Wife Accuses Columbus Short Of Home Break-In!

Columbus Short Breakin

Short’s Scandal: The Plot Thickens…

Sources say Columbus Short straight snapped over the Easter weekend! That’s when Short allegedly “broke into he and Tanee’s marital home and ransacked the residence.”

This, after Tanee filed a retraining order, banning him Short from the property. Most recent reports reveal Short’s estranged wife has “filed new court docs” against the fallen Scandal actor.

“She fears for her safety and the safety of their 2-year-old daughter.”

Here’s the latest word:

“Tanee claims Short broke a door off its hinges, ripped off her bed sheets, left on a bunch of lights.

Earlier this month, Tanee told police Short put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.

Court order bars Short from entering their home, he insists he has the right to come and go as he pleases because his name is on the lease.”


  1. All I ever took was one psych class and even I can tell this guy needs professional help. It’s sad to watch him circling the drain like this.

    • I agree Vandellish. I am concerned for his well being. For some reason I like him, but he is clearly a mess.

  2. He’s angry and bitter and blames her for the direction his career has taken. He will continue to blame her. I don’t know what went on in that marriage but until he takes responsibility for his own actions, his life will continue its downward spiral.

    • Did you see her tweet? She deleted it but…OOPS, it was already indexed by google. Quote [I’ma end this dude! #mission_accomplished#]. And this was just prior to her abuse/murder/suicide allegations. It’s all over the Internet. Pretty stupid thing to do (on her part) because it makes her look as if she was on a mission to destroy him.

  3. This kid is st8t psycho.

    The role on Scandal went to his head. He flippin’ like this because he never saw his career beyond this role. No plan B. So he is panicked, angry, desperate, all that on top of crazy.

  4. She’d better buy a gun. He’s full of hatred and rage. He might be one of those “If I can’t have you no one will” types. He’s definitely off and doesn’t really seem to give a damn. He lost is job and doesn’t seem to have much left to lose.

    • It cant be “if I can’t have you nobody can” thing because her restraining order says that he was screaming at her that she needs to leave and when she refused he pushed her. That was in front of the wee ones, so in addition to spousal abuse, he picked up the child abuse charge too. I truly think this woman is the root of the problem. He for sure has an anger/temper thing going on, but he’s been apparently trying to get her to agree to go quietly but girlfriend looks like she wanted to stay for the big payday. If you being abused, if you’re unhappy, if the man screams at you to leave, then LEAVE and take as much of the $ as you can with you. She’s in a 50-50 State! But she didn’t learn from other holywood couples. You NEVER do anything to jeapodize the $! So now she’ll be free, but no career = no money. Spousal abuse is not a joke, but that was a pretty dumb move she made IMO.

  5. Wow he will be locked up in no time for ignoring that restraining order. She needs to move out of that place and into a secure location with cameras.

  6. His people need to come get him and get him help. Doesn’t he belong to anybody, mom, dad, anybody?

  7. Has beautiful family and money cant believe he would ruin it all. Tanee is a such doll baby and has a wonky eye like Lauren London, too cute.

  8. Dude need to take a minute and get himself together. He needs to stop letting his emotions run him. And he needs to leave this woman alone.

    He also needs to take responsibility to what he has done so far. Don’t blame anyone else take responsibility for yourself.

    Go and get Jesus.

  9. What the hell is this guy’s problem??? He’s the one who got himself fired, i dont understand why he’s taking out his frustrations on his wife.

  10. Well I don’t know what really happened between them, but she has messed his money up so she will not get child support (if they have kids) or alimony. She should have filed for divorce, frozen his assets, and left.

  11. This is media bullshit and I don’t believe one word of it! Please believe that we don’t know the real truth behind what’s really going on with C.short,the media always spins everything..

  12. In and interview Columbus spoke out against the industry he said that the rules where different for black actresses and actors he said ” we have to do more for less”…now he is fired he is labeled a women beater,drug user sounds very familiar

  13. I don’t know what is going on but I do know some brother’s just snap when there career aint booming or they become arrogant when they become hoolywood but I will say that men need to watch the type of women they bring in there life when they get money.

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