Birdman Sues Jay Z for $50 Million!

Birdman Sues Jay Z for $50 Million!

Ever since his falling out with Lil’ Wayne, Birdman has been acting like a little bitch: plotting murders and throwing drinks in nightclubs. But Birdman’s latest antic involves a lawsuit against Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal.

Birdman’s label, Cash Money, is suing Tidal for $50 million for unlawfully streaming Weezy’s album FWA. Cash Money claims to have exclusive rights to all of Weezy’s music.

TMZ obtained the lawsuit which states that Jay Z’s failing Tidal service is streaming Wayne’s music illegally. Tidal fought back by saying Wayne gave them the right to use his music in exchange for part ownership in the streaming company.

Cash Money has already provided legal documents showing Wayne doesn’t have the right to distribute his own music. Basically, just like every other Cash Money artist, Weezy is locked into a shady business deal that he can’t escape.

Birdamn’s life is falling apart right now. Most of his artists are tired of him and his new lover/cash cow Young Thug is behind bars.  Jay Z might want to back down before he gets caught up in some mess with this ignorant fool. You know Birdman has nothing to lose at this point.


  1. Ironically, Wayne wouldn’t have a problem with his music being on Tidal or any other service because it means a sense of independence but a financial one. And all I have to say is good luck to Birdman; Jay-Z is bigger titan in the industry than he is.

  2. First Weedy sues Birdman for 50 million, the Birdman sues Jay-Z for 50 million. What is up with this 50 million lawsuits?

  3. Humpty Dumpty sat on wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpty together again. Bye.. Bye Birdie. JZ ur time is coming.

  4. Sad, I always had a feeling that Lil Wayne and Birdman relationship won’t last, the sad thing is both their daughter’s are friends. So with all fighting and fussing their friend probably ended.

  5. I thought Jay Z had a brain in his head – #1 Rule Never get involved in a lovers quarrel!

  6. Hey, Wayne! Does a beautiful black womsn still look better red? That’s why you got pimped like the whore you are.

  7. @Bets but Jay-Z was dragged into this by Wayne. It wasn’t like somebody held a gun to Jay-Z’s head. But then again, he should had talk this over with Wayne about authorization on the music.

  8. At least when harold melvin had beef with teddy p.he at least wooped his ass out the bluenotes over spotlight and girls

    • in my Chris Tucker as smokey voice, niggas dont fight no more, crazy Chris! Lol No w,what about the banking crisis in Greece?? People had to wait a week, or so to get their money out! Get ready, cuz is coming here!! Do we put our money on our card when the money crumbles like to leave, and God said, or what? Folks had better learn how to barter!! I mentioned this last year when I first started posting under a different name!! 😉 GBU!

  9. typos now, it’s, when the money crumbles like leaves ! and it shall come to pass saith the Lord!!!

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