Katt Williams Arrested for Battery on a Woman

katt williams arrested battery

Another day, another Katt Williams arrest!

This time, the comedian was arrested for misdemeanor battery….on a woman! The alleged incident went down on Sunday morning at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Sherman Oaks, CA.

An employee of the Lodge alleges that Katt punched her. Cops say the woman had visible minor injuries, and she requested the comedian be arrested.

He was locked up and released on $20,000 bail.

Earlier this year, Katt was arrested multiple times, including after a brawl with a teenager over a soccer game.

Katt swears he’s not on drugs though…


  1. They f*ckin wit katt there tryin to take him down after he expose what they nasty ass be doing he aint been right ever since

    • If they really want to take him down, don't you think the so called "powers that be" will either poison him or a sniper. Why in the world would they "allegedly" take him down at a snail's pace when his reputation has been looong already damaged…??

      • Please do not use logic and reason Anonymous 08:35. That is too confusing for the "they set him up" crowd.

        It reminds me of the "white movie stars are adopting black African babies for the melanin" crowd. Um, if a gazillionaire wants some African melanin, they damn sure don't have to take on a child and all the expense to raise a child over its lifetime.(in the upper classes that's close to a million dollars) Someone with resources and connections can obtain all the African blood, melanin and other bodily blessings straight from the traders there with no problem. But no, they're going to spend a fortune to drink or transfuse the blood? Insane.

  2. I'll be damn….this type of mess again?
    DR1, you may want to start calling your people. Can you believe this?

  3. He's a comedian and he's popular. He may be strung out on something or mentally unbalanced. The fact that he's jailed over and over again makes me think the criminal justice system participates in this as much as Mr. Williams – if this is a charade. Why?

  4. katt williams is so under mk ultra it's not even funny this dude is wildin out look the powers that be are not after katt cause katt gave into to them remember katt doing an interview with tigger and he had red nail polish that's a sign he gave in just like snoop doog they them niggas do crazy shit. katt williams kevin hart fued was a stunt kevin hart is over katt williams kevin hart is is the top black funny man is even over dave chapplle oh yeah dave in gave to . dave was doing a masonic gesture with to one pant leg rolled up at his show. they just end up killing him anyway katt williams is done.

    • yeah their all compromised, but I personally still give Katt a little bit of a pass. Especially if he's under mind control. It's sad how TPTB are just toying with him :/

  5. We all love Katt. But he is so intelligent and gifted that his mind is often his biggest enemy. Think about Richard Pryor. When you are too smart, it's hard to be accepting of reality.

  6. Key word here- "alleged." They are still trying to frame and destroy Katt Williams any way they can, but he still keeps his head held up high. Notice how he never goes to trial, just repeatedly locked up and let out? Also notice how every time some major shit is going down in the US with government/laws, Katt is almost always the immediate scapegoat to divert attention from the important issues in the news? I generally don't give a rats ass about celebrities or their lives in general, and certainly not celeb worship/stanism, bu Kat williams is probly the only celebrity I'll ever stan for. He's too real with it; and was willing to risk his whole career to tell the truth. God bless Katt, I'll pray for him and his safety.

    • TTS, I'm with you on this one. My only concern is IF there is an actual substance abuse issue at play. It may be rehab time for Katt like Chaka & her sister….they started their rehab journey even though I feel Chaka is marked to "turn up dead by way of mysterious death" at some point due to her infrequent bouts of "telling the truth about the industry." Whitney's death really unnerved her.

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