Family Prepares To Move Bobbi Kristina’s Dead Body From Hospice

bobbi kristina dead

Looks like Bobbi Kristina may have passed, as there has been a tent put up around the facility she was in hospice at.

We knew she was clinging on for dear life, and doctors had advised the family that it was only a matter of time before she would die.  Her pops, Bobby Brown, had recently come to grips with the decision to take her off life support after believing he and the family had done all they could to save her life.

bobbi kristina dead tent

Bobbi’s been in hospice for three weeks, and the family has been adamant about keeping photogs away.  This tent is probably in place to safely transfer her body from the facility to a funeral home.

Yesterday, her boyfriend (can we call him her “ex”?) was served with papers in an $11 million lawsuit filed by Bobbi’s estate.  It alleges that he is responsible for her condition, and was stealing money from her before, and after she was in a coma.


  1. If it’s true it was just her time to go. There is a God. I guarantee that those ppl who think they are going to live happily ever after with BK $ won’t.

  2. When that dude receive that lawsuit yesterday….I thought bobbi Kristina more than likely passed….and Bobby had a baby girl two days ago too…and when kids are born sometimes…. Someone from the same family makes a transition

  3. I know Cissy is going thru it. Smh Too much to say about this, so I’ll just be quiet. R.I.P. BobbyKris

    • Cissy is going through guilt. And she will keep blaming BB instead of looking in the mirror.

  4. It’s not Bobby’s fault, but still the white media will drag him, through the mud like some cheap and nasty toy. It’s sooo, interesting how Hollywood hates strong black men, who are not down with swirl….

      • @Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4EVER

        Noticing how both Chris Brown and Bobby Brown are the most hated men in Hollywood? both got the same surnames as well
        Whitney was a pop princess adored by many people, the white media up her on a pedestal. Once she got with Bobby, he was hated because the white media didn’t want her to date a black man. they wanted her to date a white man
        Robert De niro wanted to date Whitney back in 80’s.

        Rihanna as well, the white media didn’t want her to date a black man, when she 1st rose to fame they wanted her to date a white man.

  5. When whit used to smoke crack she would hallucinate about satan wooping her so she would cut herself with razors and brpken glass

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