Blind Item: Who’s Jacky Talking About? – August 19, 2015

Blind Item: Who is Jacky Talking About?

Today’s blind item is currently using an email from Nick Cannon’s company “Ncredible,” to solicit video models into prostitution.

“Some music video chick is shopping face-time footage of ____ threatening to kill her if she told anyone about ____’s prostitution ring.” ~Industry Source

Here is what the source revealed to HSK:

“She tells the girls that she’s shooting a reality show and she’s looking for models. These video chicks are afraid of her. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lira Galore. When ___, sends a girl on a call…she takes 20%.

Numerous of girls were in the process of setting her up, but it all fell apart. Someone called TMZ yesterday and told them ___, was trying to pimp them. When ___ got word of a snitch…she instantly closed up shop.”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • Okay HSK enough with all these recycled story’s every week same shit!
      So predictable ?
      Like I said when you ran the last guess who article !
      Hey sometimes no NEWS is good news !
      Or write story’s that pertain to,decent humans for a change !
      U just dropped this story what a day or two ago ?!
      Now it’s guess who !?! REALLY !

        By Brandon Bombay – Aug 18, 2015 3
        REALLY ?!?

      • HEY, “WHY DON’T WE TALK about JODECI’S NEW SONG??” 🙂

        “EV’ry MO-ment is (SO SWEEEEEET)…..WHEN you’re LAY-IN’ (NEXT TO MEEEEEEEE)!!”

        “BEAUTIFUL!!” 🙂

        “I LOVE you, JODECI!!” 🙂
        “BRING BACK (REAL) MUSIC!!!” 🙂

  1. Who conducting these “who jack talk n about his 5 yr ol jr? I’m going to guess …. Amber hoes?????

  2. Amber is money hungry. She’s pimping out her IG followers thru a “go fund me” account to support a “slut walk”. She is disgusting. Maybe she should learn how to read and spell and just get a REAL job that her son can be prpud of

  3. We need to stop mentioning these people and hopefully they’ll go away. Their 15 minutes of fame was gone a long time ago. I heard Kim and her family own the press but I don’t know about Amber.

  4. I got no prob with Amber a hoe and a beard is a hoe and a beard at least she MARRIED that chump “rapper” instead of just being a babymama popping out a bastard.

  5. Cmon HSK…her images was used to fool women.Ambzz had nothing to do with it…this time

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