DMX Locked Up For 6-Months

DMX Locked Up

DMX was sentenced to six months in jail on Tuesday. in Buffalo, N.Y. The 44-year-old rapper was arrested last month in New York City for failure to pay child support, just as he was about to perform at Radio City Music Hall.

Here’s what the Sheriff’s department said:

“Earl Simmons had $400,000 worth of unpaid child support, a warrant issued by the city of White Plains for bail jumping and a robbery complaint out of Newark, New Jersey. No charges were filed in the Newark case.”


    • you would be too if: your own mama didn’t love you in the manner in which she should have , you were brutally beaten, shipped off to foster homes, talked about, and mistreated, abused, , scorned

  1. how a N go from looking like a fine sculpture and sexy den a mf to a lifetime crackhead. yall fall into 2 many traps mr and ms white man set even when yall know what their ultimate plan is.

  2. They won’t let him make his money then arrest him for not paying support??
    They never arrest him when he’s at his home only when he’s touring!!!
    Jz f*cked him over and will never let him forget it !!!
    Industry p*ssys!!

    • Ain’t that the truth! Here is DMX out here making bread while shit man is nothing more than a sellout. When the last time Jay-Z put out a damn good album by himself? Out of all those albums he had sold, Volume 2 …Hard Knock Life is one of them U can play that sucker thru without skipping a damn song.

  3. i got some news for you the elites are thinking making the gay rainbow flag replace with the confederate flag. the gay manfensto is real you got gay guys beating up women. and getting rid of the bible. the elites are bringing down these celebs 50 went bankrupt, rick ross losng money , dmx in jail he was set up dmx is not playing the game we are living a police state

    • If you think 50 Cent is broke, I got news for you: his bankruptcy filing is an attempted slick move to get out of paying money to the woman. The previous day,TMZ reported him showing up to an event. Lo and behold, a close up to one of his pockets reveals a large wad of cash sticking out. As usual, they made fun of it.

      If a man or woman does not child support, they are declared deadbeats and are hunted down until arrested. The thing is, DMX was already in the hole for the money. What can I say other than it’s about the money?

      • they don’t want him to make any money to support all of those kids that he has!! they are sticking it to him big time, and by having all of those kids, he stuck it to himself, as well!! Why have more kids when you can’t support the ones that you already !

  4. when you celebs and people of wealth promote gay marriage they are being put up to do if you don’t agree with gay marriage they are throwing you in prison of fema camps. that’s these churches of 501 c3 are burning them down trying to get insurance money these pastors are getting thrown in jail

  5. you know what’s sad how our black men have become so gay. gays have power becasue the law protect them. people saying” we should love and not judge come together as one at the end of the day love wins”. f*ck that where was the native american love when the zionts jews took their land and killed the natvie americans. this country wants you to love evil but hate righteous

    • Actually, the laws do not protect gays. You can still be fired in half of the states for being an out homosexual.

    • Stephen What YOU and many others think is “righteous” is an opinion based on religion.
      Religion is not the basis for law.
      Studies show that the Millennials are the first generation to be more secular than religious. Things are changing and the actions of the courts reflect that. You don’t have to like it, but just like the southerners of the first half of the 20th century, you will have to accept it and move on.

      • i hate to break it to you you might be an agent you are not born gay regardless of what science says these scientific doctors are paid by the elites to lie. if gay marriage is right then why force down people throats gay men are beating up women in t he street. and they are trying to outlaw the bible

  6. I really like DMX. Praying that through God’s grace and mercy that this 2 shall pass.

    • You can pray all you want !
      Jz ain’t let dmx ride for shit ! They battled dmx crushed jz!
      They recorded it but only let you see the ending not the whole Battle!!
      That’s when jz made damn sure the footage never ever saw daylight!
      Jz can’t hold a candle to dmx !
      HSK get on your job and get that footage! Jz been f*cking DMX over ever since ,coward !
      He screwed dmx life up and continues to every chance he gets !

    • I wish they would give him some kind of treatment for his bipolar issues, in that he would take it on a regular basis! d_m_x is really a very talented man, but a troubled sold! Poor thing! 🙁 also, I wish that he would change his rap moniker from dark Man X to somethwords have power!!!ords have power!!!

