Did The Kardashians Cast A Hex On James Harden?

hardens-kardashian-kurse HSK Exclusive – It wouldn’t hurt James Harden to reconsider keeping up with the Kardashians. Matter fact, the Houston Rockets shooting guard would no doubt be doin’ himself a solid, if he did! But based on his current M-O, it’s likely that Harden was the type of kid to touch a hot stove — despite being warned of the dangers of being burned!

“The beard, the mohawk, the way I dress, it’s just instilled in me.” – James Harden

Now, it seems Harden forgot to mention the reported “trick … instilled in him.” Know why? That could very well be the element that’s guiding him now. This, because the NBA All-Star is said to currently be on the set of KUWTK, “shooting scenes with Khloe for next season.” This news comes as Harden and Khloe make headlines over the news “the two have been getting very cosy of late.” Guess What? Not only is Kris Jenner being named the “matchmaker”, sources say the infamous momager began brewing the play on Harden … months ago!


“When Kris Jenner heard James Harden was at Kanye’s birthday party at the Staples Center, she had Kim tell Kanye to send a message to Harden — that Khloe has a crush on him.” – Hollywood Insider

To be sure, Khloe is still legally married Lamar Odom — the current $50,000 source of her court-ordered monthly dues. Today, Harden is show’in out as a silly Negro by failing to take Khlomoney and her Klan seriously! Know why? To the Kardashians, there appears to be no amount of trap money that’s too much trap money (especially, it seems, if that money is earned by the sweat of a Black Man). Ask Lamar’s pops!

“Lamar signed his life away when he married Khloe. You just bring them (the Kardashians) your whole paycheck, that’s how it works.” – Joe Odom


Now we all know how Lamar’s hoop dreams sadly ended. So, could Harden’s Houston Rocket be the next to crash on Khlomoney’s watch? Only time will tell if Mr. Beard becomes witches’ brew — but let’s not forget Lil B did warn James Harden of a curse!

“Khole, last year you had French Montana and this year we’re gonna get James Harden on the show.” –Kris Jenner

Dig the Drop:

“They’ve already begun shooting season 11 of KUWTK, and James Harden and Lamar Odom are features in few episodes.

Khole will collect 50K from Lamar each month. When they’re divorce is final, the checks stop.

That’s why she’s staying married to Lamar as long as possible. Harden is looking like MVP on the set right now! Everybody knows James is a trick and he pays to f*ck.”



  1. None of the Kardashians relationships are real and are to keep their names out there and a story line. Khloe is lucky enough to find another to fake a relationship for publicity and a storyline.

  2. Funny how black men are quick To call black women golddiggers! However, white womeb wrote the handbook. Props to them for draining the these suckas.

    • right too many of them wont call them incestuous beasts, sociopaths, thieves, and killers for nothing.

    • http :// www .blogtalkradio. com/shiloah/2014/10/11/the-black-mans-role-as-mammie-in-biracial-marriages

      http :// www .blogtalkradio. com/shiloah/2014/10/11/the-black-mans-role-as-mammie-in-biracial-marriages-part-ii

  3. Get em PMK…..shes grabbing every rich coon negro she can to keep the gravy train rolling. I LOVE IT!!! LoL

  4. Every since that cave bitch that said she hates niggers posted that pic of him in her bed I quit liking his coon ass.

  5. The original Kardashian were witches, they did spells and rituals on men. now their using black men.
    You black men think your shyt because your phucking with them, but their witches.

    Kris Jenner and her little thots, are down with the interracial agenda. That’s why their so popular.

  6. This is truly sad but Lamar has nobody but himself to blame. I wondered about that $10 million insurance policy. If something should happen to Lamar that witch Khloe collects. I feel bad for his kids and wonder if they still have a relationship with him.

  7. I got one good damn question. If Kris ends up dead…who would take over her reign over her daughters?

      • this! – laughing really loud! -I don’t wish death upon anyone, however, I just wish that someone would ship these witches far, far away on a desert island, or somewhere!!! Gypsy women!! I’ve never heard of a whore making a sextape before, then the whole family gets filthy rich! Smh!

      • ha! Classic! – laughing really loud! – good one MZ! it’s sad, but true! the switches would just keep on f*cking their victims dry!!! bTW, I don’t feel all that bad for their victims, because it Should be known exactly who these transports are, and what they do!! I did not say transports, although they probably are! – laughing really loud! – I said it should be known exactly who these trap horse r, and what they do! tramp whores!

