Young Thug & Birdman Plotting to Kill Lil’ Wayne!

Young Thug & Birdman Plotting to Kill Lil' Wayne!

What we’ve all been suspecting has finally been confirmed. Atlanta’s WSB-TV got their hands on an indictment that was filed in Cobb County back in June which alleges that Young Thug and Bryan Williams a.k.a. Birdman a.k.a. Baby a.k.a. Young Thug’s “hubby” were plotting to kill Lil’ Wayne when his tour bus got shot up back in April. Thankfully, no one was injured in the attack, and YT and Birdman have yet to be charged for the shooting.

The indictment also claims that YT, Birdman and Lil’ Wayne are all Bloods gang members (no shit!). Birdman must be feeling the heat, because he just set his Instagram account to private! It’s too late to delete all your “brazy” posts now, Baby!

Young Thug & Birdman Plotting to Kill Lil' Wayne!

Wayne and Birdman’s beef became public back in December 2014 when Wayne went off on Twitter about Birdman refusing to release his album. Birdman recently threw drinks on Wayne while he was performing in Miami, further fueling the tension between the two.

Thankfully, YT’s fruity tooty booty is already behind bars, but this mess will not end until Baby’s ass is locked up too.


  1. See! We all just said this shit since last year! Hell and I said on the other post that somebody is gonna be in somebody’s swamp. Damn, The South is really dirty now!

  2. Wow, Birdman replace lil Wayne, for Youg Thug. This also reminders me of, one of those old Hollywood classic movie. “All About Eve” where a young girl wants to be an actress, but the young girl betrays her friend who helped her, to be an actress.

    It’s because Lil Wayne is getting older, and his younger fan won’t related to him, only Young Thug

    • Wow. Now THAT was a great observation. It’s exactly like All About Eve!!!
      I wish you’d show this side of your brain more often, WWC.

  3. Find it real funny how these gayster crappers need police protection! When all they ever talk about is how they’re going to kill someone!

    • When it comes down to it, nothing is worth losing your life over. But I agree, a lot of them don’t live the lives they portray. Shit, Weezy got drinks thrown on him and just stood there shrugging his shoulders LOL

  4. *teheehee* at a.k.a. Birdman’s hubby though. i swear ima hurt Jacky for that!! lawd have mercy. and these old fools aint nothing but country-ass wanna be gangstas acting like prison-bound hoodlums..smdh. mfkers loves being in and out of prison like it’s their second damn home. what the hell is the world is coming to?

  5. Not shocking, it’s rumored that he had Yella Boy killed, Lil Wayne knew what time of day it would be if he tried to leave, same situation he did to hip group U.N.L.V..

    • @Norma Jean, I wonder if the late Magnolia Shorty was at the wrong place at the wrong time when she got killed. Oh they got the killers. But my thing is this , did they used her, Yells Boy, and him Slim to move up in the industry?

      • Magnolia shorty was never known or yellaboy they was never that famous so why would birdman hope to gain by killing them, as for souljah slin he had low budget no limit fame withbmaster p before p ripped him off and slim went to cash money hoping for a better deal but slim ended up dead yeah those killers knew to kill slim when hecwas released from jail at his moms house

      • Shortly ninja was out here, that was a beef thing, she was caught up with her ninja.

  6. Don’t be fooled, Hollywood is based one thing “Fresh New Blood” Lil Wayne is getting older and older soon or later he will retire. As for Young Thug, he’s young that’s why Birdman likes him because he know’s Young Thug will sell more records than Lil Wayne.

  7. I gotta go back and some research on something. Let me if I can up with something.

  8. Yea waynes getting old in rap years and yes young thug can relate to the gays more and baby can make more money catering to the gays

  9. Looks like gay gangsters is no longer a oxymoron! Two DL booty lovers want to kill another booty lover! I guess it’s only a matter of time before someone takes out Birdman. That would be nice, he doesn’t deserve to live in that Miami mansion!

  10. Young thug is a dope artist lyrically and .melodically while u busy thinking his fashion is suspect which it is but fk it he’s a rockstar

    • Rockstar, or not, the walls of Jericho are about to come crumbling down! Lol!

      • – singing – when the walls – come crumbling, crumbling, when the walls – come crumbling down – when the walls come crumbling, crumbling, tumbling, tumbling do www nnnn! – laughing really loud! – I said this last year! Oh, it’s coming! Is coming! Now, take the geez off the ends of my words! G apostrophe s! no geez!

  11. “birdman” is a little tooo old to be playing these gay ass games.. dont youthink!!??!!??

    • you mean baby is too old for this! – laughing really loud! – my apostrophes don’t have work, but I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m saying! – laughing –

  12. I truly feel like this is a lovers quarrel where the other person leaves the relationship to stay with their side piece but side piece gets jealous of ex and tries to kill them. This whole story should be on TVONE Fatal Attraction.

    • @Anon13:24, I agree with you. Except this is a LIFETIME movie… LOL

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Weezy pulled something drastic, like having another baby, or getting married again! – laughing! – you know sometimes when a person feels death upon them, they’ll do something drastic like that! like J Anthony Brown says, watch out there now, girl! – laughing! –

  13. I told u mofos last year on another post if lil Wayne don’t watch his ass bird man gon make his ass a classic

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