  7. I said, I wish that they would give him something for his bipolar issues, and that he would take them! also, I wish that he would change his rap moniker from dark Man X to something more positive, since words have power! That’s what I said! BTW, Google Voice sucks big time!!! – laughing really loud! –

  8. what I said was why would he continue to have all of these kids, when he was already behind in back child support?? It makes no sense to me! That means that the first set of kids is not getting good quality time with their dad, and they’re not getting the child support that they should be getting! Then comes the second set of kids, since he has so many, that are probably not even really seeing him, like they should be seeing him, and I’m sure they’re not getting the type of financial support, and / or emotional support, as well! DMX knows how the industry is, after all, he rapped about them!! so, stop playing in their hands, E A R l

  9. I wish that I could text, instead of having to rely on google voice to transcribe what I say, because I drop some knowledge! The industry already knows about the tragic bringing of most of these artists, how they want to package, and / or promote them! they also know who is around them, and who to put around them to bring about their ultimate demise if, and / or when they don’t play the game!! I’m not saying that DMX was raped when he got beat down by all of those thugs, but what if he did?? Would that not be a good reason for him to succumb to, and / or really use crack on a regular basis?? Something to think about! …I hope, and pray that what I said did not happen to him!! I’m just saying!…

    • I do drop knowledge, however, what I said was that I would drop some knowledge! also, TPTB within the industry already know their artists tragic up bringing! So, they know how to play them! They have someone around them that finds out their strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, likes, dislike, and the whole nine!! then they put people around them that will be to their detriment, thus helping them to achieve their ultimate goal of their demise when they tire of them!! This is how the game is played!! Satan’s playground is no game!! Trust me! I speak the truth!! GBU!!

  10. when they don’t play the game, TPTB will find a way to bring you down, like dominoes!! Trust me!! their only salvation is the Messiah!!

  11. IMHO, you can call him Yeshua H, sp? or Jesus, but just call him! GBU!! 🙂 ya heard?? 🙂

  12. continued, at a i ko, … slipped some crack in your weed, , and beaten again,- you got into the industry, and was thoroughly screwed over by it!, robbed again, constantly thrown in jail, judged by society, called names, etc ., excetera! now, I don’t condone when he does wrong, and I won’t coddle him when he does, all I’m saying is, have some e m p a t h y for him, will you?? Dang! people can be too hard on this brother! I am hold,, I was trying to say the abbreviation for in my humble opinion, that is! Google Voice transcribed am hold! Smh! But, you get what I’m saying! – laughing really loud! –

  13. with no father around, & a mother with extreme emotional issues, Earl did not stand a chance! poor thing! 🙁 unfortunately, Earl has many, many issues that stem from his childhood that need to be addressed properly!! however, one thing that I love about Earl is dead he knows the Lord!! 🙂 so, I ride with him, root for him, and pray for him, as well!!

  14. substitute the word dead for the word that! I said nothing about dead!! Ugh at Google Voice!! Smh! I see that I am all over this thread, soul hopefully this will be my last post for now on this thread! – laughing! – the comment sections have fallen off anyway, since I was last year! – laughing – that’s what they get for making it to where I could not access this site from my computer for a month, or so!! I guess the way that I expressed myself was too over the top, and / or I was too verbose, and spoke the truth, dropping too much knowledge! !! nowadays they ‘ re probably begging for people to post! – laughing really loud! – what goes around comes around! Now, let me say this, these celebrities need: a good spiritual foundation, good money management training, a lifestyle coach, someone to treat their emotional illnesses, for those that have them, that is, drug and alcohol counseling, someone to see to it that they spend time with their kids, for those that have them, that is, a proper education, a financial planner, good lawyers, someone to monitor their day-to-day activities, – laughing really loud – but, I’m for real! The whole nine! And that’s the truth! Yall heard it from me! – laughing really loud – 🙂 y’all should be spelled why apostrophe all! And forgive any errors that Google Voice makes on my behalf, please!! GBU! Peace! 🙂 truth!

  15. I’m not even going to try to correct googles many, many errors! Close enough! – laughing really loud, and SMH! – I’m not going to correct the many, many errors that Google makes! That’s better! Because they did not put an apostrophe in between that E, and the S like I would have! Google, don’t try to play me out! don’t try to play me out! 😉 – laughing really loud – this makes me think about Devante Swing, for some reason! I’m getting ready to put my phone down now, and pray for Earl, and Jodeci! Ttyl! Peace, and God bless you!! 🙂

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