  8. seems like the kkk did their research on trick nba (and up an coming sports figures in general) and made a move based on the worst tricks. remember that they trick caucasian men as well, so it’s not just the brothers. ladies, please, as a favor to yourselves, stop rooting for the kkk to keep taking down your men. when you realize that this is a corporate slave country, who are you going to turn to? your black man, that’s who. please stop giving them more examples and words to point to to say that our women don’t care for us. because that’s what you do when you cheer on their demise which equals community demise.
    one of the definitions of community is common unity.

    • They tried to trick Parsons for Kendull. He is the very rich Dallas Maverick player. He said no dice.

    • The ‘KKK’ were compromised a long time ago. The Jews run everything in America from Hollywood, Mainstream Media, banking to politics and they’re trying to put black and whites against each other – just look it up and see how good they are at manipulating public opinion. NO MORE WARS FOR SATANIC JEWS!

  9. what you can do is print words of unity, not frustration. who here is not frustrated with the way things are? if you are not frustrated then you are not real. it would be nice if some women would show amd EXCERCISE your GREAT SPIRIT WITHIN by printing word of encouragement as a rule. spread positivity that will stand out in a time of negativity. use that negative energy to your ADVANTAGE. you have the GOD GIVEN ABILITY to REDIRECT THAT ENERGY INTO AN AREA OF POSITIVITY AND MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU! THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    • Your comments should be directed towards Black men FIRST before addressing any issues you may have with Black women. Considering many black american men openly make videos & write blog posts about their open disdain/hatred for Black American women & then brag about their hatred/disdain for Black women with other nonblack women. The videos don’t lie & youtube doesn’t have a problem keeping these videos posted.

      No excuses for these black men that allowed themselves to be taken down by kardashians or whoever else, nobody is forcing them to be with these women; black men aren’t around for anybody to turn to; black men want encouragement, you give it first; & if you want unity, then become unified with the Black woman. Black women are only responding to what’s been pushed on them. If you don’t want Black women to cheer on your demise & showing they could careless about you, then black men, stop promoting, stop cheering on the demise of the Black woman.

      • Black women have been publicly abused by black males far too long. It’s time for unity alright—-“A Million Brown Women’s March” in protest of the abusive black “males” in power. This includes black rappers, you-tube & entertainment media bigots: chris wack, tyler perry & media’s white female bosses use of bigotted tactics targeting BW. White women in charge of casting, make-up, hair and wardrobe is why attractive black women are no longer seen OR cast on TV/movies. This generation of BW should’ve been protesting years ago.

  10. BOB MARLEY said it best…. “MY FEAR IS MY ONLY COURAGE”. use that energy to your ADVANTAGE. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  11. Black guys like them. James Harden obviously does and I am sure he has a handle on the situation. Good luck to both of them.

    • Black males like anything white, so Khole getting cuffed by another one shouldn’t come to a surprise.

  12. Another one bites the dust…another one bites the dust…and another one gone… Anorher one gone.. Another bites the dust

  13. Stupid black athletes will never learn! These ugly, white KKK bitches must be witches! So many black men act like they’re under a satanic spell whenever someone mentions the name Kardashian! Looks like Harden will lose his money f*cking with the fattest, ugliest Kardashian! Reggie Bush was lucky, he got out in the nick of time! I heard Lamar Odom is a crackhead. Check Jacky’s archives, he is the only blogger to post a story of Kris Jenner saying the N word. Black athletes use your f*cking brains! Do you want to be associated with a fake ass, white bitch who has been f*cked by hundreds of people? Do you want to be in the same company of a family who has a male relative turn into a woman?

    • Reggie bush got out in the nick of time but he also married a woman that resembles kim kardashian

  14. Hell, I wanna know what the hell they be telling these men! For a well off man to fall in love with the KKK, gots to be under something or doing something.

  15. @DLB… so, black men now run the media? black men finance videos??? think before you speak. those in the industry were recruited for their hatred of (black) women. pay attention before you pay with your arse

    • Never stated anything about black american men running the media, but many do post youtube videos, blogs, comments, etc. about their hatred/disdain for Black american women. I’m not paying with my ass for anything. You soooo emotional right now.

  16. @DLB… cheering the demise of black women???? you sound stupid. i put up words of encouragement and you say i am cheering the demise of black women? how? so now you promote more separation? i am promoting togetherness and re directions of negative engergies. you are a cow

    • Your posts have proven my previous points, which includes you insulting me. If I wasn’t telling the truth, you wouldn’t be so emotional right now, by calling me names. Insults/name calling are the last resort for someone who can’t come back & disprove what was stated. Man, your posts weren’t encouragement, but divisiveness.

