Young Buck Arrested for Threatening Girlfriend

yung buck arrested

Young Buck decided to kick in his ex-girlfriend’s door…and got himself arrested!

According to sources, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend reported he had threatened her via text message on Wednesday. Then he decided to show up at her apartment and kicked down her door.

He left without disturbing anything inside, but cops arrested him on Thursday. He was later released on $5K bail.

Buck is currently on federal probation, so if he’s found guilty of this charge, he could be headed back to prison.

How scary is that mugshot tho?


  1. He looks sick and in need of medical care. His eyes shouldn't look like that every if he was high as heaven.

    • I know, our people cannot seem to get on the health tip. He has classic eyes for liver or kidney disease, (esp. liver).

      Will his record label pay for those high medical bills, like ESRD or End-Stage cirrhosis or liver disease? Does he think he will get great medical care in jail?

  2. Another down low homothug. Men who beat and threaten women, guess what? They really don't like women period. Drugs ain't no excuse booze isn't an excuse. Billions of men who do drugs and drink who don't kick down doors and most likely have kicked female ass for no reason except he really hates women hates being around them. All the down low thugs…

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