Afrika Bambaataa’s Accuser to KRS-One: “You’re Worse Than a Catholic Priest!”

afrika bambaataa krs one ronald savage

Ronald Savage, the man who accused Afrika Bambaataa of molesting him as a teenager, is now taking shots at KRS-One.

Savage calls KRS-One “worse than a Catholic priest” for defending Bam after multiple men stepped forward with their stories about alleged child molestation.

“He [KRS-One] is a disgrace to every living man, woman and children all over the world. He poses a real threat to every child in this world. He is worse than any catholic priest who has molested a child. Any DJ, radio station or video show still playing his music SHAME ON YOU.” – Ronald Savage

Savage claims Bam molested him in his memoir, “Impulses Urges and Fantasies.” Following the allegations, Bambaataa and several leaders were removed from The Zulu Nation.

But Bam found an support in KRS-One who refused to condemn Bam during a Q&A session in Birmingham, England.

“Anyone who has a problem with Afrika Bambaataa should quit Hip-Hop,” – KRS-One

Now Savage is asking for an immediate ban on all KRS-One music. He encourages radio and the music industries to stop spinning and stop promoting the rapper’s tracks.

“To turn around and say that an alleged child molester, because it’s Afrika Bambaataa, should be untouchable and pioneers of Hip-Hop should get a pass if they molested a child is unforgettable. I Ronald Savage, a child victim of one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop is demanding from the entire music industry, the immediate ban of KRS-One, from the music industry,” – Ronald Savage

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  1. Unless you a white kid or white girl being raped by a black guy nobody gives a damn about you being violated

  2. I've said this several times on another thread….
    SUPPOSEDLY there has NEVER been a criminal or civil case ever filed against Bambottybandit. This does not mean any/all the allegations are not true. What it does mean as one poster said a while back is that "the reputation of that neighhood/community was more important to those young men telling the truth about what happened to them at the hands of the predator among them." Bambottybandit KNOWS exactly what he did & that HE'S ACTUALLY GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT….so far.?

    I still maintain the notion that IF these allegations are true (I believe them) the only kind of justice that will be issued is the kind administered in the streets. Wonder if KRS-One will be equally as quick to jump to his boy's defense if/when that day comes but one thing is for certain…the justice of the streets can get his ass too.

    I highly doubt Bambottybandit is even here in the states at this time & for all we know some of his accusers may have been paid off to shut up since the whole story suddenly went into a dead silence.?

  3. Expose all these sick bastards. Keep that f*cking train rolling! I love how the media, and black media outlets tried to casually "sweep" this under the rug. There's more sick pedos in this business who need to see their day. Fuck these so called legends if this is the legacy of what they leave behind. It doesn't matter whatever "good" things they might have done. Black folks have got to start cleaning the skeletons out of the closet.

    • They have to heal. They have to come to terms with it and accept it. They have to acknowledge that what happened to them was wrong. It is a lot to take on for any one let alone a young confused child. Don't be so quick to question their motives.

    • Because often they suffer fear of backlash. They are generally threatened with death or physical harm to remain silent. And of course, there's also the fear of being heavily scrutinized and not believed.

  4. Beware all adults who run child centers and call themselves helping the so called youth Michael. Jackson did the same thing when he started his heal the world foundation which was a front to meet kids all over the world so he could have sex with them

    • Ive always been skeptical regarding michael. I mean it's easy to be when his accusers have all been proven to have lied about their accusations. But then again I wouldn't completely throw out the suspicion when michael himself was allegedly allowed to be raped by quincy jones, and others within the industry by his sick, narcissistic father Joe. Some children who are victims of molestation often re-offend themselves.

  5. If krs wants justice why don't he go find out who killed Scott la rock since he was a gangster around that time before he became the hip hop teacher cone to find out a lot of rappers bam.supported was suspected homos and dykes big daddy Kane, misterc, MC lyte, latifah

  6. F hiphop! There I said it. Bunch of perverts and anti-family punks, down low punks, kiddie diddling punks, women hating punks, black family hating punks. I dropped it after Public Enemy did their thing. Much respect to Chuck D and Hammer! Strong black men not weak user punks!

  7. in this mans eyes wouldn't that make krs one the archbishop. a top enforcer who turns a blind eye to what is being done

  8. The only accusers I've heard about were this guy, who's trying to sell his book, and another guy who's running for mayor I think. If I recall correctly, both said stuff happened when they were like 16 (the age of consent in most of the US, and world).

    Bambaataa can't really defend himself because he would have to admit that he likes dudes, and black folk tend to view gays like criminals.

