Young Thug Arrested by U.S. Marshals

Young Thug Arrested by U.S. Marshals

Young Thug went to a Georgia mall last week and threatened to shoot a mall cop in the face. Police were called, but the rapper fled the scene before they arrived. A warrant was issued, and Young Thug was finally arrested on July 15.

The rapper is currently sitting in the Dekalb County jail (where he belongs).


    • I blame the mall cop !!
      Yes that’s right I said it !!
      If it had been me I would’ve of released the hounds !
      I would have beat the breaks the shit locks and them dusty ass face tattoos of his ass !
      Shit would have been a quick clean up !!
      This caption would’ve read bird man lover ran across a real thug !! Give his slimy ass a reason to sound so trashed !

  1. You can’t go around threatening to do stuff to people. There are consequences for your actions. On top of that, he’s hideous in that picture.

  2. This jackass done went locco for real! We don’t need no more heat and attention as is and this idiot do the unthinkable. If this fool think he is going to get off from this stunt, think again. This is giving the cops the opportunity to kill all black men. Thanks a lot asshole!

  3. Ewwwww. What is it? I mean like… he contagious? He looks like he has every STD known man plus the Flu.

  4. Serves thugger right if he planned on hurting wayne then karma bit hom on the ass

  5. Dumb ass rappers they got to live their lyrics instead of just accepting that what they do is entertainment and its just to make money they got to act in real life bigger than what they are shame

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