bad acting job.Ony God no the truth.

    • All the money the nba makes or that place the spurs play in makes, no one could get a company to come and fix the a/c?! okaaaaay…on top of that Lebron is the only one who gets cramps because of heat? no fans carried out due to heat exhaustion etc?

      I even believe the jason collins coming out as gay player and donald sterling incidents were all manufactured to draw attention and get new fans, money, and attention back to the nba because many of its famous stars were/are retiring and they need to focus on new players so people will become interested again.

        • Did u know it was fan night at that particular spurs game. A fan was sitting on every seat when fans arrived. Look it up. Set the f*ck up. Don’t be naive. Notice all fans were waving a fan.

  12. Everybody knows these games are fixed who ever the most money on is the winner of course it was set up if ya don’t know now you know they took that othe they do what they told like the rest of these puppets

  13. Again to all who commented here, there are two distinctly different arguments:

    1. The NBA is fixed

    2. Lebron took a dive

    Duh, all pro sports have the element of being manipulated for betting purposes. Duh, there are players who will engage with bookies and other mob types.
    But that is a whole different story from saying that Lebron James is in on the fix.

    It’s like saying that because some women actresses will f*ck on film for money, therefore Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita would too.

    There isn’t enough money in the world to mess up the potential future earnings and legacies that 24 year old Oscar winners Lawrence and 30 year old Lupita have on their plate right now.

    You need to think more critically before painting with such a broad brush.

  14. ^^^ Critical Think This:

    When first starting out, WHAT did the above listed Actresses HAVE to do behind closed doors in order to get the plum roles that led to Oscars? (It starts Waaaaaaay B4 the Oscars)

    • That is a specious point. I didn’t say one word about what they had to do to get where they are. I said that once they are where they have worked(and in some cases f*cked) to get, they are too smart and savvy to chance destroying what they have built. JUST like Lebron James.

        • Only someone with no access to power would make a statement such as that. “TPTB” is just a acronym used by people who do not truly fathom how the system works. There is no boogie man who lords over all below him. There are rules and established precedents in all business within which those with power operate.
          Only those who have been scared and intimated buy into the Powers That Be scenario.
          But go ahead and be a scared useful idiot. Those who wish to keep you down prefer it that way.
          I was trying to share some knowledge as one who has a degree of entree into the business. If you choose to close your eyes and continue to be afraid, that is your decision to make.

          Lebron is just a bought and paid for slave to
          his masters. That is the bs you and many here are comfortable with. It’s your loss.

  15. U R so naive.

    Just what do U think the purpose of the Signing Bonus is?

    You sign to get your $$$ with the understanding that you will throw games when called upon.

    Just wanted to illustrate that this is done IN THE BEGINNING, AND IN ALL SPORTS.

    • That is absolute unadulterated bullshit. I was married to a sports agent/atty for 12 years and I know much more about the business than you could possibly know. Signing bonuses have nothing whatsoever to do with tanking in games.
      I’d rather be naive than a complete idiot.

      • Being Once Married 2 a Sports Agent, U know FULL well how the Game is Played, being once a part in it.

        …and I know when someone comes close 2 speaking the truth, THEY ALL come out of the woodwork 2 discredit the Messenger. (“idiot”)


        U wouldn’t want to mess up the Alimony.

        • Good lord. Fine. Believe whatever your conspiracy minded self wants to believe. I would be wasting my time trying to speak reasonably to someone who clearly thinks he/she knows “what’s up”.

          • I M critically thinking that U R slowly but surely revealing yourself, and don’t even know it.

            BTW, it’s “Wassup” for those really in the know.

            • Wassup? The day I type Wassup I will turn in my guild license. Who the F do you think you are talking to? Go back to sleep follower.
              Those who can DO. Those who can’t, blame those who they imagine are preventing them from doing. I come from a long line of Do-ers who refused to be held down by the fears which plague too many of us.

              You wouldn’t understand.

  16. Since the sports agents ex claims to know so much, why not enlighten us as to what the Signing Bonus is for, if other than what I said it is for?

    Why go into a profane mode? (did I by using the word naive)

    No, they chose to go straight for the attack mode, which means I am hitting a nerve.

  17. Lebron James like so many other black celebrities took the money bait like fish bite the bait on a hook. You know what happens when fish bite the bait and gets caught by the hook. Unfortunatley, Lebron took the bait and is enjoying all of the sweet tastes the bait has to offer. Unfortunatley, Lebron doesn’t see the hook. Eventually Lebron will feel the sharp, painful sting of the hook. So many other black celebrities took a bite of the bait and felt the pain of the hook. Like fish caught by the hook and died, many black celebrities died because they saw the bait, but didn’t see the hook. You want examples, I’ll give you examples, OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Eazy E, Jam Master Jay, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Jodeci are just several examples. The lesson is don’t be dumb like a fish. Don’t be seduced by the bait without failing to see the hook. The white man will never give you something for nothing. LEBRON IS OWNED! If he disobeys his slave masters, he will feel the hook! I guarantee it!

      • TPTB were making Millions B4 THEY Orchestrated the Whole East Coast-West Coast Thing. They sent word out to Kill Biggs & Tupac, and they STILL Making Billions.

        TPTB is Real, and no Fake Experts is gonna make us believe otherwise.

        Critically Think THAT.

        • I think you are right. Someone who thinks as you do is better off thinking that he is powerless to TPTB. You are a follower not a producer.

          I however prefer to function, produce and collect.

          Sorry to have bugged you with my fruitless attempt to jar your mind.

  18. once again game really stands for gay men why you think athletes are coming out.

  19. I’m glad Dick Gregory can see through the bullshit! The NBA is fixed. Lebron James is indeed a slave! Who owns Lebron James? NBA, Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonalds are just a few billion dollar corporations that own James. Like Stephon Marbury once said, “I’d rather own than be owned.”

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