    • He was 14 – what other facts are you misleading hmmmm that's child rape, even at 16 that is rape, statutory rape. Yep Bambooty is a rapist of boys.

      • There's a huge difference between 16 and younger ages. That's why most countries agree a person can consent at 16.

        I'm not saying that it's cool to do that though.

        Think about this: if people find out their daughter is a thot at 16, they get mad. They don't say, "Who did this to you?"

        • Skewered thinking.

          If you want to call him an ephebophile (pederast of teenagers) okay, but there are laws on the books in the U.S. and it depends on what state you are in. However, if you are over 18 and you are dealing with someone younger than 18, that is statutory rape. Remember the football player who was 18 and had a 15 yr. old white girl perform oral sex on him in GA. Yes he did go to jail for several years.

          Follow the law, don't rationalize criminal behavior.

  9. bullshit that lil 15 year old FAG wanted that bambatty up ina booty.

    wasn't no rape come on now , krs one definitely gay but so what he made some good music . but some really wack shit too .

    • Sounds like you either got diddled as a kid and you yourself liked the abuse or you diddled a kid and liked it, which are you, you cold hearted freak.

    • 15 year old children's brains are not fully formed, hence they cannot consent to sex with a grown adult. The adult always has the power in the relationship, so it can never be fair and balanced. This goes for girls with men too. It's also why that except in the most extreme cases, kids under 17 will not be sentenced following the commission of a murder as an adult would. A male's brain does not stop growing and the frontal lobe(where judgment comes from) until they are almost 25.
      That's a big reason why teen and young adult men do much riskier activities than girls.

      • THANK you. I notice less empathy for minor victims of crime at black blogs so many of us bp have been dehumanized during childhood and have no empathy for others, shame, really.

  10. I'm so sick of Miss Thang, Krs One running off at his damn mouth… He loves to hear the sound of his own annoying voice! " The Teacha, The Teacha " what a f*cking nut job man! He wrote a book called the hip hop Bible, he also stated publicly in one of his interviews, that he'd like to known as the hip hop historian, and any and all questions relating to hip hop, should only go through him, and only him.. He also charges an upward of $35,000 for his lectures….This negro wants to corner the market as far as hip hop lectures are concerned… This is a business move… I wouldn't be surprised if he's running his mouth piece to stay relevant… Support of a child rapist is still scathing, and hopefully always will be… Beware of the desensitization of child rape, and sex crimes… It's a silent agenda that's picking up's all connected..Look up NAMBLA! It's not just European men anymore!

    • Yes, yes yes!!

      This guy thinks his street knowledge trumps all, but like all "Trumpeters" his arrogance rubs enough people simultaneously the WRONG WAY.

  11. Bams last hit was in the 80. But Zulu nation did support a lot of queers and rumored dykes like atifah, MC lyte, mister c, Kanye, jigga, badu, Jill Scott, big daddy kane, rakim, brand Nubian,

    • Brand Nubian? Lol Lord Jamar? Even with all the shit I know about the industry, it's still hard to see him as getting down like that… I guess there's a first time for everything, especially with him being so hardcore against homosexuality, while upholding old views of hypermasculinity.

  12. Bams last hit was in the 80. But Zulu nation did support a lot of queers and rumored dykes like atifah, MC lyte, mister c, Kanye, jigga, badu, Jill Scott, big daddy kane, rakim, brand Nubian, what's strange is that lil Wayne, big boy and Jimmy Fallon are joining Zulu nation

    • @CrazyChris \ Oh hell no! You're joking right???? About the whole Jimmy Fallon joining the nation! You know what, even if you are serious, I'm not surprised one bit! Funny fact! When I saw Big Daddy Kane on the Wendell Williams show, not too long ago, he had on this outfit that was suspect as f*ck! Lmao! But I attributed the outfit to him being old! But now, daaa, daaa, daaa! I officially have no celebrity childhood heroes! Kane is still sweet and gentlemanly! I love him still! Thanks Chris! Lmao! It'll take a Mofo named Chris to burst your bubble!??????

  13. Krs1 = Molested By Afrika BoombaClot !!! see: homeless bronx teenage rapper ~ Worse than hollywoodstreetking pop-ups !!!

  14. He is a disgrace to every living man, woman and children all over the world. He poses a real threat to every child in this world. Then to turn around and say that an alleged child molester, because it s Afrika Bambaataa, should be untouchable and pioneers of Hip-Hop should get a pass if they molested a child is unforgettable.

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