LHHATL’s Tommie Lee Lying About Police Incident?

tommie lee love hip hop atlanta police brutality

Earlier this week, we posted the video of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tommie Lee getting pulled out a vehicle and slammed to the ground by an officer after a traffic stop in Atlanta.

The reality star was riding in a jeep with friends when cops pulled them over after suspecting the driver of drunk driving. When cops approached the vehicle, Tommie was in the backseat, but the police were convinced she had switched seats with one of the passengers in order to avoid being arrested for DUI.

Tommie refused to get out of the car after the cop asked her to, and that’s when he grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground.

Tommie has since deleted all the videos of the incident from her Instagram, but leave it to TMZ to do some digging int he police report.

According to the Georgia State Patrol’s incident report, Tommie was lying about not driving.

Deputies say the guy in the driver’s seat first lied, but then admitted he had switched seats with Tommie — who jumped in the back.

Cops say Tommie’s eyes were watery, bloodshot and her speech was slurred, so she was booked for drunk driving, disorderly conduct and driving on an expired license.

They also said she urinated on herself in the back of the patrol car.

Tommie is fighting back and saying the police report is full of lies, and she used the restroom on herself because they refused to let her use the bathroom.

Who do you believe?



  1. Reality stars have no credibility so long as they are required to have 'scripts'. Many people have peed on themselves in handcuffs on their way to jail, especially if their bladders are full after da bar.

  2. TMZ is a white publication.

    She likely pulled the video on advice from her lawyer, and because of whatever contracts she's holding.

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          • 1. I apologise, I did misread the first part of your comment.
            2. Quote the line where I said Indians and Arabs are the same race.
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          • Let me take the opportunity to praise Mugabe once more for being so GREAT.

            I cannot say enough how great of a man Mugabe will *always* be. I also salute the people of Zimbabwe who are willing to do the work.

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  5. And this is why I always reserve judgement when hearing about certain cases of police brutality, especially when theirs cries of "WASISM!" A lot of black folks out here just want to play victim.

    • If she was driving that makes her not a victim? She deserves her head slammed on the ground so hard she blacks out? Rodney King was high as hell and went on a high speed chase does that mean he deserved what he got? He was evading so that ass whooping he got was called for he was playing victim?

      • You cannot reason with that sellout coon you responded to, it has two brain cells left that are fighting each other…smdh.

  6. I'm definitely not an attorney, but if the officer said, "Get out of the car!", fifty-eleven times and she didn't comply….then on what grounds does she have to sue? If the judge reads from her past criminal records, he's gonna see she's a thief and a fraud who's done time in the joint for this very thing. Me thinks, they're gonna laugh her ass out of the court. I just hope they video this, so I can laugh, too.

  7. I am not an attorney, but I am married to one. Here is the whole story short and sweet: whatever and whenever a cop directs you to do something, do it. Comply. No matter what an a-hole he is.

    THEN, get a lawyer if you have been wronged or mishandled and adjudicate it in a court of law.

    You will not be shot or God forbid killed, and you can get them where it really hurts= in the pocketbook.
    Fighting with a cop NEVER EVER pays, because they have all the power, and it just makes you look less in the right.

  8. First off, when did he slam her? Exaggeration much, especially from a chick who spent most of her time on LAHHATL trying to slam her fake boyfriends' baby momma. Second, would y'all still be defending her if she hit somebody while driving drunk? She could barely hold herself up, she could've killed somebody and everyone else in that car. She ain't no damn victim, she's an alcoholic that shouldn't be allowed to drive.

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