Tiny Gets Exposed: T.I. Makes Her Pay All the Bills!

tiny ti paying bills

Tiny bit off a little more than she could chew during a social media argument with her daughter’s step-mother, and in the process, all of Tiny’s relationship tea was spilled!

Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique, was raised by T.I. when her real dad got locked up for almost a decade. During the time her real dad was away, Zonnique considered T.I. to be her dad, and Tiny painted the perfect picture of T.I. stepping up, accepting Zonnique as his own, buying her a car, paying her school tuition, etc.

But Zonnique’s step-mom wasn’t having none of that!

Tiny has already admitted she was the breadwinner before T.I. made it big in the rap game. But even though the rapper’s net worth has increased over the years, Tiny is still stuck paying all the damn bills…according to Zonnique’s step-mom!

In the clap back full of ether, the woman says T.I. is far from a good parent…and he’s an even worse husband!

Apparently, Tiny has to pay the mortgage on their home, and T.I. never paid for Zonnique’s private school tuition, it all came out of Tiny’s pockets. To make matters worse, T.I. didn’t even foot the bill at his own restaurant 925! They went dutch!

“Y’all were just at 925 and he wouldn’t pay for that. Y’all had to split the tab on that, but that’s your husband and that’s his sh*t,”

The woman also claims T.I. and Tiny didn’t really raise Zonnique until she got older…and they don’t even take care of the litter of kids they have now!

“Y’all didn’t have time for her until she was old enough to hang for real for real. Just like y’all REALLY don’t really take care of the others.”

Step-mama got all the tea!

Peep the beef:


HSK previously reported Tiny had moved out of the home she shared with T.I. and the two were headed for divorce. If he was being stingy with his cash and refusing to pay the bills then we don’t blame her!


      • Thank you! What is stepmommy doing, stalking Tiny??? Stupid bitch displays MAJOR envy and jealousy. So what if Tiny is doing those things? What business is that of hers??? Get your life ole bitter bitch and let them live their life!!! You just take of Daddy Pullins and let Tiny continue to take care of her home by any means. #stupidassho

  1. Oh well that's their marriage and she left right after she just had ad a baby and tip is worth more than she is yes she's gonna take half and child support

  2. Tiny is a boss but if she's supporting a bum that's her fault. Tiny has a type both Zonnique' s dad and T.I. have been in and out of prison. Tiny needs to think more of herself and kids. She could do bad by herself.

  3. Tiny is a strong woman to put up with T.I. cheating on her, bringing home stds, having babies out of wedlock. Let me find out she paid for her own wedding. Lol. You got to let a man be a man and let him take care of his responsibilities. T.I. is not a man but a sperm donor.

  4. I didn't read the spilled tea between the two MOTHERS.
    Sigh…smh, hanging my head down forming the words of some kind of prayer.
    ^^THIS^^ so too much going on for a woman with NO kids let alone a woman with a brand new baby & several others to tend to EVEN IF…that means giving instructions to nannies, housekeepers, drivers & security people. I'm not even a Tiny fan but I'm sad for her. The thought of ALL the shit she has done, gave up, paid for & put up with for her relationship with Tip not to mention the TIME SHE WILL NEVER GET BACK should be enough to make her snap on him but…love, ego, pride & lack of SELF LOVE will have her right back with him.?

    • I forgot to mention….
      NONE of this should have EVER been discussed on social media. Now, on top of everything else she has deal with all her business being open for public viewing & scrutiny.

  5. Please yall, Tiny is a beard. As long as she's collecting a check, she'll put up with whatever. Something more must have went on behind the scenes apart from what we are told. TI's gay escapades are well documented.

        • Since you're keen on giving investigative tips, follow your advice and riddle me this: "…Something more must have went on behind the scenes apart from what we are told."

    • You are defining "beard" wrong. A beard covers up that the man is full on gay and he has no interest in women. A "merkin" is a man who covers up that the woman is full on gay and has no interest in men.

      I think the jury is IN that Tip is not full on gay. Personally, I don't believe he goes both ways, but if he does when he's high on Molly, it's possible. Same with Tiny. They swing a lot, so technically she's bi, but I would bet the ranch that she only does that for his enjoyment.

      • No I used beard correctly. A beard is a woman who covers up for a man who fall on any part of the gay spectrum. T.I has f*cked several men, and whether he's full gay or not, he's still swinging with men. As I told the other anon regarding TIP's sexual affairs, your on a computer so google it.

  6. What happened to the tax lien and owing the IRS? That's the #1 problem IMO. They lock black folks up for that bs.

  7. Dammnnnn! Tiny, pick yourself, dust yourself off, straighten yourself up and move forward. Don't look back, just moved forward.

