Chris Brown Setup And Robbed By Thug “Friends”

chris brown robbed

Chris Brown’s house was raided and robbed Wednesday morning, and his mom says it was his “friends.”

Around 2:00 AM at Chris’ San Fernando Valley house three armed men broke into Brown’s new home and found his aunt there.  They put guns in her face and forced her into a closet while they tore the place apart and took off with cash, jewelry, and any valuables they could grab.  Chris was not home at the time.

Once the crooks were gone, his aunt called 9-1-1 and reported the break-in.  She later told the cops that the men said they knew they were robbing Chris, so this wasn’t a random robbery.

chris brown robbed home

Turns out not only did they know it was Chris’ place, but they had been setting him up for a while.  Brown’s mom, Joyce Hawkins tweeted “Watch who you standing beside” shortly after the place was robbed.  Sources close to the family says Chris’ mom has been complaining about his “no good-a** friends” for some time, and has suspected they were up to something.

Chris and his mom have been beefing over these hangers-on for years.  Most of them don’t have jobs and were just leeching off the singer.  His mom knew they were setting him up for something big, but he wouldn’t hear it.


  1. He’s an idiot, leave these hoodlums alone, why in the world would any one want to associate with hood lums,. Chris Aint no Rapper so there is no need to try to prove anything, your an RnB Singer, smh Dumb Kid, well I wont even call him a Kid any more,he knew what he was getting himself through. Your grown enough to make man made decisions your grown enough to suffer the consequences of them. smh Guess the Rihanna Incident was never a lesson in the first place. smh

  2. He picked up his new “buds” from jail…he won’t be rid of them anytime soon, especially if he agreed to tribute in exchange for protection while behind bars. SMH

  3. Chris Brown is nothing but a stupid kid with a lot fame and money and that doesn’t help with his reckless and careless ignorance. His mother tried to tell him and of course he’s not gonna listen! People like him won’t pay attention until after the fact. Think he’s paying attention now?

  4. Ever since, he punched up that demonic sick bytch the (White) media has been on his back, people are still talking about. Interesting how they not talking about, Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband who killed 2 people will his car back in 80’s or Mark Walhberg’s racially motivated assaults

    But still someone has to have a slight dig (mostly white people) about Chris.

    Now Rihanna’s getting her karma, White feminist’s are on her back about her new video!

  5. Chris Brown should have listened to his mother! His aunt is lucky she didn’t get killed! This is more proof that the entourage and hangers on are not your friends! Chris Brown better do the smart thing and never talk to those thugs again!

    • ;-)! hey, sis! collect your $200, and pass go! They want Chris dead, actually! But, You ain’t heard it from me! watch! This was a wake up call, which he probably will ignore! Smh! Enough said, I don’t want to be banned again! so, my lips are sealed! 😉 lol

  6. Chris claiming blood now betcha he had to get these dudes to protect him while he was on jail we all know chris aint no blood for real just like lil wayne, and dipset now everybody wanna gangbang aint nothong scary bout cb the dude got fruity pebbles hair and u supposed to be a tough guy only dude who looked scary with rainbow hair was george clinton

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