  17. @DLB… go back an listen to some east coast hip hop from the 80’s. there was no such thing as dissing black women. go to you tube and look for the war on hip hop and reach an understanding of how things got to where they are now. you may learn something. im sure your momma told you to think before you speak.

    • Hip hop goes back to the 70s. Black music goes beyond hip hop & also includes gospel, blues, jazz, r&b, disco, funk, slow jams/midnight jams, club, house, reggae, reggaeton, dancehall, etc. Especially the 70’s promoted the Black family unit, staying together, love songs, etc. Those days are gone.

  18. @DLB… you probably don’t know that women are being subliminally seduced into being toxic. you probably don’t even know how toxic you are, especially trying continue the divide amongst us. you are single, aren’t you?

  19. @DLB… look at porche williams for example… she was a bible toting good girl who has been turned out by $$$$ from the industry. i would never say any artist out there represents all of black male manhood. you are nuts to use those gay rappers to say they represent black men and how all black men feel and think. you sound lost…..

    • I don’t know what you are talking about with porsha williams or gay rappers, I never mentioned or implied anything about them. If you think I am implying about how all black men feel, it is because you implied that all Black women were a certain way. Dude, you way tooooooo emotional.

  20. @DLB… look at all the house wife shows… they are not even house wives.. they claim to be christian, but do you see how they dress??? when they fight and call each other names, do you agree with they way they act as christians? so if i compare them to you, that means you are rachet. should i compare them to the rest of black women out here? never…. you may want to go back to school or something and learn to REASON vs speak with negative emotions… get it together and stop wondering why no man wants you….

    • First, I don’t watch those shows. Second, when talking about comparisons, should you be compared to being a thug, a baby daddy-don’t take care of his children, the down low homo, the no job/lazy bum, etc., etc…….You see this tit-for-tat could go on & on. What you see as being negative was spoken truth. The only thing stated to you was that before telling Black women what they need to do or stop doing, give that same spill to black men. Then maybe we can become more unified as a group.

  21. laughing really loud! I did not say the F word!! I said these tramp whores are sucking their victims dry!! Google Voice did make it sound really funny, though! – laughing really loud! –

  22. Uh, y’all know this “relationshit” is fake, right?
    He’s gay. AF. And she needs street cred/storyline/validation.
    She’s a beard. For a beard.

  23. Lamar is stupid for agreeing to give a childless bitch $50 a month, and this is why she is not pushed to divorce him. No wonder he is on drugs and regretting marring this bitch who ruin his career.

  24. Lamar had 15 minutes of reality fame and ruin his basketball career. They used him and threw his ass away and she still collecting $50K a month. Guess Lamar will O.D from drugs, she will never divorce this fool she loves the money.

  25. @DLB…. you are a nut, don’t back down now. you blasted black men, period. while i try to pump words of positivity, you blasted black men. tit for tat? you are the only one trying to diss someone for nothing. you have a problem with black men and stereotypes that you seem to want to keep alive. i am not any of those things. you must be a d*ke. you eat the box don’t you? you have 8 kids by 5 diff men don’t you? when was your LAST sex tape? bet you didn’t make any money off of it, but im sure you are still trying. i’m willing to bet that you don’t like yourself which is why you hate black men. question… do you cut your own hair and then buy someone elses to replace it? im sure you do, wear a weave that is….

  26. @DLB… i called out black women like you for blasting black men. at that time, there were NO BLACK MEN ON THIS SITE BLASTING BLACK WOMEN. did you notice that fact? probably not because you were too busy being mad at that black man who cheated on you. lose some weight and he may not cheat. you are too toxic. how many list do you have about what a man needs to do for you, yet you can’t or won’t do the same for him???? life owes you nothing yet you have a list of things a man should do for you when you probably can’t even cook to begin with. you probably make a sandwich and cut yourself with a spoon

  27. @DLB… your weave is too tight and you should probably stop patting your weave. you have smacked yourself in the head too hard or too many times

  28. @DLB… you have taken the typical divided approach… “you first”… obviously you won’t take the positive approach until someone moves first. you will never get anywhere that way. we as a community will never get anywhere if we use your approach. i have blasted many people on this site for wronging black women and black men. you should know that because you keep posting on my comments.

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