  8. Women who choose to endure this type of lifestyle must secretly enjoy it. Nothing is making her stay –

    • You're telling the truth, if this is true it's really sad.. Tip is a sorry excuse of a man, if he's making her pay her own way.. It's quiet obvious that most of Hollyweird is into Trannies.
      I'm sorry but I would rather be poor and alone, that to put up with this mess.. She held the family down when he was in jail and all the other trouble he was going thru.. Social media is too much for my old behind.. I don't Facebook, Twitter or anything else.. That was too much private business to put out.. I never like him anyway and I'm not into rap music, but she needs to stop holding him down and do for herself and her kids..GTFOOH
      He's a sorry excuse of a man, what is he teaching his sons.. That's too much disrespect for my taste..

      • Amd what did her black father and white mother teach her? that her light skin and wavy hair would protect her from attracting or dealing with this kind of man?

        Some of these white women/black male parents should be horse whipped. A lot of their kids are really f*cked up and it is sad because it is not the kid's fault.

        • A lot of this younger generation is f*cked up.. It doesn't matter what race you are, if you allow a man to treat you that way, then he will do it.. I can't speak for her parents.. I just know she's too damn old to eat shit with a shovel and then smile about it.. This whole generation is going to the pits, there's no respect all away around.. Just because she's a half breed, don't mean shit., there's plenty of black women eating the same shit she's eating.. The stars, players all sports, politicians, 80% or more are putting up with bullshit to be with that man.. Self respect is number one.. So all races are eating shit, check the facts and get back with me.. I'm speaking from what I know and have seen.. It's a disgrace and this whole world is going to the pits.. No one has respect for each other any longer….

          • …getting back with you… LOL!!

            I agree with you and I don't think it is just this generation. It has been happening for a looonngg time, it is just that decades back, shit wasn't so rank.

            I was just pointing out an aspect of what you spoke of in total. I was just wondering if BM married a WW to supposedly "improve" and "uplift" their lot, why are their kids, especially their daughters suffering from such low self-esteem?

            • Sometimes the kids don't fit in or treated like the rest of the family.. One side is saying she or he's too light and the other side saying they're too dark.. Self esteem is a person thing..
              Self esteem is something a woman gets from her father, he's the first man in her life.. We don't know what type of father Tiny had or how he treated his wife.. Women who put up with shit, is normally do what they saw going on in their home as a child.. Also at times that child is picked on from being mixed race.. It a whole lot of issues going on inside of that person, feeling like this is the best I can do and trying to keep their families together.. But what they don't realize is that they are teaching their children the wrong way to treat a woman or man.. Love should not have ant colors but we know it does.. The public in so areas don't like it.. One side of the family don't like it.. If a young whoa don't get the love from her father, then she will be looking to replace that love any she can.. That's where the mistake is, you must first love yourself and treat yourself with respect.. But it all races of women put up with no good men and they keep passing along that abuse to their kids.. It's a two headed sword and complicated.. Until anyone value themselves then no one else will value you..

            • Because their black father's are obsessed with the daughters biracial look and not in an affirming, loving way. Notice how black men fawn over biracial girls pictures, not biracial boys. They project their sexual fetish on their daughters. It is sick.

              • Deep. Thanks for droppin' that knowledge.
                They project their sexual fetish on their daughters, hmmm, let me chew on that one mentally!

              • The saddest thing is black men still have that slave mentality, they want what they couldn't have at one time.. It's sad and the black woman that held you down when you didn't have shit, but now she's crazy.. Well she's angry you going after Becky and Becky didn't want your poor ass.. Also Becky have you eating shit with a shovel and they love it.. It's called slave mentality.. We could open another page and speak on this all day.. But as soon as you lose your money, Becky gone.. Then you want the black community to feel for you.. I don't have no pity for your ass, you never went back in the community and helped no one..

  9. I believe it! This is nothing new…A lot of women out here are desperate to get claimed…They are willing to pay for the penis….Most hood negroes that I know, won't even claim a female if she's not footing the bill, buying cars, and giving access to bank accounts. And yes, this is happening to a lot of so-called strong black women.They'll argue with other women, and try to kill you, but they purr like kittens, when it comes to some funky ass man….And as far as her not raising her children, that's her mamas fault. Tiny is Carol's youngest child, and since Tiny pays her bills, child care is an even swap in her mind. Tiny is too busy being a socialite! Tips older sister and Tiny's mom are raising those kids. Tip is a slick talking street ninja that found himself a dummy…And he will use her accordingly.All his money is going on hoes, believe that.????

  10. Tiny bought her own house oys public recor . I need to see receipts for everything the stepmom is saying.

  11. I heard t.I. daughter call tiny Tameka cottle last night on the show too. Not Harris but cittle her maiden name.

    • Yes & speaking on personal matters she may NOT have full details on. I didnt think about it at first but to be quite honest for all ANYONE knows Tiny & Tip may have their financial affairs "set up to appear a certain way" to keep Tip out of trouble with the IRS & child support divisions in various states among other things. To avoid "problems" Tip may not be allowed to have access to or generate too much income. This is most likely WHY it appears Tiny is paying all the bills but in typical baby mama mentality fashion Miss Thing had to call herself "saying something to call Tiny out & tear her down." I hope Tiny never speaks to this ungrateful big mouth trick ever again in life.

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